ConservativeHome has a large readership but its most important characteristic is its quality. David Cameron recently told The Sunday Times that it was one of the websites he reads most regularly on his iPad. It’s one of five websites George Osborne reads every day.

MPs of all colours, journalists, Tory councillors, think tanks, civil servants and other Westminster villagers all read ConHome on a daily basis.

More of the new generation of Conservative MPs read ConservativeHome than any other single news source. Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Olympics, Culture, Media and Sport, described us as “the bible for MPs travelling abroad”. At home we hope too!

ConHome was recently profiled by The Observer and one “young Conservative MP” said: “If any Tory tells you they don’t read ConservativeHome, they are lying. It is hugely important.” We hope you agree and will recognise ConservativeHome as a great way of reaching the widest possible Tory audience.

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Page/Section Unique Visitors Per Month
Homepage 250,000
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Think Tank Central 40,000
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