5pm Ed Miliband's terrible start to 2012 is at the top of our 5pm newslinks

4pm ThinkTankCentral: The Legatum Institute strengthens team with series of appointments

3pm Local government: Free Wi-Fi on the way for Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea

2pm John Baron MP on Comment: We need clarity from the Prime Minister on Europe

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 12.50.581pm MEDIA:

12.30pm Local government: To slay the health and safety monster the "six pack" must go

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's newslinks focus on Rick Santorum's weaknesses but also praise from three of America's biggest columnists

LILICO ANDREW11.15am Columnist Andrew Lilico: Either the Fiscal Union Treaty can't use the institutions of the EU, or there has to be a referendum – there can be no third way

ToryDiary: Cameron's first big interview of 2012 focuses on nursing, the economy and the meaning of the EU veto

Columnist Bruce Anderson looks at the qualities of David Cameron's inner circle: I cannot think of a time when relationships at the top of the Conservative Party were so harmonious

David Merlin-Jones: The EU's flagship environmental policy is producing crime, corruption and profiteering

On Local government:


David Cameron wants nurses to make hourly ward rounds to checks patients are comfortableTelegraph

  • "Mr Cameron’s intervention follows growing concerns about frail and vulnerable patients, particularly the elderly, being left hungry and thirsty in soiled bedclothes because some nurses no longer see their profession as a vocation" – Daily Mail
  • "Friday's announcement is intended to mean nurses can focus on "patients not paperwork" while all hospitals will be expected to implement regular ward rounds "to systematically and routinely check that patients are comfortable, are properly fed and hydrated"." – Press Association
  • Cameron will tomorrow announce a “Nursing Forum” investigation to address concerns about care standards and patient safety – Nursing Times

Baby boom leads council to call for relaxation of small class sizes ruleGuardian

Gove's call for shorter school summer holiday is rejected by local authoritiesIndependent

LOUGHTON TIMChildren's minister Tim Loughton considers legal right for divorced mums and dads to see their childrenTelegraph

Transport minister Norman Baker to hold summit on faulty SatNav systemsBBC | Guardian

100 business leaders back HiSpeed Rail – Letter in The Daily Telegraph

Five of six Tory MPs on cross-party Lords reform committee back largely-elected Senate of 450 part-time legislatorsTimes (£) | Independent

"I cannot believe that anyone, no matter how opposed to the hereditary principle, really wants to turn the Lords into another House of Commons stuffed with full-time politicians with experience only of PR, corporate communications and policy making. An Upper House full of Ed Milibands, Nick Cleggs and David Camerons is the last thing we need." – Melissa Kite in the Daily Mail

Sarkozy wants Tobin tax on agenda of European summit in new clash with CameronFT (£)

  • The Tobin Tax is a "foul plot" to bankrupt Britain – Express leader

Leadsom Andrea"Andrea Leadsom led a chorus of Eurosceptics demanding the Prime Minister pull rank on his deputy Nick Clegg and take charge of the issue before the next election. Described as “The Iron Lady of Banking”, she is one of 120 Tory MPs in the Fresh Start group, which has drawn up a list of functions that should be handed back to the UK by the European Union." – Express

  • The €uro is causing high unemployment across Europe – John Redwood
  • Job vacancies are at their highest level for two years – Sun
  • 2012 might not be the economic catastrophe we'd feared – Allister Heath for City AM

Scottish Tories set out vision for futureHerald

  • The UK is "the most successful four-nation union the world has ever seen" – Frederick Forsyth in The Express

Vince Cable is considering plans to prevent executive directors from chairing the remuneration committees at other listed companiesFT (£)

Lib Dems lose three out of four of their voters

The Independent also reports that Vince Cable and Tim Farron are darlings of Lib Dem grassroots.

Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy tells Labour to accept some spending cuts

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 08.08.35"In a significant intervention in the internal debate on Labour's approach to the deficit, Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, said he rejected "shallow and temporary" populism and pledged to accept £5bn of the government's planned cuts in defence." – Guardian

Ed Miliband’s spin-doctor has launched a desperate bid to deny that the Labour leader is doomed

"A leaked ‘briefing note’ for Labour MPs, written by Tom Baldwin, Mr Miliband’s director of communications, insists that the comparison is ‘well wide of the mark’. And he even claimed that Mr Miliband has presided over the ‘best recovery of any opposition party’ ever." – Daily Mail

  • Independent cartoonist suggests it's time to assist Miliband to political death.
  •  Labour should consider moving to the Right of the Coalition on welfare – Mary Dejevsky in The Independent
  • Labour is right to rethink, but it could do with some of the US Republicans' fight – Martin Kettle in The Guardian

Abbott DianeMiliband rebukes Abbott for race gaffe on TwitterTimes (£)

  • Diane Abbott's tweet was "stupid and crass", says Nick Clegg – Telegraph
  • "Diane Abbott, Britain's first black woman MP, tweets that "white people love playing 'divide and rule'." What was her point? She blustered about being misunderstood. But what is there to misunderstand? She was making a racist remark, plain and simple." – The Sun Says

The Matt cartoonist on Diane Abbott: "Trust a woman to make a sweeping generalisation"

> On ConHome yesterday Paul Goodman argued Diane Abbott should be sacked, Robert Halfon MP urged us to avoid lynch mobs

Johnson Boris from websiteBoris Johnson reviewing the Iron Lady: Would ANYONE want to watch Gordon Brown, the movie?London Evening Standard

There IS a party that champions grammar schools, Mr Portillo – Nigel Farage in the Daily Mail champions UKIP's schools policy

Poverty, not colour, is the more menacing and basic dividing line in modern Britain – Fraser Nelson in The Telegraph

Republican voters want an idealist but the party establishment is reluctant to oblige – William Rees-Mogg for The Times (£)

And finally… Which silver screen star should replace David Cameron?

"The West Wing’s US President Josiah Bartlett has been voted the fictional head of state people would most like to see take over from David Cameron to run Britain… A less obvious choice was President Merkin Muffley, played by Peter Sellers in Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War black comedy Dr Strangelove, who earned 7 per cent of the vote in a poll of 1,515 people." – Scotsman


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