4pm ConHomeUSA: Rick Santorum moves to third-place in national GOP race

EU and BRITAIN2pm ToryDiary: ConservativeHome readers choose the veto as the political event of 2011

12.30pm LISTEN: Anthony Seldon and Matthew Taylor discuss future of Cameron's Big Society agenda

12.15pm ConHomeUSA: Romney, Paul or Santorum could win Iowa

ToryDiary: Britain is a "fantastic" country. Cameron's upbeat New Year message.

Anthony Seldon on Comment: The Government needs to start 'doing' Morality

MPsETC: Alfred the Great, not Thomas Jefferson, should be a model for Britain

On Local government: Harry Phibbs reviews Ken Livingstone's You Can't Say That

Andrew Lansley considering national register for cosmetic surgery as fears grow of "Wild West" industry developingTimes (£)

16140695"Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, said that only breast cancer patients who had reconstructive surgery on the NHS should have the implants taken out at the taxpayers’ expense. ‘It would be outrageous if the NHS picks up the tab,’ he said. ‘For those who had it done privately, it has absolutely nothing to do with the NHS and if they have a problem they should pursue whoever is liable through the courts. ‘The taxpayer shouldn’t be picking up the tab for mistakes made by private companies.’" – Daily Mail

> Saturday's video: Andrew Lansley orders expert inquiry into safety of breast implants

Government creates £170m fund to help older patients leave NHS hospitalsGuardian

"The Government has found an extra £150m for patients to receive care at home rather than in hospital. The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, said the money had become available thanks to efficiency savings in his department's central budget. Another £20m is also being made available for the disabled facilities grant, which helps people to live independently at home." – Independent

David Cameron faces new pressure to end ban on assisted suicideDaily Mail

One-quarter of all Brits are obeseThe Sun


…but London's Mayor is cycling to the rescue: "Lay off cheese. Avoid alcohol. Cut out potatoes, bread, pasta and stuff like that. Eat stupendous quantities of kale and apples and perhaps the odd small piece of dried fish. It’s a piece of cake – which is what you will certainly deserve if you keep it up for more than four weeks. Happy New Year!" – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

…meanwhile Ken Livingstone urges Londoners to use their vote to "protest at the actions of the Tory-led government" – Ken Livingstone for The Guardian

Cameron faces fresh New Year honours row as it emerges three more donors have been given gongsDaily Mail

Party donors, and the perfect honours list for a shameless age – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail 

"On the big issues that confront the nation, Cameron's track record is hardly impressive" – Nick Wood at Right Minds

David Cameron’s time in office has “so far been defined by a lack of a coherent agenda”, says Anthony Seldon for Policy ExchangeTelegraph | Read Professor Seldon on today's Comment page

Scottish Labour has called on Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Michael Moore to stop “acting like a Tory” and back its five-point plan for jobs and growthScotsman

  • Proportion of people living in Scotland who see themselves as Scottish has dropped from 88% to 81% in last decade – Scotsman

Tim Allan, former Blair aide, accuses Ed Miliband of anti-business rhetoricGuardian

"Ed Ball's highly pertinent arguments (in my view) against the speed of the cuts are being drowned out in the public’s mind by his leader’s misguided anti-business rhetoric. Labour has a strong economic argument, but a weak overall political position." – Tim Allan on the Portland website

Stephen Glover: Labour wrong to complain of BBC bias

"It is fanciful to believe that the BBC's coverage is biased in favour of the Government. The opposite is closer to the truth, with the state of the economy sometimes being painted in even darker colours than the admittedly dire situation warrants. For example, Radio 4's Today programme recently made much of the Government's suggestion that the revised growth figures for the third quarter would show that the economy was "even worse than we thought". In the event the official figures were revised upwards from 0.5 to 0.6 per cent – a fact the BBC either downplayed or even ignored in later bulletins." – Stephen Glover for The Independent (scroll down)

"If Labour positions itself properly, defending fairness and social solidarity, speaking up for the European cause and taking on the super-rich then it has the chance of again catching the national mood" – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

BROWN GORDON - head tiltedGordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'

"The links discovered from the seized computers suggest that the email investigation could involve as many victims as those involved in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal." – Independent

Jittery European leaders warned yesterday of the dangers facing economies this year as the eurozone crisis deepensExpress

"Housing benefit cuts will put 800,000 homes out of reach"

The Department for Work and Pensions told The Guardian: "Early indications are that people are not moving out of cities in their droves to cheaper rural areas. For the vast majority of areas except the most expensive parts of inner and central London, at least 30% of all private rental properties will be affordable. Our measures will place a lid on spiralling rents and local authorities will continue to work with tenants and landlords to negotiate down rents, which will in turn help to keep properties within reach."

A pioneering police division has cut serious violent crime by a record 20% by identifying and tackling specific "problem families" and helping to find jobs for young people in troubleThe Herald

Michael Dobbs is impressed by The Iron Lady movie

"I suspect that Meryl Streep’s portrayal will be accepted as the finest so far but it won’t be the last. Those media luvvies who either cannot or will not understand her extraordinary nature will keep coming back, trying to undermine and perhaps also genuinely to understand the meaning of great- ness. And in doing that they will pay unintended homage to one of the most exceptional women of any age. And how Margaret Thatcher would love that." – Michael Dobbs in The Express

"Still both revered and hated, Margaret Thatcher's apotheosis will get Hollywood's seal of approval when The Iron Lady opens in British cinemas. Thatcher was a more cautious and pragmatic leader than legend insists. But old hands also know that legends are easily adapted to current needs. In dangerous times the tempting and misleading question may become: "What would Margaret have done?" – Michael White in The Guardian

And finally… The Sun wants us to be positive in 2012

2012 may be the year Britain's fortunes revive – Leo McKinstry in The Express


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