5pm Teatime newslinks: Cameron "has confidence" in Huhne, as decision on speeding fine gets closer

4pm MPsETC: Labour's Tom Harris MP tells the House what he had for breakfast

3pm Ali Crossley on Comment: If we want to tackle youth crime, we must be prepared to make greater efforts to understand its drivers

2.15pm Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

Boris31.30pm ToryDiary: Today's Boris interview in the Sun is a reminder of how effective his campaigning is

Noon ConservativeHomeUSA newslinks: Rick Perry leaves the race, as Newt Gingrich pulls ahead of Romney in S.C.

10.45am Local government:

10.30am Nadhim Zahawi MP on Comment: Border control must be settled by statistics, not spin

ToryDiary: Why Chris Grayling and Damian Green should have a word with Nick Boles

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Put Abu Qatada on a plane and send him to Jordan. If that provokes a political crisis, bring it on.

6a00d83451b31c69e20162ffe19575970d-500wiLord Ashcroft on Comment: My pledge of up to £5 million to support a new royal yacht for the nation in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year

Also on Comment: Lord Risby - Egypt waits for the Muslim Brotherhood – a country in suspended animation

MPsETC: "Sir Humphrey" recall proposals for MPs slammed by Douglas Carswell and Zac Goldsmith

Local Government:

WATCH: Jack Dromey apologises for accepting money from Unite whilst being an MP

Official figures reveal 370,000 migrants are claiming out-of-work benefits 

Damian_green "The analysis found there were 371,000 foreign-born claimants for out-of-work benefits, out of a total 5.5 million recipients. Of these, 258,000 were from outside the European Economic Area … People from outside the European Union can legally come to Britain to work, study or visit with a visa. If they stay for a certain period of time, marry or have children they can apply to remain permanently — after which they become eligible for state handouts. Asylum seekers can also be eligible for benefits" - Telegraph

  • More than £2billion in benefits is claimed by migrants - Daily Mail

Writing in the Telegraph, Chris Grayling and Damian Green accuse Labour of being too relaxed about immigration, leaving the system in a mess

  Grayling"Labour left our immigration system in a complete mess. Everyone could see that. Millions of people came through its open doors to the UK – sometimes in the backs of lorries, sometimes as students who never went home when their studies finished, sometimes as failed asylum seekers who were never asked to leave. Hundreds of thousands more came from Eastern Europe when the European Union expanded. Other countries erected temporary barriers to immediate migration. Britain did not – and saw a wave of people come here to find work" - Telegraph

In an interview with the Sun, Boris Johnson says young out-of-work Londoners should learn from foreign workers

The London Mayor said some young people are out of work because they lack the "energy and appetite" for it … he heralded the tens of thousands of foreigners working in the UK's hotels, coffee shops and fast food outlets as a shining example. Turning the anti-foreigners argument on its head, he said: "Look at Pret a Manger. If you've been to one recently, how many native Londoners served you? What's going on? London is a fantastic creator of jobs — but many of these jobs are going to people who don't originate in this country." - Sun

  • 'Cameron crown is safe from his old pal': In the same interview, he also rules out standing for Parliament in 2015 - Sun

Cameron promises "socially responsible and genuinely popular capitalism"

Cam5"In the third new year intervention by the main party leaders on what is being described as "responsible capitalism", the prime minister revived a signature theme of his time in opposition when he said he would preside over an era of "popular capitalism". "I want these difficult economic times to achieve more than just paying down the deficit and encouraging growth," he said. He also announced a co-operatives bill to give public sector workers a greater chance to create mutuals to deliver public services" - Guardian

  • Fraser Nelson: 'David Cameron is the only party leader who truly understands capitalism' - Telegraph
  • Michael Deacon: 'David Cameron's vision for a cuddlier capitalism' - Telegraph

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Former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin faces being stripped of his knighthood, after Cameron deems him unfit for the honour

Dailymail"The award is to be examined by a senior committee of civil servants with the power to revoke it. But the Prime Minister appeared to pre-empt Whitehall in disclosing the review, which is supposed to be non-political …The Honours Forfeiture Committee, which is chaired by Sir Bob Kerslake, head of the Home Civil Service, has yet to meet to discuss Sir Fred’s case … Such an inquiry should be triggered by the body that sponsored the original award, in this case the Scottish Executive. But neither No 10 nor the Cabinet Office were able to confirm that such a request had been made." - Times (£)

  • Both Cameron and Salmond welcome a review into Goodwin's knighthood - Scotsman
  • Ed Miliband admits it was wrong to give Goodwin the honour in the first place: "It was wrong to have given him the knighthood and it’s right that it should be revoked" - Daily Mail
  • Calls grow for Fred Goodwin's knighthood to be stripped - Sun

Tory MP Charlotte Leslie writing in the Times says the Working Time Directive has brought chaos to the NHS

Charlotteleslie"With the eurozone in crisis, this is surely not the time to obsess about preventing people from working. It should be a trigger for increasing productivity with more flexible labour markets. But the EU just doesn’t seem to get it. The Open Europe think-tank suggests a radical solution: to repatriate social policy through an opt-out of key parts of what was the social chapter, and a suspension of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over those areas. Yes, these are big, challenging steps. But if we want to protect our great NHS we can’t afford to wait for Europe. It’s a question of priorities: for the sake of patients, we need to act" - Times (£)

The British Crime Survey reveals there are 42 knife robberies a day, and violent crimes rose to 2.2millionSun

Nadine Dorries' sexual abstinence bill is to debated in Parliament today

Nadinedorries"The bill, proposed by Nadine Dorris, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, would requires chools to offer extra sex education classes to girls aged 13 to 16 and for these lessons to include advice on "the benefits of abstinence". In May, MPs voted 67 to 61, majority six, in favour of allowing Dorries to bring forward her bill. It is listed to receive its second reading on Friday morning, though it is unlikely to become law without government support." - Guardian

Osborne being given the task to preserve the Union between England and Scotland is "just bonkers", says Lord Steel Telegraph

Tory peer Lord Mackay of Clashfern says plans to charge single parents for access to the Child Support Agency are "utterly unfair"

"Lord Mackay said he opposed placing multiple “hurdles” in the way of parents trying to reach a financial agreement for the sake of the children they continue to look after. The peer’s comments will have considerable impact on his colleagues given his background as Lord Chancellor under Margaret Thatcher and John Major and the fact that he was instrumental in setting up the CSA in the first place" - Times (£)

  • Official figures reveal there are 2 million single parent families in the UK - Daily Mail

The Times reports that the Conservatives are trying to go back on a Coalition commitment which rules out second runways at Gatwick and Stansted Times (£)

  • Simon Jenkins: "Politicians are quick to sneer at complaints about HS2, but the tale of Boris's airport shows how hypocritical they are" - Guardian

As rhetoric with Argentina over the Falklands Islands intensifies, on a visit to Brazil, Hague calls for greater ties with Latin AmericaBBC

  • Con Couglin: 'Complacency over the Falklands could cost Britain dear' - Telegraph

Andrew_mitchell_1Andrew Mitchell admits that the Department for International Development (DFID) betrayed the name of an anti-corruption whistleblowerBBC

  • Dotun Oloko given Government apology - Guardian

Lobbyists, trade unions and pressure groups will all have to join an official register in plans to be announced by ministersTelegraph

MPs will consider a review of the benefits of moving the clocks forward. Supporters of the proposal say it would bring more jobs, lower electricity bills, fewer accidents, lower carbon emissions and less crimeGuardian

Two seperate explosions hit Derry in Northern IrelandGuardian


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