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ToryDiary: In three big decisions Clegg, Cameron and Miliband have each defined themselves

Bruce Anderson on our Columnists' page: Tory commentators ought to be embarrassed at their attacks on David Cameron. He knows what he's doing.


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Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Crimestoppers launches new anti-fraud initiative to combat identity theft

Cllr. Colin Barrow on Local Government: Westminster Council launches a Civic Contract

Also on Local Government: Hammersmith & Fulham to cut Council Tax by 3.75%

LISTEN: With overnight decisions being made over Europe and climate change, a Professor of sleep says "we should be sleeping at night, and not negotiating"

After days of €urosceptic elation at Cameron's EU Treaty veto, Clegg's comments labelling Britain as a "pygmy" nation signal a U-turn on his part, angering Tories and highlighting turmoil in the coalition 

Mail"On Friday morning the Liberal Democrat leader had declared himself supportive of Mr Cameron’s unexpected decision to veto the treaty because of concerns that it would damage the City. But after two days of Eurosceptic jubilation at the move, Mr Clegg felt unable to resist calls from within his party for him to denounce it … Clegg said using the veto was bad for Britain, leaving the country “hovering somewhere in the mid-Atlantic”. He warned Right-wing Tories who are urging the Prime Minister to lead Britain out of the EU that to do so would diminish the nation’s standing in the world. “A Britain that leaves the EU will be considered irrelevant by Washington and will be a pygmy in the world when I want us to stand tall in the world” - Telegraph

  • CleggguardianThe Mail describes Clegg's decision as "a flip-flop over €uro veto", putting the coalition "at war" - Daily Mail
  • Clegg vows to rebuild ties with Europe - Guardian
  • The "ideological chasm" between the Lib Dems and the Tories took 48 hours to open up, says Simon Heffer: "It is hardly surprising that Mr Clegg has reached breaking point. He is a fully-subscribed euro-obsessive, unable to see any wrong in the misjudgments, corruptions and idiocies of the EU" - Daily Mail
  • Telegraph View: "Clegg has had his arm twisted by ideologues in his ranks who would cheerfully have consigned Britain to the torments of the eurozone by making us join the single currency" - Telegraph
  • Nick Wood: If Clegg and the LIb Dems quit the coalition they would face electoral wipe-out - Daily Mail
  • Lord Owen accuses Cameron of revealing "the faultline in the coalition" - Independent
  • "The mood among the Liberal Democrats is as torrid as it was after they lost the referendum on electoral reform" says Mary-Ann Sieghart

> Yesterday 

Cameron will face MPs in Parliament later today, over his decision to veto the EU treaty (BBC). 57 per cent of voters back his decision

"In the first authoritative measure of the public mood since the Prime Minister stunned his EU counterparts in Brussels, almost six in ten people (57 per cent) declared that the Prime Minister was right to veto the proposals. Only 14 per cent opposed the move. Half of the Liberal Democrat voters at last year’s general election (49 per cent) agree with Mr Cameron’s decision, as does a greater proportion of Labour voters. This suggests that the two parties will find it hard to gain much public support for their critical stance" - Times (£)

  • CleggcamLib Dem agony as voters back veto - City A.M
  • Boris Johnson: 'We're right about the €uro – that's why Europe is angry - Telegraph
  • David Wighton: "The Prime Minister was right to try to protect the City but failing to secure concessions was a big mistake" - Times (£)
  • Norman Tebbit: "Willingly or unwillingly, the prime minister has now taken the first step towards a solution to the euro mess and a better European structure" - Guardian
  • Douglas Carswell MP: "When General de Gaulle vetoed Britain's application to join the European project, he declared that it was because when forced to choose between Europe and the open ocean, Britain always chose the open seas. He was right – and perhaps he understood our history better than we do ourselves" - Daily Mail
  • Brian Monteith: 'UK's visit to the isolation ward may be short term' - Scotsman
  • Andrew Grice: "Although the public might like his posturing now, I am not sure they would vote to withdraw from the EU" - Independent

… however neither Peter Mandelson or Alex Salmond (amongst others) are happy

  • Peter Mandeslson: "It is extraordinary that the prime minister should have set this fuse with such seeming casualness. In doing so, he put politics before economics" - Guardian
  • Salmond writes to Cameron accusing him of "damaging Scotland" in his veto - Scotsman
  • Jonathan Powell: "Britain will now be excluded from all decision-making on the key economic policies of Europe … We have also put ourselves in a position where we will be unable to influence other decisions that affect us" - FT (£)
  • Christine Ockrent: "My favourite English joke about fog in the Channel isolating the continent does not sound so funny any more. Since the last Brussels summit, Britain has become more insular than ever" - Guardian
  • Jackie Ashley asks whether Clegg and Miliband can come together on Europe – Guardian 

DId Cameron's veto avoid a "French trap?" Britain's self-imposed isolation is a "blessing" says Sarkozy's chief diplomatic adviser

Camsark"David Cameron's veto of a formal EU treaty in Brussels on Friday could therefore be seen as a "bénediction", or "blessing", Mr Levitte told the World Policy Conference in Vienna. It would short-circuit the need for laborious negotiations with Britain on a formal EU treaty. It would therefore make it possible for the other 26 EU countries to reach a looser "inter-governmental" agreement by March on rules to harmonise fiscal and economic policies and rebuild global confidence in the euro" - Independent

In Durban, a global deal has been struck on climate change, but will only come into force in 2020

"Final agreement on the exact terms of the treaty — its legal status and ambition — has been deferred until 2015 and it will come into force only after 2020. Environmental groups criticised the outcome as lacking ambition, but it is the first time that the world’s “big three” emitters — the US, India and China — have all accepted a legally enforceable agreement. Speaking shortly after the deal was finally struck in the early hours yesterday, Chris Huhne, the Climate Change Secretary, hailed it as a “significant step forward” that would deliver a global, overarching legal agreement to cut emissions" - Times (£)

  • Michael Jacobs: Hope at last at the Durban Conference on climate change - Guardian

> Yesterday ToryDiary: Chris Huhne's “Lord, make me chaste – but not yet" agreement

An over-reliance on wind farms could lead to an energy crisis, says a report by the Adam Smith Institute and Scientific Alliance

Turbinefire"A report by the Adam Smith Institute and the Scientific Alliance says that wind farms cannot meet the need for energy, leading to "a crisis by the middle of this decade. It estimates that five turbines would have to be put up every day to generate the Government's targeted amount of electricity from wind, which is championed by Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary" - Telegraph

Grammar school exspansion set to be implemented, without an increase in grammar schoolsTelegraph

Bahrain's king, Hamad al-Khalifa will hold talks with Cameron later today, in his first visit to the UK since the violent crackdown in the countryBBC

Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley uses Twitter to express regret at the "inappropriate behaviour by some guests at a stag party", where  friends allegedly chanted Nazi slogans and dressed up in SS uniformsGuardian

Margaret Thatcher approves plans for a state funeral at St. Pauls, but the public will be unable to pay their respects as she lies in state Daily Mail

The taxpayer foots a bill of £1,200 a month flying business class to conferences overseas Telegraph

And finally … David Cameron and Jonathan Agnew are to become patrons of a foundation in memory of Cameron's constituency chairman Christopher Shale, to build a cricket stadium in RwandaTelegraph


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