8.45pm ToryDiary: Help us design a special EU summit survey

7.15pm JP Floru on Comment: Middle England is fed up with tax, redistribution, and welfare, survey shows

6.15pm MPsETC: We should not aspire to the inequality of hereditary peerages as portrayed in Downton Abbey, says Eleanor Laing

Debois5.30pm MPsETC update: Nick de Bois wants Cameron to be a strong advocate for British business: "There is no reason we should have the rules and regulations regarding SME’s formed miles away by bureaucrats with no experience of the private sector."

5.15pm Alok Sharma MP on Comment: Voters in Feltham and Heston care about low interest rates

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks – including Owen Paterson and Boris Johnson's calls for a referendum on Europe, and more from today's PMQs and the European debate.

4.30pm John Glen MP on Comment: The real challenge of innovation lies within the NHS

3.45pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: "We need to be straight with our excellent friends, neighbours, and allies, as we have not been with them in the past.  We cannot participate in the Single European State.  We should not be holding it back." Britain’s refusal to renegotiate stands in the way of the success of the European Project

3pm Local government: 86% of us want to be home owners

2pm James Gray MP on Comment: My message to David Cameron – the countries that can't afford the €urozone should leave it

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 15.25.471.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron's referendum double whammy – 2) Whack! Now Boris piles more referendum pressure on Cameron

1pm ToryDiary: Cameron's referendum double whammy – 1) Pow! Paterson lines up with IDS on Europe as senior backbenchers press Cameron at PMQs

1pm WATCH: 

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.30am LeftWatch: Only 1 in 5 Labour voters would back Ed Miliband, according to a poll in The Sun

Pritchard_211.15am MPsETC update: Mark Pritchard MP says "the Conservative Parliamentary Party are rooting for the Prime Minister. We want him to have come back from Europe having secured powers back".

10.45am David T Breaker on Comment: A property owning democracy is central to being truly conservative

ToryDiary: Beware of the dark arts

Anthony Browne on our Columnists' page: National pay bargaining is already fraying at the edges

Mark Field MP on Comment: We may be no nearer to solving this economic crisis

Local Government:

WATCH: Claire Perry MP reveals that Ed Balls is Father Christmas

No mention of the repatriation of powers as Cameron writes on the Euro-summit in the Times

"Just as Germany and others have their requirements for treaty change to strengthen fiscal discipline, so Britain has its requirements for treaty change too. If we are changing the treaty that applies to all EU countries and allowing the eurozone countries to have new rules, it is also important that there are rules to keep the single market fair and open for key industries for Britain, including financial services" - Times (£)

  • Cameron refuses to sign a new EU treaty without "safeguards" for the City - Telegraph I Guardian
  • Kevin Maguire writes that Cameron "is prepared to die in a ditch to defend the banksters in the City of London who trashed the British economy" - Mirror

> Yesterday

Tory MPs, wishing for Cameron to "seize the moment" and loosen Britain's ties with the EU, will be disappointed however

Cam"The article offers the first glimpse of how he intends to approach the negotiations that some in the Conservative Partysay will define his term as Prime Minister. Mr Cameron, caught between his Eurosceptic MPs, his Liberal Democrat coalition partners and a Franco-German axis threatening to forge ahead without Britain if necessary, insisted that no one should mistake his positioning “for any lack of steel” - Times (£)

  • Toby Young: 'Will Cameron's tough talk be enough to quell a backbench rebellion?' - Telegraph
  • In "sticking his neck out and telling the Prime Minister that he is duty-bound to give Britain a referendum on the EU", Peter Hill says IDS is "shaping up as a top bloke now" after having "flopped" as Tory leader - Express
  • 'Cameron must arm himself with Mrs T's handbag' - Express

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: 

Ken Clarke dismisses repatriating powers, saying Britain to concentrate on maintaining the "financial stabily of the Western world"

Clarke"The veteran pro-European minister said it would be a distraction to try to open up discussions about the “wider structures of the union” and that the priority should be on helping single currency countries to resolve their crisis. Mr Clarke said he did not expect any powers to be repatriated from Brussels to London as a result of the summit – another demand of many Tory MPs: “No, we’re not going to renegotiate any transfers of powers, in my opinion.” - FT

  • Clarke rejects EU power grab call - BBC
  • Ken Clarke has broken ranks with Cameron on Europe - Huffington Post
  • Jack Straw: 'The arrogance of €urozone elites could kill the European Union' - Telegraph

“It’s a joke. Don’t tell David Cameron I said that” – Sarkozy takes a swipe at Cameron saying that young French expats will return to France due to London's high taxesTimes (£)

Andrew Lansley will announce 60 steps to restore faith in the NHS today

Lansley"These include a commitment to preventing unnecessary early deaths, a pledge to enhance the quality of life for people with long-term conditions and a drive to ensure that people have a positive experience when using the health service. If the new standards are achieved, 24,000 early deaths a year could be prevented from cancer and other long-term conditions, Mr Lansley believes" - Telegraph

Bell Pottinger executives "claimed they could guarantee access to Vince Cable and the Foreign Office"

They "claimed they could arrange meetings with the special adviser to Vince Cable as the best way to get to the "cantankerous" Business Secretary; Told the reporters that Bell Pottinger had close relations with a Foreign Office minister, Alistair Burt, a Business minister and the chairman of the Defence Select Committee; Told clients not to give money to political parties because it was "becoming counter-productive" - Independent

  • "How lobbyists' tentacles spread throughout the Government" - Independent
  • Steve Richards: "Sometimes lobbyists provide a fast-track route to ministers. Whether government policies change as a result is much harder to measure" - Independent
  • Bell Pottinger boss, Lord Bell, defends Cameron in lobbying row - Guardian
  • Matthew Norman: "Do unethical lobbyists feel any pain at the dirty, seedy role they play in politics?" - Independent

Home Office report warns that foreign criminals could be going under the radar, because police only background check 1 in 7 Telegraph I Daily Mail

Simon Jenkins says that Ken Clarke should reform the law on murder, saying that he "has been mugged four times already in the dark alley that passes for law reform" 

"He gets no support from his leader, his colleagues, his party, the opposition or the media. They hurl at him the hobgoblins of prejudice, fear, conservatism, vindictiveness and xenophobia, supported by the ghouls of Fleet Street. In reply, Clarke can deploy only common sense and public opinion, and in penal policy they hardly raise a squeak" - Guardian

Cameron shouldn't be scared to ask pensioners to accept a little bit less in benefits, says Benedict Brogan

"The Deputy Prime Minister has spotted that for austerity to be credible, its burden must be seen to be shared equally. The challenge for the Coalition, and specifically the Tories, is that the public might soon notice that it isn’t. But I bet pensioners and baby boomers will be among the first to realise that they are being spared when their children and grandchildren are suffering" - Telegraph

Britain's support for the unemployed, and tax rises to assist public funding, fallsTimes (£)

George Osborne and Ed Balls give a pantomine-like Treasury questions debate Telegraph

  • OsborneEd Balls stole his facial expressions from the Beano and the Dandy, says Simon Hoggart - Guardian
  • Osborne's "broadening girth and that diminishing of his youthfulness is not entirely to be scorned" says Quentin Letts: "It undermines those who try to belittle Mr Osborne as a lightweight. It gives the onetime boy a bit of ballast" - Daily Mail

Shop price inflation falls to lowest for a year – BBC

Nick Clegg is under pressure from within his own party to water down the Government's planning reforms Telegraph

Paula Radcliffe attacks the Government's "frivolous" decision to spend an extra £41million on opening ceremonies, saying it would be better used elsewhere Daily Mail

British Airways boss, Willie Walsh, says the airline will cut back on hiring due to the planned 8% rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD) BBC

Committee on Climate Change urges the Government to expand wood-burning technolgies to meet greenhouse gas targets Guardian

A YouGov poll in the Sun is bad news for Ed Miliband, with 4 in 5 Labour voters thinking that he's not doing a good enough jobSun

The Labour-led Welsh Government in Wales get their first budget passed with Lib Dem support Guardian

SNP say that Scotland Bill will speed up transport plans Times (£)

And finally … Tory MP Eleanor Laing, uses Downton Abbey to demonstrate the need to end denying hereditary peerages to women

  Laing"Eleanor Laing, says Downton Abbey has made clear what happens when there is no direct male heir in such a family: "Downton Abbey illustrates very well the problems that have occurred in such families for hundreds of years," she said. "Surely now is the time to address that. The House of Lords should look at the issue of male primogeniture. Most people find it intolerable for a man to take precedence over a woman in our parliamentary system." In Downton Abbey the Earl of Grantham has three daughters – but they do not inherit his title which instead goes to his nephew" - BBC


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