Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 19.49.357.45pm WATCH: Vince Cable says Government won't accept top pay outstripping workers' pay

6pm: Columnist Andrew Lilico: Good environmentalism improves nature

5pm Vince Cable's reforms to top pay and another wake up poll for Boris lead today's 5pm newslinks

3.30pm Roger Helmer MEP: The Man in Whitehall rejects local opposition to windfarms

2.15pm Greg Clark MP on Comment: The power to prosper. Strengthening our cities.

12.30pm Local government:

12.30pm Paul Swinney at ThinkTankCentral: There is huge variation in the scale of the unemployment challenge that different cities face

C-Home-Mitt-Newt-fightNoon ConHomeUSA: Romney attacks Gingrich as DC insider who had to resign "in disgrace"

11.30am Local government: Wasteful spending of the Labour councils refusing to freeze Council Tax

11am WATCH: William Hague seeks "unprecedented" set of sanctions against Iran

ToryDiary: Labour voters – and even The Independent – support IDS' benefits cap, leaving Miliband and the bishops looking isolated

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Cameron says no-one ever lost money by lending to the IMF. But there's always a first time.

Amberrudd_logo3Amber Rudd MP on Comment: David Cameron's battle against the judges of Strasbourg

Nick de Bois MP on Comment: Labour is right about one thing. This is a Conservative-led government and we should say so.

Local government:

WATCH: Health Minister Simon Burns MP says NHS reforms have already saved £7bn, and will save £20bn by 2015

Church of England bishops bid with Labour and Liberal Democrat rebels to defeat benefits capBBC | Independent cartoon has bishops kicking IDS

Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 07.04.50
  • Lord Ashdown ready to vote against Coalition for first time over cap – Guardian | Independent
  • The housing benefit cap will mainly hit stable families on low incomes – Tim Leunig in The Guardian
  • IDS told peers he will never accept defeat in the scrap over limiting benefits people can get to £26K a year – The Sun
  • Nick Clegg said that ministers were looking at “transitional arrangements” for introducing the benefits cap – Telegraph
  • "In government, [Labour's] uncritical admiration of bankers and its generosity to benefit claimants made it look as if it were on the side of the very rich and the very poor, but not of many people in between. And in between is where most voters sit. If Ed Miliband means what he says about standing up for the squeezed middle, he should uncritically support the benefit cap and ask his peers to do the same." – Mary Ann Sieghart for The Independent
  • The Independent backs the Coalition's benefits cap.
  • "Paying people more than the average wage to remain on benefits is insidious" – Telegraph leader

"Britain's welfare state was established after the Second World War to support the genuinely vulnerable and needy but now it is an engine of self-destruction" – Leo McKinstry for The Express

"Welfare reform is essential for the restoration, not just of our public finances but also of our nation’s integrity" – Express leader

Housing cheats could be costing taxpayers £13bn by illegal sublets – Daily Mail

Cameron: Entrepreneurs and start-up firms will be able to use empty government buildings at low rents for a yearBBC

Cameron at Cameron Direct

""The British government has a huge stock of buildings at our disposal," Cameron is expected to say, according to extracts of his speech. "The first priority for the ones we aren't using is to sell them off, but in the meantime, many are going to be sitting idle. So let's match the capacity we've got with the need that's out there." However, the proposal is likely to raise the ire of private landlords, who could be undercut by the cheap rents on offer." – WSJ

Clegg says NHS plans must go aheadBBC

  • Parts of NHS reform mess could be saved – FT (£)
  • Local authorities to get £2bn to promote breastfeeding and action on tooth decay – Guardian | Mail
  • Four patients die thirsty or starving EVERY DAY on our hospital wards show damning new statistics – Daily Mail

Article-2090376-116719E1000005DC-141_306x417Daily Mail issues Memo to Home Secretary: "Perhaps the cover girl look is best left to the models"

"Wearing vivid scarlet lipstick and glancing playfully skywards, this is Theresa May in cover girl mode. The Home Secretary struck surprisingly coquettish poses in photographs for a magazine interview in which she discussed sexism and the lack of women MPs." – Daily Mail

Britain must contribute more to the International Monetary Fund to shore up the ailing world economy, says CleggExpress

Political leaders in Italy and Spain have called for a massive boost to the EU rescue fund and a blast of monetary stimulus by the European Central Bank (ECB), putting them on a collision course with Germany over the handling of the eurozone crisis – Telegraph

IMF should stay out of the eurozone crisis – Wolfgang Münchau for the FT (£)

> Yesterday's Comment piece from David Davis: The Government should stop pretending that the current Euro should be preserved

"We'd like to see Mr Cameron vow to pull Britain out of the [ECHR] altogether. Why let unelected foreign judges run our country? If that upsets the lily-livered Lib Dems, too bad."The Sun Says

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Would Cameron withdraw Britain from the ECHR under a Conservative Government?

  • The EU must have the powers to stop member states like Hungary flouting basic values – FT leader (£)

Clegg hints Huhne may go if he is charged over speeding pointsIndependent

CableVince470Vince Cable is expected to sanction binding votes on executive awardsFT (£)

Block RBS boss's bonus, Ed Miliband challenges David Cameron – Telegraph

  • Britain will lose top executives if Cable acts unilaterally on top pay – John Cridland of the CBI for The Times (£)
  • Fred Goodwin and the Occupy crowd should take up Scouting – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Labour cuts own employees' pensions while attacking Coalition plans to do same

"Ed Miliband has been accused of hypocrisy for attacking the Government’s cuts to public sector pensions after it emerged that the Labour Party has slashed millions of pounds from the pensions of its own employees." – Times (£)

Parliament’s Treasury committee rejects Bank of England’s governance planFT (£)

Prescott John August 2011John Prescott may turn crime fighter as Humberside's elected police commissionerGuardian

"A wealth tax is even more destructive of the core principles of private property than an ultra-graduated income tax. It breaches the core principle that once someone has earned money (and paid tax on it) it is then theirs to keep." – Allister Heath in City AM

Less than a quarter of English voters think resources are shared equally with ScotlandGuardian

"Forty per cent of respondents said that they were first and foremost English, dwarfing the 16 per cent who prioritised their British over their English identity by more than two to one. This is the first time that more have identified themselves as English rather than British since similar surveys began in 1992." – Times (£)

  • "Devolution has unleashed nationalist movements.Devolution is not a stable settlement, but a constant series of demands for more" – John Redwood

The House of Lords is now so full that peers have to sit in the public gallery during busy debatesTelegraph

Resolution Foundation says 'squeezed middle' will not regain pre-recession earning power for eight yearsGuardian

And finally… Does voting in a church turn you into a Tory?

"A new study suggests that the kind of building your polling station is may well affect how you vote" – Guardian


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