Cameron banking speech7.15pm WATCH: David Cameron: I want to do more than just pay down the deficit. I want a more socially responsible capitalism.

5pm Teatime newslinks: Cameron defends free markets in a speech on capitalism

3.30pm Andrew Bridgen MP on Comment: The Government must stop NHS Trusts advertising personal injury lawyers

Rees-Mogg timezone2.45pm WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP makes his case for a Somerset timezone

2.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron's moral capitalism speech emphasises free markets and the Tories' popular capitalist roots

1pm JP Floru on Comment: The inequality debate has shown Ed Miliband to be a relic of our socialist past

12.45pm Local government: Livingstone takes 2% poll lead over Boris

Noon ConservativeHomeUSA newslinks: South Carolina is Newt's last chance

JM11.30am Julia Manning on Comment: Adopting elements of the American healthcare system is essential for the NHS to save hundreds of millions of pounds

11.15am Local government: Surrey and Chelmsford plan Council Tax hikes

10.30am Alastair Thompson on Comment: Cameron, not Salmond, is winning the battle for Scotland's future

ToryDiary: A message to David Cameron from the age of the Iron Lady: never, never lose the Falklands

Columnist Andrew Lilico: Should governments be guided by pragmatism or principle?

KwartengKwasi Kwarteng MP on Comment: Aviation – In the short term, expand current airports. In the long term, build Boris Island

Also on Comment: David Snoxell – Ministers recognise the injustice done to the Chagossians.  But it's time for action, not words.

Local Government: Enfield Council's Sunday parking charges hit business

Parliament: Sheryll Murray MP introduces Bill to ban keeping primates as pets in Britain

WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith: It is not correct to say that 7,000 cancer patients will lose £94 a week in benefits

David Cameron to reveal his vision for "moral markets"

Cameron At Lecturn"David Cameron will spell out his vision of "moral markets" today, as he enters the intense political debate over how to create a more "responsible capitalism". In a long-awaited speech in London, the Prime Minister is expected to call for reforms to create a new "popular capitalism" and say the Government is prepared to intervene to make it happen. However, he is also likely to stress the benefits of free markets and to reject what he regards as the heavy-handed, statist approach favoured by Ed Miliband, the Labour leader." – Independent

  • "David Cameron will today once again condemn City bonuses and unjustifiably high salaries. And we all agree with that. But lashing out at the City has become a displacement activity to disguise the Government's inertia as unemployment hits a 17-year high." – The Sun Says
  • David Cameron ‘backs new bid to strip Sir Fred Goodwin of his title’ – Scotsman
  • Cameron steps up efforts to heal EU rifts – FT (£)

Argentina hits back at David Cameron over colonialism jibe – Guardian

  • "David Cameron has approved contingency plans for a rapid increase in Britain’s military presence on the Falklands as he warned Argentina that the islands’ sovereignty was not up for grabs." – The Times (£)

> From yesterday - WATCH: David Cameron: "The future of the Falkland Islands is a matter for the people themselves"

David Cameron and Nick Clegg at loggerheads over plans for "Boris Island" airport

Clegg and Cameron"The PM backs Bojo’s proposal and wants a formal consultation within weeks. But his deputy bitterly opposes the idea and believes it is being floated to give Mr Johnson a boost as he battles to remain London Mayor. A spokesman for Mr Clegg said: “We don’t believe there is an economic or environmental case for it.” With Heathrow at 99% capacity, ministers want to tap emerging routes to markets such as China." – Daily Mirror

Nick Clegg threatens to veto 'unviable’ vision of a new airport in the Thames Estuary – Daily Telegraph

  • "Downing Street told Boris Johnson on Wednesday that he had killed off any moves towards an airport in the Thames estuary ahead of the next general election after an announcement by the London mayor was seized on by the Liberal Democrats." – Guardian
  • "David Cameron will face calls today from more than 30 Tory MPs to allow an extra runway to be built at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted airports." – The Times (£)
  • "If Britain is to build trade links with emerging economic powers, it must stop dithering and commit to airport expansion." – Daily Telegraph editorial
  • Steve Hilton: Boris Johnson's new best pal in Downing Street – Guardian
  • BA's Willie Walsh says he will not be checking in at 'Boris Island' – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Bojo scheme has mojo: Cameron now willing to give thumbs-up to Boris Island

Cameron accuses Iran of supplying Syria weapons

"The Prime Minister revealed that British officials had been told that weapons shipments from Iran to Syria had been intercepted by Turkey and that intelligence reports confirmed that Hizbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese movement, was actively involved in the slaughter of Syria." - Daily Telegraph

  • "David Cameron branded President Bashar al-Assad a 'wretched tyrant' as he told Parliament that Britain should play a leading role in urging the international community to step up sanctions against Syria" - Daily Mail

Taxpayers face new £17.5bn IMF bail-out bill

EU and BRITAIN"The Government is facing strong opposition to the handout from many within the Conservative Party, as fears grow that Britain will enter a recession next week. … The IMF claims it needs an extra $500 billion (£323 bn) to $600 billion to help stricken governments, with Britain liable to pay 4.5 per cent of this, despite its worsening economic situation. Sources close to the Treasury insisted that Britain will try to limit its additional contribution to around £8.5 billion and demand strict conditions from Europe." – Daily Telegraph

  • "BRITAIN'S bill for bailing out the euro could soar to £65BILLION — £1,000 for every man, woman and child." – The Sun

> From yesterday - WATCH: George Osborne: "It takes a long time to recover from a big banking crisis"

Border agency was a law unto itself, MPs conclude

Immigration"Passport checks have been relaxed too often in recent years because of "highly troubling" mistakes by executives at the UK Border Agency, MPs warned. In an attempt to rebuild its damaged reputation, they called for an overhaul of the way the agency deals with its political masters at the Home Office." – Independent

  • Senior judge attacks UK border system after Lithuanian sex offender was able to enter the country – Daily Telegraph
  • UK Border Agency row should not affect targeted passport checks scheme – Guardian

Doctors may strike over cuts to their pension potsDaily Telegraph

  • "…it is outrageous that GPs should now believe that they deserve to be largely exempted from the belt‑tightening required to get the public finances back into shape. It is even more outrageous that most are willing to strike to preserve unaffordable gold-plated pensions." – Daily Express
  • "The unions representing nurses and midwives have joined others in stating their "outright opposition" to the government's NHS plans in England." – BBC
  • NHS plans for credit rating agencies to vet hospitals - Guardian

Ed Miliband calls for tighter takeover rules

Miliband Ed Yes"Tighter rules on takeovers are needed to defend the long-term interests of British business, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said. He said hostile takeovers of recent years highlighted "the short-termism that blights British enterprise"." – BBC

  • Our toxic blend of capitalism and short-termism – Ed Miliband for the FT (£)

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: How has Ed Miliband's sixth re-launch progressed so far?

Unison accuses Ed Miliband of 'breathtaking naivety' over cuts

"Unison has accused Ed Miliband of "breathtaking naivety" over Labour's support for a public sector pay squeeze, with the party's second-largest union backer saying that backing cuts was playing "cheap politics" with workers' lives. The public sector union's intervention means all the UK's top three unions have lined up against the Labour leader over his support for a 1% pay cap, with Unison joining the GMB and Unite, which is Labour's biggest financial donor with 1.5 million members." – Guardian

  • Steve Richards: Labour deserves oblivion if it listens to the unions on payIndependent

Peter Oborne: David Hockney's work is a victory for conservative values Daily Telegraph

Grammar schools would put us in Premier League – Allison Pearson for the Daily Telegraph

William Bratton: Scotland Yard should publish list of 10 most violent gangsDaily Telegraph

"Occupy St Paul's" faces eviction after High Court defeatCity AM

Expats will not be allowed to vote in Scotland referendum Independent

And finally… Cameron attacked over "dinosaur" jibe to Dennis Skinner

SKINNER DENNIS"Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of ageism after branding a veteran Labour MP a "dinosaur". He told Dennis Skinner people should not visit the Natural History Museum to see the ancient beasts, but "come to the House of Commons" instead. Mr Skinner – who has often tangled with the PM – gave a shrug, but fellow Labour MP Paul Flynn called the comments "completely unacceptable"." – BBC

  • Labour MPs lose the plot as they attack Cameron for AGEISM after he calls veteran Dennis Skinner 'a dinosaur' – Daily Mail


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