9.15pm ToryDiary: HS2 could be a massive moment for Tory prospects in northern England

3.30pm WATCH: Chuka Umunna: Cameron has fallen short on his promise to curb executive pay

2.30pm Alan Mak & Simon Maynard on Comment: Building the Opportunity Society is our party’s most important long- term task

1pm ToryDiary: The Government's own energy calculator shows that there's no alternative to nuclear power

Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 11.41.0612.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron tells Andrew Marr that "every avenue of policy is about helping the economy to grow"

11.30am WATCH: Cameron: The Government is doing all it can "to help businesses start-up and grow"

ToryDiary: David Cameron begins fight for fairness agenda

Columnist Ruth Lea: Ruth Lea: Britain should aim for a Swiss-style free trade relationship with the EU, the Commonwealth and North America

Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 06.38.17

William Hague MP on Comment: If reforms continue we are ready to build a new relationship with Burma

Harry Phibbs on Local government: Housing Association tenants should be given the right to buy

Also on the Local government blog: Deprivation is no excuse for failing schools and… BBC's gross misrepresentation to attack free schools

Cameron plans to make shareholder remuneration votes mandatory in an attempt to curb excessive executive paySunday Telegraph

"Other reforms being considered by ministers include ending the "cosy cartel" that allows top executives to set each other's pay, by bringing outsiders on to remuneration committees, and introducing rules to force executives to take more of their pay in shares that cannot be cashed in for at least five years." – Observer

"Growing public outrage over the severe damage caused by the banking crisis has prompted the Chancellor to prepare a new criminal offence of ‘corporate negligence’ to punish reckless financiers." – Mail on Sunday

  • Ed Miliband plan to take fight to Tories over executive pay deals – Scotland on Sunday
  • Andrew Rawnsley takes a bird's eye view of the parties' battle to reform capitalism – The Observer

Balls Ed Feb 2010Cameron has apologised for saying Commons heckling by Ed Balls was "like having someone with Tourette's sitting opposite you"Sky

"Downing Street said the prime minister was sorry if he caused any offence, and did not mean to offend anyone. A spokeswoman added that the remark was made "off the cuff". Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder characterised by tics – involuntary, rapid, sudden movements that occur repeatedly." – BBC

On its centenary, Cameron hailed the African National Congress as a “beacon for the world”

Scotland on Sunday has the text of a letter from Mr Cameron: “The African National Congress has been a beacon for the world in the fight against discrimination and the struggle for freedom from oppression. It stood up for the rights of all South Africans. And the names of great men like Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela will forever be an inspiration not just to the people of South Africa, but to people all over the world.”

You can't quit UK without my approval, David Cameron warns Scots as First Minister Alex Salmond pushes for a referendum

"The Prime Minister is ready to use Westminster laws to force Mr Salmond to bring forward the referendum in the belief that it would stop him achieving an independent Scotland on the back of a tidal wave of Scottish patriotism." – Mail on Sunday

  • Former Labour Chief Whip, Baroness Taylor wants Scottish exiles to vote in independence referendum – Scotland on Sunday
  • "In an article for Scotland on Sunday, William Walker, professor of international relations at St Andrews University, says the SNP policy of removing Trident from Scotland after independence would “amount to a promise to shut down the UK’s nuclear deterrent and enforce its disarmament”. As a result, an independent Scots government might have to compromise on removing the weapons or leave the UK without a nuclear shield. This is because nowhere else in the UK is suitable to house both the submarines and missiles at a realistic cost, he says."

Thirty Tory MPs have expressed doubts about High Speed RailThe Sunday Telegraph

"The Government is now expected to approve the construction of HS2, the high-speed rail line that is predicted to cut 35 minutes off the train journey from London to Birmingham… The total cost is estimated to be £32 billion. But we can be sure that the actual cost will be much higher. Almost every major infrastructure project financed by government over the past 40 years has gone over budget, often costing taxpayers at least twice the “absolute maximum” that politicians had confidently predicted." – The Sunday Telegraph leader

In wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times (£), Transport Secretary Justine Greening seeks more efficient railway system in order to cut passenger fares.

Grayling-Chris-On-Politics-Chris Grayling considers work-for-dole for long-term joblessThe Sunday Times (£)

"Unpaid work in return for benefits not only keeps claimants in touch with the world of employment but also weeds out the fiddlers. As part of what has to be a significant shake-up of Britain’s moribund welfare system, it looks promising." – Sunday Times leader (£)

David Cameron will promote Eurosceptic Right in March reshuffleIndependent on Sunday

David Cameron has failed to form a coherent health policy – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

By 64% to 21% voters oppose NHS paying for breast implants to be corrected – YouGov (PDF)

How Cameron and Clegg vowed to hand back our liberties but are instead planning illiberal changes to justice system – David Rose for the Mail on Sunday

"Free market feminism" – Inside The Observer, Gaby Hinsliff examines the beliefs of the new generation of women Tory MPs

British Conservatives should learn from American Republicans and make the case against the almighty state – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

HUHNE BBC INTERVIEWChris Huhne's latest report on energy supply is a tissue of unproved assumptions and wishful thinking – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Lib Dem peers may side with Bishops against Coalition's benefits capSunday Express

"To get a tax-free sum of £26,000 per annum an ordinary working man or woman would have to earn close to £40,000 in taxable salary. So the amount suggested by the Government is a fair one. A larger sum shifts the burden further on to the shoulders of working men and women whose tax liability is already crippling in these austere times." – Sunday Express comment

‘The consistent frustration is that he starts things and doesn’t follow through’ – James Forsyth examines the challenges facing Ed MilibandMail on Sunday

"Ed Miliband might have sacked Diane Abbott not for her stupidity, but to bolster his own reputation. He passed up the opportunity." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Stephen Twigg, the shadow Education Secretary, insists his leader is "setting the pace and is on the right track". Writing for The Independent on Sunday, he suggests Mr Miliband is outpacing Mrs Thatcher, whose rise to power is charted in the new film The Iron Lady. In Mrs Thatcher's first 15 months as Tory leader, she enjoyed an average poll lead over Labour of just under 1 per cent, he says. By comparison, Mr Miliband has been almost four points ahead of the Tories since becoming leader of the opposition in September 2010."

Screen shot 2012-01-07 at 15.52.17

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Launching the Do Not Underestimate Labour Association

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair channelled millions of pounds through a complicated web of companies and paid just a fraction in tax – The Sunday Telegraph

  • The Blairs’ billionaire friends give more than a million dollars to their charitiesThe Sunday Telegraph

It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to see a link between the vigour of the voluntary euthanasia movement and panic over care funding – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times (£)

> Bishop Nazil-Ali on Comment yesterday: Let us care for the ill and vulnerable – not help them to die


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