8pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: "We oppose the cuts now, but it would be irresponsible, 3 years from a General Election, for us to start making specific promises"

6pm MPsETC: Children exposed to domestic violence need to receive targeted Government support, says Tim Loughton

5pm Teatime newslinks: European human rights court blocks the deportation of terror suspect Abu Qatada

3.30pm ToryDiary: Any Tory rebellion against the Government's plans to allow gay marriage will be embarrassing for Cameron

2.15pm Local government:

2pm LISTEN: Harriet Harman: It is "simply not the case" that Labour is accepting the Government's spending cuts

Noon ConservativeHomeUSA newslinks: Romney puts in weak debate perfomance as the other candidates gang up

11am Loanna Morrison on Comment: Nick Clegg's "right to request" plan could bring as much risk as reward

10am Andrew Percy MP on Comment: Israel is a country which is misunderstood and misrepresented

ToryDiary: Any Government push for more IMF money would threaten new Cameron Euro-crisis

Screen shot 2012-01-17 at 07.39.16Peter Duncan on Comment: Ten Tartan Rules to win the referendum for the Union

Also on Comment: Tom Perrin – The House of Lords is a 21st century miracle. Let's remember this if it votes down Government plans today, as it did last week

Local Government:

Parliament: Introducing John Hayes, in his own words (and mine)

WATCH: Osborne hopes London will become new Yuan trading hub

Hundreds of "satisfactory" schools will be ordered to do better under new education reforms

"Hundreds of ‘coasting’ schools in middle class areas will today be branded failures as David Cameron unveils major reforms to the education inspection system. The Prime Minister will say too many schools in ‘leafy’ parts of Britain are ‘complacent’ and not doing enough to try to improve.  Ofsted, the education watchdog, is to scrap the ‘satisfactory’ rating for inspections and replace it with a new ‘requires improvement’ grade." – Daily Mail

Labour bids to kill off "sneaky" grammar school expansion by writing to every Lib Dem MP asking for support – Daily Mail

Gove rules the waves 1) Cameron backs privately-funded royal yacht. Aye-aye, Captain!

"Mr Cameron and senior Conservatives have swung behind the idea of a replacement for Britannia – scrapped as Labour came to power in 1997 – as a ‘fitting way’ to mark the Queen’s six decades of service to her country. The Prime Minister has pledged his ‘full support’ for the ‘truly inspiring’ and ‘splendid’ initiative…The £80million, 600ft royal yacht, funded by private donors and individual donations, would be among the largest sailing ships in the world." – Daily Mail

Gove rules the waves 2) Education Secretary torpedos Labour Party. Hard to starboard!

Gove in Commons
"In the Commons on Monday Gove angrily denied he supported any public funding for the yacht, although the letter leaked to the Guardian showed he did at least at one time see public funding as the chief option. The education secretary's office insisted that Gove had, in an earlier letter, rejected the possibility of public funding." – The Guardian

Commons sketches:

  • "And with that Gove was off again, saying how marvellous he was for providing all these school places and how bad Labour had been. “They failed to navigate through the hard times!” he chortled, utterly exhilarated. “Now that there is a captain at the helm who knows which direction to take this ship . . .” “HEAR HEAR HEAR!” shouted the Tories. “I’m afraid we need less rumbling from the ratings who want to mutiny below the deck . . .” “YEAHHH!” cried the crew." – Ann Treneman, The Times (£)
  • "Mr Gove told Mr Twigg that he should ‘navigate out of rocky waters’ and noted that he (Gove) was against the use of any public loot being spent on a yacht. He simply wanted to record his support for the project, should it be paid for privately." – Daily Mail

Gove rules the waves 3) Number 10 says cabin rat Huhne leaked Gove letter.  Clap him in irons!

HuhneSnarl"A No 10 source said it was the “perceived wisdom” that the letter was leaked by Mr Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary…Mr Huhne was only copied in to the final letter, a copy of which was leaked to The Guardian and appears to have been misinterpreted. The Energy Secretary was previously exposed for leaking information about another Cabinet colleague to the same newspaper." – Daily Telegraph

We must not deny the innocent their right to jury trialDominic Raab MP

Osborne may support more British money for the IMF

"In remarks that angered Tory MPs and other Eurosceptics, the Chancellor signalled his readiness to increase Britain’s contribution to the ­International Monetary Fund. And he insisted any deal would be put to the House of Commons, risking another major backbench rebellion. Speaking in Hong Kong, where he started a tour of the Far East today, Mr Osborne said the IMF should not be used to shore up the euro but could support countries left struggling because of the European debt crisis." – Daily Express

  • Standard and Poor's strikes again: European Financial Stability Facility loses triple A rating – The Sun
  • Chancellor seizes chance to grab China’s coat tails – Financial Times (£)
  • Nigel Farage: If I were Cameron, I'd tell Monti to resign – Politics Home (£)

One in eight Gurkhas to lose job in MoD cuts Daily Telegraph

British MEPs try to challenge "stitch-up" in Brussels

Nirj Deva"A pair of British Euro MPs will today challenge the “stitch-up” between two large, political groups that has monopolised the presidency of the European Parliament for the last two decades. The campaigns of Diana Wallis (Liberal Democrat) and Nirj Deva (Conservative) have ruffled feathers in Brussels but have attracted little attention back home…Sri Lanka-born Mr Deva, Conservative MEP for South East England, has put himself forward as the “inclusive, non-partisan, multicultural” candidate." – The Independent

Golden Paralympian fights to save disability living allowance Daily Mail

Tory MPs "go to war over gay marriage"

"A campaign to defeat the Coalition's plan to lift the ban on civil marriage for gay and lesbian couples is being organised by traditionalist Tory MPs, who claim the idea would weaken the institution of marriage. Ministers fear the revolt will undermine Mr Cameron's drive to modernise his party…David Burrowes, one of the organisers of the campaign against the reform, told The Independent he is "cautiously optimistic" the proposal will be defeated in the Commons because it would "fracture" the institution of marriage." – The Independent

Senior ministers including William Hague and Andrew Lansley have lost their right to a full-time ministerial car and driverThe Independent

Crispin Blunt rejects Centre for Social Justice calls  to raise the age of criminal responsibility to twelve

Blunt Crispin"Fewer children should be sent to jail, the prisons minister said yesterday as he rejected calls to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 12. Crispin Blunt said he did not believe that offending by youngsters should automatically lead to prosecution.And he called for the introduction of ‘restorative justice’, under which young offenders are made to apologise to their victims rather than receiving a stiff punishment." – Daily Mail

Ministerial numbers may be cut after damning report by MPsGuardian

Unite chief says Miliband is leading Labour to destruction

"The Labour party's chief union backer has accused Ed Miliband of undermining his own leadership, disenfranchising the party's core support and leaving the country with all three main parties bent on using austerity to save capitalism. In an article in the Guardian, the Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, launches a strident attack on Miliband and Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, prompted by the party leadership's weekend decision to endorse a continuation of the government's public-sector pay freeze." – The Guardian

Full McCluskey article

  • "As the abuse has grown, Miliband passes a test of leadership. He has kept calm." – Steve Richards, The Independent
  • By stealing the Lib Dems’ ideas, Labour leader Ed Miliband can split the Coalition – Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph

Labour's "Twitter tsar" forced to quit after comparing Alex Salmond to Hitler in "Downfall" spoof

Screen shot 2012-01-17 at 08.15.26"Tom Harris, a senior Labour MP, was forced to quit his party role after featuring Scotland’s first minister in a parody of the German film Downfall, which chronicles the Nazi leader’s final days in his Berlin bunker. The move comes just days after Labour leader Ed Miliband refused to sack shadow minister Diane Abbott for sparking a race row by suggesting on Twitter that ‘white people love playing divide and rule’ with the black population." – Daily Mail


Country's most senior Scottish law officer warns Salmond that he must not "act outside the law" on independenceThe Times (£)

John Lewis chief warns on Clegg owner modelFinancial Times (£)

MPs warn that £11bn smart meter plans "risk fiasco"Daily Mail

Police close down remains of Parliament Square protest campThe Times (£)

Jeremy Hunt rules out new laws to control Press as he says he favours independent regulation Daily Mail

And finally…Cameron: how I keep romance alive

"David Cameron has told how he and wife Samantha keep their romance alive with weekly date nights. The PM said that despite busy schedules and three kids, he and Sam, 40, ensure they still find time for each other. Mr Cameron, 45, said: "We have one night every week where we either stay in and do nothing or go out on our own. We have a couple of favourite Italian restaurants." The romantic PM says he still remembers every minute of his wedding and honeymoon night of June 1, 1996." – The Sun