8.15pm WATCH: David Cameron: The ECHR "should not undermine its own reputation by going over national decisions where it doesn't need to"

6.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron tells the European Court of Human Rights to return to its founding principles

5pm PMQs, growth figures, and speeches by David Cameron and Boris Johnson lead our teatime newslinks

Johnson Boris On Tube4pm ToryDiary: Boris Johnson's re-election budget presents his manifesto for transport, housing and crime

3pm Andrew Boff on Comment: The ECHR – putting the figures in context

2pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: "Growth has been flat-lining in our economy since well before the €urozone crisis"

1.30pm ThinkTankCentral: Think tanks give continued support for deficit reduction, but urge more short-term growth measures

Pmqs Jan 2512.45pm ToryDiary: PMQs: Miliband attacks weak growth figures, but Conservatives fight back on benefits cap

11.45am ConHomeUSA: Obama targets America's wealth creators in Left-leaning State of the Union

11.30am Amber Rudd MP on Comment: Day two of the Council of Europe's meeting

11am ToryDiary: George Osborne would still get wet in a thunderstorm with an umbrella… but I'd prefer he had one

Hammond Philip cuts10.45am WATCH: Philip Hammond: "Nobody likes to make redundancies, nobody likes to have to shrink the Armed Forces"

10.30am Nadhim Zahawi MP on Comment: Ed Balls' economic plans are not supported by the IMF

ToryDiary: We mustn't sleepwalk into war with Iran

Columnist Jill Kirby: The Government should now capitalise on its popularity and set out the principles which underpin the welfare cap

GlenJohnJohn Glen MP on Comment: Compulsory redundancies for military personnel but voluntary redundancy for civilian personnel. Further reform of the MOD is urgently required

Maria Miller MP on Comment: Our child maintenance reforms will help parents take control of their lives

MPsETC: 84% of reporters and guests on Radio 4's Today programme are men. Nadine Dorries is on the warpath.

International: Oops! Australian Labor MP caught red-handed plagiarising Hollywood

Bob Neill MP on Local government: Councils should offer real help now to families’ cost of living

Also on Local government: Elections for city mayors planned for November 15th

WATCH: Alex Salmond: "I think we could win the argument and win the referendum"

David Cameron calls for reform of the European Court of Human Rights

CameronUK"David Cameron is to warn that the European court of human rights is in danger of turning into a "small claims court" that fails to deal with serious violations of human rights, unless it embarks on reforms. Amid anger in Britain at last week's decision of the court to block the deportation of the Islamist cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan, the prime minister will on Wednesday accuse the court of undermining its reputation by unnecessarily overturning judgments reached in credible national courts." – Guardian

  • The Prime Minister must stand up for Britain over human rights this week – Priti Patel MP for the Daily Mail
  • The European Court of Human Rights' corrosive effect on British justice was foreseen years ago – now we must fix it. – Dominic Raab MP for the Daily Telegraph
  • "Mr Cameron’s comments will place him and the Government on a collision course with Europe’s most senior judge. Sir Nicolas Bratza, the president of the court, attacked “senior British politicians” for aligning themselves with the popular press by criticising the court." – The Times (£)

£1,000,000,000,000 – British public sector debt hits a trillion for the first time - The Sun

  • Hallelujah! Archbishop blasts clerics who oppose welfare reform and declares REAL moral scandal is our £1trillion debt – Daily Mail
  • "For all the hand-wringing over the Coalition’s fiscal plans, the truth is that we have only begun to address this problem: public spending, while curtailed, is still grotesquely swollen." – Daily Telegraph editorial

> Yesterday on WATCH: Treasury minister David Gauke MP talks to BBC News after UK debt hits £1 trillion for first time ever

Cameron insists on limit to RBS bonus

"David Cameron has insisted that the chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland should receive a bonus of no more than £1m this year – half of last year’s award – as the UK prime minister attempts to tighten his clamp down on executive pay." – FT (£)

> Yesterday: 

Commons Committee says it is shocking that military personnel are being subjected to compulsory redundancies while civil servants are not

CAMERONinAFGHANISTAN"MPs have damned as "grotesque" the way members of the armed forces are being subjected to compulsory redundancy while no civil servants at the Ministry of Defence have been asked to leave against their will." - Guardian

  • MoD spends £75million in three months on making civil servants redundant - Daily Mail
  • Scores of bureaucrats have pay slashed personally by Danny Alexander, saving £1 million - Daily Telegraph

Hague: Sanctions will 'push Iran towards talks' Independent

Tory peer threatens to lead welfare revolt over Child Support Agency charging fees

Lords_Chamber"The revolt over the flagship welfare bill has spread to the Tory ranks … Lord Mackay of Clashfern, lord chancellor under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, said he would oppose "unfair" proposals to charge single parents who used the agency a fee of up to 12% of any maintenance collected." – Guardian

  • "Under the government plan, single parents would be charged a fee of £100 (or £50 for those on benefits) to use the CSA to force their ex-partners to pay maintenance for their children." – Independent
  • Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Lord Mackay explains why he will challenge the Coalition in the Lords today
  • My fellow bishops are wrong. Fuelling the culture of welfare dependency is immoral - Lord Carey for the Daily Mail
  • "I will accept that someone very deeply disabled and needing huge care and equipment might be the exception but a general rule of £26,000 is staggeringly generous." – Ann Widdecombe for the Daily Express

Mayoral elections for English cities brought forward to November

"Elections for up to eleven new mayors in Britain’s biggest cities are to be fast-tracked to mid-November in an attempt to boost economic growth and local democracy. Greg Clark, the Cities Minister, will reveal the new timetable today, which begins on May 3 when the eleven cities hold mandatory referendums, asking voters if they want directly elected mayors." - The Times (£)

Ben Gummer MP: Issuing voters annual accounts of where their taxes end up would strengthen democracy

GUMMER BEN"The solution is simple: a tax statement, delivered every year, to everyone who pays direct taxes—that is, income tax and national insurance. This statement should show the tax paid in the last year and comparable payment in the current year. Crucially, these figures should be broken down into the main items of government expenditure so that taxpayers can see what they have contributed. An accompanying website should provide a ready calculator so that people's indirect taxes can also be estimated and a grand total of tax-take explained." – Ben Gummer MP in the Wall Street Journal (£)

> Yesterday on MPsETC: Ben Gummer MP wants every taxpayer to receive personalised statement of how their hard-earned money has been spent

David Davies MP: Wales will follow Scotland out of the United Kingdom

"The United Kingdom is like the Titanic and it is now "just a question of how long it takes to sink", a senior Conservative MP claimed yesterday. … David Davies, chairman of the Welsh Affairs Committee, suggested Wales was likely to follow Scotland down the path to independence. The UK is "holed below the waterline", he said. "It's just a question of how long it takes to sink."" – Independent

Louise Bagshawe 2011Louise Mensch MP: Conservative feminists like me are having an impact across the political spectrum. No wonder we're winning with women votersGuardian

Chris Skidmore MP: The NHS is facing an enormous funding crisis. To avert it, we must be more innovative in integrating our health and social services - Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday:

Lord Owen backs Labour in opposition to NHS reforms

"Lord Owen, who left Labour in 1982 and founded the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the precursor to the Liberal Democrats, also talks about an early fall of the Government in a leaked e-mail sent to Labour peers." – The Times (£)

Iain Martin: Austerity imperils Alex Salmond's independence referendum

MARTIN IAIN"In a time of economic stability and prosperity perhaps they could be persuaded to grant Mr. Salmond his wish. But with Europe and the economy so troubled it is much less likely. Remaining part of a coherent state such as the U.K., with a common language, strong cultural bonds and a densely interwoven economy, will make sense to a great many Scots. Don't write off Britain just yet." – Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal (£)

  • Labour turns on Alex Salmond over claims Scotland is a 'progressive beacon' Guardian

Daniel Finkelstein: Newt may not win, but he has winning ideasThe Times (£)

Foreign lorry drivers face charge of £10 a day to use roads The Times (£)

And finally… Livid Mick Jagger snubs David Cameron after Tory "stitch-up"

"Sir Mick Jagger snubbed David Cameron last night after claiming he was a victim of Tory spin. The furious Stones legend, 68, ditched a planned meeting with the PM at a Tory business event, telling pals he felt “exploited”. Sir Mick was seething after learning how Downing Street had boasted of recruiting him to help promote Britain at the Great British Tea Party in the Swiss resort of Davos." – Daily Mirror


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