6.30pm Ben Rogers on Comment: Read David Lammy MP's book and make him an adviser on social justice

3.15pm WATCH: Grant Shapps promises jail for some tenants who profit from sub-letting social housing

3pm International: Australia's John Howard receives great honour from Queen

Warsi Sayeeda Sep 1112.45pm ToryDiary: Sayeeda Warsi attacks incompetence of Cable, Huhne and other Liberal Democrat ministers…

ToryDiary: John Redwood is ConservativeHome's backbencher of 2012

Tobias Ellwood MP on Comment: Goodbye 2011. History won't forget you.

MPsETC: 62% of John Bercow's interruptions are against Conservative MPs but only 47% of MPs are Tory

Local government: Government sets out strategy for local growth

Grant Shapps plans to make it criminal offence for council home tenants to sub-let

SHAPPS GRANT-1"Housing Minister Grant Shapps said: "For too long this country has turned a blind eye on the multi-billion pound problem of housing tenancy fraud and abuse. "This year the coalition is determined to end that scandal. Why should someone on a six-figure income enjoy a fantastically subsidised council rent, whilst those in real need languish on the waiting list?" – BBC

David Cameron 'to fall well short on immigration target'

"The study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggests net migration – the difference between those leaving the country and those coming here – will fall next year from 200,000 to around 180,000. However, that will leave the coalition still far away from the aim outlined by the Prime Minister – despite a battery of new restrictions on immigration which are coming into effect – with just two and half years to go until the next general election." – The Sunday Telegraph

Lansley orders experts to investigate faulty breast implantsBBC | Video

Internal Coalition tensions:

  • Sayeeda Warsi accuses Tim Farron of "slagging off" Coalition – Independent on Sunday
  • Clegg has demanded assurances from David Cameron that Jeremy Heywood, new Cabinet Secretary, will not be biased – Mail on Sunday
  • Cable refuses to back knighthood for Tory hedge fund millionaire who made money from fall of Northern Rock – Mail on Sunday
  • The Independent on Sunday urges Nick Clegg to clean up the honours system in 2012.
  • In the Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchens argues Clegg is the real power in this "liberal" government.

"David Cameron, despite the difficulties, had a decent 2011.  He handled our involvement in libya well and won respect when he ruled out the EU bid to bind Britain closer to the sinking euro and cripple the City of London."Sunday Express leader

Michael Portillo: "Cameron has little to offer except blood, toil, tears and sweat"


"In Britain, the government may have abandoned promising too much. But so far, Britons have been required to make fewer sacrifices than the Greeks, Irish or Spanish. It is not clear how we will react if obliged to cut much more deeply. Nor is it apparent that the government envisages making the radical changes in welfare and education that our lack of competitiveness demands." – Michael Portillo in The Sunday Times (£)

Cameron must find the words and deeds to convince a fretful, burdened nation that his plans amount to more than “managed decline” – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Drinks industry must resist David Cameron's meddling on prices – Kamal Ahmed for The Sunday Telegraph

Drop perilous NHS reforms, say leading health professionalsIndependent on Sunday

David Cameron must allow the Church to maintain a central role in public life – Michael Nazir-Ali in The Sunday Telegraph

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 11.07.59Labour turns on BBC over 'pro-Coalition coverage'

"The Observer has learned that Labour chiefs have written to the corporation raising concerns that its party spokesmen are not receiving their fair share of airtime at a time when they are neck and neck with the Tories in opinion polls." – The Observer

Beleaguered Ed Miliband is to make a bold bid to boost his flagging ratings by condemning the ‘evil’ of scroungers who refuse to workMail on Sunday

  • 'I think my worst habit is excessive seriousness': Ed Miliband on his image, why he'll be prime minister and the ongoing rift with his brother – Mail on Sunday

Can Ed Miliband improve in 2012?

Montgomerie Tim on This Week"Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome website, casts doubt on the notion that Ed can pull things round as Cameron did. He thinks Ed's problem is that he is just too "odd". "In 2007 Cameron only needed a course correction, he didn't need a personality transplant," Montgomerie says. "Miliband's problems are deeper. He can deal with his 'Red Ed' problem in 2012 by moving to a sensible policy on deficit reduction. His 'Odd Ed' problem is probably impossible to fix. Voters simply think he's weird. They can't close their eyes and imagine him on the steps of Number 10," he adds." – Observer

  • "A Conservative cabinet minister says only half-jokingly: “Keeping Ed Miliband in his job must be one of our biggest priorities this year.”" – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

The SNP plans to stage independence referendum on the anniversary of Bannockburn when nationalist fervour is running high

"While full independence is at present supported by only one in three Scots, a recent poll found this would rise to 65% if people believed it would make them £500 a year better off. Salmond is on course to amass a £4m independence campaign war chest boosted by a recent £1m donation from Colin and Chris Weir, Europe’s biggest lottery winners, who are ardent nationalists." – The Sunday Times (£)

"The SNP is planning to shame Labour into backing greater financial powers for Scotland by accusing the party of lining up with the Conservatives on the country’s constitutional future." – Scotland on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: New leader of Scotland's Tories, Ruth Davidson, says Alex Salmond is the "Agitator in Chief"

The euro won't collapse, Barack Obama won't lose the White House – and Labour's lumbered with Ed Miliband – Janet Daley fears not much will change in 2012 – The Sunday Telegraph

The Commission on Assisted Dying, chaired by Lord Falconer, will recommend legalisation of assisted suicideObserver


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