5pm newslinks Diane Abbott's race comments lead today's teatime politics review

HALFON-robert4pm Robert Halfon MP on Comment: Stop the calls for the Guillotine and let the public judge Diane Abbott

3pm LISTEN: Nick Clegg on the EU veto: "No-one planned for an outcome which left Britain in a position of one"

1.15pm WATCH: Cameron: Many businesses fear the health and safety "monster"

12.45pm WATCH: Miliband rings Abbott live while she is being interviewed

12.30pm Local Government: Barking Labour councillor resigns from Party

Abbott12.15pm LeftWatch Updated with Labour and Abbott statementsDiane Abbott says that "white people love playing divide and rule". If she doesn't quit, Miliband should sack her

Noon ConHomeUSA: Now the race for New Hampshire begins

11am Mohammed Amin on Comment: What Shariah really means to Muslims

ToryDiary: The Government is exposed to the charge that it has no integration policy

Columnist Andrew Lilico: Taxpayer-funded collective provision of social care is not the way forward

AshcroftLord Ashcroft on Comment: My pride at how Ashcroft Technology Academy has gone from strength to strength

LeftWatch: Diane Abbott says that "white people love playing divide and rule". If she doesn't quit, Miliband should sack her

Local Government: Lammy to speak at protest meeting to back failing school

WATCH: The cast of 'The Iron Lady' turn out for the London premiere of the Thatcher biopic

The Independent Commission on Assisted Dying, chaired by Lord Falconer, calls for assisted suicide to be allowed for those with less than a year to live

Telegraphthurs"The report, published today, calls for the “inadequate and incoherent” law against assisted suicide to be scrapped following a series of high profile cases where patients have used the Dignitas suicide clinic to take their own lives.  Although helping someone to die is punishable by up to 14 years’ imprisonment and police still investigate all cases, there have been no prosecutions since landmark guidelines were set out almost two years ago. The Commission says the situation is “very distressing” for families, “uncertain” for health workers and place a “deeply challenging burden” on police and prosecutors" - Telegraph

  • Lord Falconer: "By introducing a humane and supported way for people to end their lives, while continuing to improve end-of-life care, we can help ensure that every person is able to die in the way that is best for them" - Guardian
  • Should we change the law on suicide? - Times (£)

In a bid to save money and benefit patients, Cameron orders the merging together of health and social care

"Cameron has told the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, to drive through changes that health policy experts claim will make life more convenient for patients, improve care and save the NHS money … The prime minister has been persuaded by senior doctors and Downing Street health advisers that, without integration, the NHS could become unsustainable due to rises in the number of patients with long-term health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and breathing problems" - Guardian

A clinic pledges to remove faulty breast implants, after Lansley says it would be "unacceptable" if they were to neglect patient needs whilst offering breast enlargement operationsTelegraph  

> Yesterday Columnist Jill Kirby: The taxpayer must not pay to repair toxic boob jobs

Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond to talk of the economic crisis being the "greatest strategic threat to future security", as both the UK and the US look set to scale back military capability

Hammond_philip"Hammond will point to similarities in the US and UK economic situations. "Without strong economies and stable public finances it is impossible to build and sustain, in the long-term, the military capability required to project power and maintain defence," he is expected to tell the Atlantic Council thinktank. "That is why today the debt crisis should be considered the greatest strategic threat to the future security of our nations" - Guardian

  • 'Hammond and Panetta in talks on Iranian threat and defence cuts' – Times (£)

The Foreign Affairs Committee calls for private armed guards on ships in the Indian Ocean to be allowed to shoot to kill Somali piratesGuardian

William Hague arrives in Burma – the first British Foreign Secretary since Anthony Eden over 50 yers ago – to push for democratic reforms BBC

Aid to corrupt countries should be "conditional" on them improving their governance, says The Commons international development committeeBBC I Telegraph

Andrea Leadsom, described by the Independent as the 'new Iron Lady' draws up a 'shopping list' for Cameron to get powers back from the EU

Leadsom"Top of her shopping list is a new EU rule allowing member states to opt out of Brussels directives whenever they have a change of government. That would allow the Coalition to end the maximum 48-hour week under the EU's working time directive, agreed when Labour was in power. Brussels would regard such a "Europe à la carte" as a recipe for chaos which undermined the EU's basic principles" - Independent

  • €1 = 83p – £ at a 15 month high against the single currency - Daily Mail
  • EU looking to implement a financial transaction tax, despite opposition from Britain - Express

After last night's premiere of 'The Iron Lady', Matthew Parris describes Streep's performance as a "tour de force", remarkable in its portrayal of dementia

Streep"To show a great life through the eyes of an old lady whose mind is wandering, is bold. The result is a dramatic achievement by a director of great daring … In no way is this film disrespectful. Thatcher is not some little old lady whose private indignity is being blundered upon for mass entertainment. She and her legacy have made themselves public property, part of our history. And The Iron Lady never remotely mocks or insults" - Times (£)

  • Parris also recalls Thatcher's reaction to him rescuing a dog from the Thames: “A dog? Did you really rescue a dog? What a stupid thing to do.” - Times (£)
  • Streep attends Iron Lady premiere at the British Film Institute - Telegraph
  • The premier in pictures - Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Britain's premiere of 'The Iron Lady' takes place this evening

Michael Portillo: Although Gove is making progress through free schools and academies, no politicial party is bold enough to reintroduce grammar schools

Portillo"The paradox today is that no major political party would dare to campaign to bring back grammar schools, yet where they still exist, such as Kent or Buckinghamshire, no front-rank politician would dare to advocate their abolition, because they are so cherished by parents. But at least the new Education Secretary Michael Gove is moving in the right direction, through the creation of free schools and academies which will undermine the miserable, dead-hand of central bureaucracy" - Daily Mail

  • Despite his rigorous speech yesterday, some of the students don't appear to be so interested in what he has to say - Telegraph
  • Children should stay in school for longer to prepare for a work-like timetable, say Labour - Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Gove labels Academies' critics "enemies of promise" who are "happy with failure"

Peter Oborne: With the Left losing the argument in all areas of public life, Cameron's Coalition "is shaping up to be one of the most significant governments in modern history"

Oborne"A handful of prime ministers have led governments that reshaped the world we all live in. Since 1945, only two – Attlee and Thatcher – have fallen into this very rare second category. It now looks as if Cameron may turn out to be the third. In some ways this is very strange, because Cameron, at heart an old-fashioned Tory pragmatist, is the least revolutionary Prime Minister one can imagine. But he has taken the job at a fulcrum moment, when some of the most intelligent minds on the Left have come to realise that the facts of life are Conservative" - Telegraph

Ed Miliband has "no strategy, no narrative and little energy" says creator of 'Blue Labour and his intellectual guru Lord Glasman

"Glasman has revealed his frustration at the way Miliband performed last year, claiming he concentrated too much on preventing party division and defending Labour's "toxic economic record" rather than offering a transformative new leadership. Writing in the New Statesman, he complains: "Old faces from the Brown era still dominate the shadow cabinet and they seem stuck in defending Labour's record in all the wrong ways – we didn't spend too much money, we'll cut less fast and less far, but we can't tell you how" – Guardian

> Yesterday WATCH: PCS Union leader Mark Serwotka: Labour is "not speaking for the bulk of working people"

DavidsonLeader of the Scottish Tories, Ruth Davidson says the party in Scotland must make clear what it stands for Times (£)

Scotland Yard is set to review whether to maintain a dedicated team of detectives responsible for the Stephen Lawrence case

"The Metropolitan Police said changes had to be made to murder case teams but it had not taken any final decisions … Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said the force was "actively reviewing the consequences of what opportunities might be presented" by the convictions. But the Met is scaling back its 30 murder squads because of budget cuts and a decline in the number of homicides in London" - BBC

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