5pm WATCH: David Davis: If the €uro is continually bailed out, there will be a "decade of zombie economies" in the €urozone

3pm ToryDiary: Following his ConHome piece, David Davis warns that he and other Tory MPs would vote against further IMF €urozone funding

Commons21pm MPsETC: Should the Commons be sold off as it risks sinking into the Thames?

12.30pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: The basic cap on benefits at £500 must be a principle all people subscribe to

10.45am Columnist Andrew Lilico: If it's okay to do abortions for profit, it should be okay to advertise them

10am ConHomeUSA: Your guide to the best commentary on Newt Gingrich's big win in South Carolina

ToryDiary: Would Cameron withdraw Britain from the ECHR under a Conservative Government?

As pressure mounts on the Government over more money for the IMF, a senior Tory backbencher and a ConservativeHome columnist give their view:

Local Government:

WATCH: Metal theft in the UK is getting worse, costing Network Rail over £16m last year

Cameron will tell Europe to "stop meddling" in British justice In a speech to the European Court of Human Rights later this week

Cama"The Prime Minister will demand major reforms in the way the court is run. He will say European judges must be more in touch with public opinion, accept more UK court rulings and let countries protect their own citizens and stop interfering in ‘petty’ cases. His tough stance follows fury over the court’s ruling last week that  Qatada, described as Osama Bin  Laden’s ‘right-hand man in Europe’, cannot be deported to face terrorism charges in Jordan because evidence obtained by torture could be used against him" - Mail on Sunday

  • Telegraph Editorial: Cameron is right "to insist that the Court should take a more modest view of its aims, one that gives far greater scope for national courts to come to their own conclusions" - Sunday Telegraph
  • Many Tory MPs will want Cameron to go further and withdraw from the European Court completely. This "could be a big vote winner for the Tories" says Iain Martin - Sunday Telegraph

Iain Duncan Smith attacks Bishops who are trying to block his welfare reforms for sitting back and watching whilst others struggle

Ids"The Welfare Secretary, accused religious leaders opposed to a benefits cap of failing to show concern for the “ordinary people” who are forced to pay taxes while the unemployed lived in large houses at public expense. He claimed the bishops were doing a disservice to families on benefits by threatening to derail his plans to impose a £26,000 cap on the total amount of payouts any household can receive, suggesting people are being “trapped in dependency” by an over- generous system. “The question I’d ask these bishops is, over all these years, why have they sat back and watched people being placed in houses they cannot afford? It’s not a kindness,” IDS said - Sunday Times

  • Leak reveals that 100,000 children could be pushed into poverty because of the welfare reform - Observer

Cameron to consider childcare tax breaks for working mothersSunday Times

Thousands of unemployed have been transferred from jobseekers allowance to a new "training allowance", officially classing them as employedSunday Times

Conservative-led committe attack Lansley's NHS reforms in a report published next week

Lansley"Lansley's health reforms face a fresh crisis as a powerful committee of MPs says the changes are obstructing efforts to make the NHS more efficient and that they fail to address the most urgent health challenge of modern times – how to care better for an expanding elderly population … The report will cause alarm in Downing Street as it is the work of a committee with a Tory and Liberal Democrat majority and is chaired by Stephen Dorrell, a former Conservative health secretary" - Observer

  • Hospitals and GPs given an extra £200million to cut waiting times - Independent on Sunday
  • Martin Ivens: "Harold Macmillan used to warn his Tory tribe not to take on the Catholic Church, the Brigade of Guards or the miners. To update his advice for the digital age, Conservative leaders mess with the National Health Service at their peril" - Sunday Times

33 charities criticise the Government for failing to adress the "deep crisis" in the social care system Observer

Vince Cable pushes for a mansion tax in the next Budget, claiming his proposals have the backing of many Tory MPs

Cable_vincent"While the policy is likely to be opposed by George Osborne, the Chancellor, Mr Cable said that he had spoken to Conservative MPs who backed the plan. “A mansion tax is still very much on the agenda – it is a very good idea … It would constitute a tax on wealth rather than income, which we believe to be right, and also in economic terms it creates the right sort of incentives for the property market” - Sunday Telegraph

  • "The tax would only apply on the value of a person’s home over a £2 million threshold. The charge would come in addition to current council tax and would aim to claw money back from overseas property tycoons" - Sunday Times
  • Peter Bone describes it as a "happy coincidence" that Nick Clegg's house would avoid paying a mansion tax, after the threshold in proposals was doubled to £2 million - Mail on Sunday
  • Telegraph Editorial: "We hope that the Prime Minister will reject a property tax whose only effect would be to make it harder for Britain to pull itself out of economic depression" - Sunday Telegraph

Chris Huhne attacks the "dirty tricks" of Number 10, with friends accusing Cameron's press secretary of briefing against him over plans for a new Royal Yacht

Huhne"Friends of Mr Huhne last night claimed it was "common speculation" that Ms Bertin [Cameron's press secretary]  was the source of the allegation against him, and that a journalist rang her up to tell her she "shouldn't speculate about sources" and that in any event her alleged supposition was wrong. A friend said: "What you cannot have is press secretaries trashing other members of the Cabinet. She has overstepped the mark and undermined her own credibility. That's back to the days of Blair. It's just gone too far" - Independent on Sunday

  • More witnesses emerge in Huhne's speeding offence case - Sunday Times

The 301 group is "a wider attempt by the Tories to capitalise on their stronger-than-expected political position" says James ForsythMail on Sunday

Dr Phillip Lee MP: "The removal of risk-taking from Westminster has helped create a culture of denial in Britain"Mail on Sunday


Hague says that British Embassies and High Commissions would not promote Scottish whisky if Scotland becomes Independent Mail on Sunday

  • Alex Salmond will claim later this week that England will be better off without Scotland - Sunday Times
  • Douglas Alexander: "Narrow nationalism is not what Scotland – nor the United Kingdom – needs in the debate about independence" - Independent on Sunday
  • John Redwood: 'Who speaks for England?' - John Redwood's Diary
  • Spain could decide to veto Scotland's bid for independence, with fears it could encourage the separatist causes in Catalonia and the Basque region - Independent on Sunday 

Can Britiain still defend the Falklands?Sunday Times

After the Government makes council tenancy cheating a criminal offence, it is revealed that a fifth of council house tenancies are found to have 'indications of fraud'Sunday Telegraph

The Government is to go ahead with changes which could see women considering abortion given the right to independent counselling

Nadinedorries"Among them is a proposal to place abortion providers under a legal obligation to offer women access to independent counselling, stripping them from providing any "in-house" service. Critics of the existing system say the counselling which is offered by the clinics is biased, because their funding from the state depends on the number of terminations they carry out … The Government had indicated support for the amendment, tabled by Nadine Dorries, but days before the vote, Downing Street said Cameron said he would not back it" - Telegraph

  • Nadine Dorris' return to Twitter is marked by a "bawdy" exchange with John Prescott over her sexual abstinence for teenagers Bill - Mail on Sunday

Ed Miliband cannot defeat the Conservatives, but David could, suggests poll for the Independent on Sunday as the Tories surge ahead of Labour

Milibandbros"With Ed in charge, voters are split, putting Labour neck and neck with the Tories on 38 per cent. But when respondents were asked by ComRes how they would vote with alternative Labour leaders, David Miliband was three points ahead of David Cameron, on 38 points to 35. It threatens to reopen the deep wounds from when Ed beat his older brother to become Labour leader in September 2010" - Independent on Sunday

"The Conservatives have surged ahead of Labour in an opinion poll, raising fresh doubts over the future of Ed Miliband. The poll by YouGov suggests that, for the first time in more than a year, the Tories would win an overall majority if there were an election tomorrow" - Sunday Times

  • John Rentoul breaks down the results of the poll - Independent
  • "His potential leadership challengers, however, appeared to have failed to win over the voters. The poll suggested having Yvette Cooper, the shadow Home Secretary, as leader would give the Conservatives a lead of 20 points. The Conservatives would have a 13-point lead if Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor, were Labour leader" - Sunday Telegraph

Cameron should intervene to block the £1.3m payout to RBS chief Stephen Hester, says Ed Miliband Observer

  • Janet Daley: "Responsible capitalism”, “crony capitalism”, “popular capitalism” – they’re all at it now. Every political leader in town has affixed a qualifying adjective to the name of that system which is, by universal agreement, the only economic game left on the planet" - Sunday Telegraph
  • John Rentoul: "Cameron and Miliband compete to bash the bankers, but they both intend to safeguard the capitalist system in Britain" - Independent on Sunday

Matthew d'Ancona concludes that both Miliband and Balls have had a good week, showing signs of a willingness to capitulate to reality

Miliband3"I stick to my judgment that Ed has had a very good week. Why? Because it seems just possible now that the wheels of his long-circling plane have at last hit the runway of reality. Progressives so often see this as sell-out, as collusion in the enemy’s framing of the argument, or (in the time-honoured phrase) “compromising with the electorate”. But recent history shows that the Left prospers when it acknowledges the odds stacked against it, and the toughness of the measures it may have to take" - Sunday Telegraph

  • David Miliband takes a job with a Pakistan-based City firm, boosting his post-ministerial earnings to £500,000Mail on Sunday

MPs may have to move out of the Palace of Westminister over concerns that the fabric of the building is deterioratingSunday Times

Architect Norman Foster outlines his ambitious vision for an airport in the Thames EstuaryMail on Sunday

And finally … Danish TV series Borgen, and its Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg, could resemble Cameron and his Coalition, and is fast becoming a hit for Downing Street's spin doctors

"Like Cameron, Nyborg frets about putting on weight – in her case, during the election campaign she eventually wins (a victory sealed, incidentally, by the kind of "no notes", off-the-cuff TV that helped to catapult Cameron into the top job). Both Nyborg and Cameron, before winning power, cycle to work and are keen to display their family credentials" - Independent on Sunday


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