8.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron sets out in his EU Treaty strategy in article for tomorrow's Times

8.15pm WATCH: Cameron says he'll agree to EU Treaty if he gets "safeguards". He doesn't mention repatriation.

7.15pm WATCH: Cameron praises the "courage, professionalism and dedication" of 120 service personnel who served in Libya

Camclegg6.15pm ToryDiary: David Cameron tells Cabinet that an EU referendum would tear Coalition apart

5.45pm WATCH:

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks – including the Bell Pottinger lobbying controversy, the latest developments in the €urozone crisis, and reaction to a new EU treaty.

3.30pm MPsETC: A motion seeking to prevent ministers leaking policy before addressing Parliament is defeated

3pm MPsETC update: Andrea Leadsom MP says "the UK delegation should not be bashful about fighting our corner" at Friday's EU summit

2.30pm JP Floru on Comment: Income inequality is desirable

Raab12.30pm MPsETC: Raab's proposed motion demanding a review of the extradition treaty between the UK and US, is backed by MPs

12.15pm WATCH: Vince Cable: Britain's interests would be harmed if we were marginalised from European decision making

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am Christopher Howarth on Comment: Why David Cameron should seek a UK emergency brake over EU financial laws

ToryDiary: IDS, Gove and Pickles top Cabinet league table

ToryDiary: Don't treat us as "congenital idiots", Mr Cameron. Mail, Telegraph and Sun warn PM over Europe.

Stewart Jackson MP on Comment: The Government cannot afford another "cast iron guarantee" moment

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: The Ed Miliband question

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 08.12.13

Local government: Westminster Council to finally clear Parliament Square protest camp?

Also on Local government: Cllr Lee Rowley of Westminster City Council, says extending parking charges in the West End is necessary to ease congestion

David Cameron has been Tory leader for six years

"Today, David Cameron celebrates his 6th anniversary as Tory leader. Even before reaching this milestone, Cameron had already surpassed half his predecessors since 1945 (Anthony Eden, Alec Douglas-Home, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard). This time next year, he will have overtaken two more (John Major and Harold Macmillan)." – NottsPolitics

Cameron backs Clegg and rules out idea of EU referendum

"The Prime Minister slapped down a call by Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, for the British public to be given a vote on the new EU treaty being shaped by Germany and France. Instead, he backed Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, who has ruled out a referendum." – Independent

"Conservative wounds over Europe were exposed after the Prime Minister ruled out holding a referendum on the outcome and signalled that he would not push for a repatriation of powers from Brussels to London in the looming round of negotiations. Tory MPs said that Mr Cameron was wrong on both counts as they drew up battle lines for a collision that threatens to destabilise the coalition." – The Times (£)

  • Tories at war with David Cameron over EU treaty – The Sun
  • Cameron insists any treaty changes in Europe will not come at the expense of Britain's national interest and called for more competitiveness across the Eurozone – Telegraph
  • The Prime Minister’s vacillation over Europe reveals he is a manager but not a great leader – Iain Martin in The Telegraph
  • "The UK may need to review its relationship with the EU, but that time is not now." – FT leader (£)


> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: Cameron set to deny the British people a vote on huge and imminent changes to the EU Club

David Cameron must resist populist pressure to drape the City in a Union flag. Instead, the prime minister should encourage European colleagues to recognise that the City – a global centre with a critical mass of people and technology – is a precious European asset." – Jo Johnson MP in the FT (£)

Brussels threatens to impose swingeing fines on Britain over Chris Grayling’s refusal to hand out billions of pounds in welfare benefits to foreignersExpress

  • A TV channel for the European Parliament watched by just 830 viewers a day is costing £7million a year – The Sun

Hague: Afghanistan will receive economic support from the UK for a decade after the withdrawal of its troopsBBC

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Hague says Afghanistan has a "bright future", with or without the Taliban at the discussion table

The Prime Minister has recognised the importance of the pharmaceutical industry with the Government's new £180 million 'Catalyst' programmeTelegraph leader

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Willetts: It's time to join up the research lab and the NHS ward

David Cameron has been challenged to campaign in the Feltham and Heston by-election after Ed Miliband had stumped for the Labour candidateTelegraph

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith was last night attacked for using a reference to Auschwitz to criticise popular newspapersDaily Mail

Quoted by The Guardian: "If the only way a business can stay afloat is by engaging in immoral or unethical behaviour then that business should change its model or go out of business," he said. "Nobody said, for example, that Auschwitz should have been kept open because it created jobs. This is just a non-argument."

Dominic Raab's motion calling for reform of Britain's extradition laws was passed without a division

DAVIS FORMAL"Former shadow home secretary David Davis also told MPs he believed the "draconian" extradition systems with the US were unfair, with the Americans receiving more suspects from Britain than it extradites to the UK. "Between 2003 and 2009 there were 63 extraditions to the USA. Of those, precisely one was a terrorist," Mr Davis said." – BBC

  • "The UK needs a better deal on extradition. Too much power has been given away by past Parliaments. It is good to see this one trying to reclaim some." – John Redwood

Bid to give Speaker power to stop ministers leaking defeated by 119 votes to 228Independent

  • From its feisty Speaker to its emboldened backbenchers, Parliament has finally shed the duck-house doldrums – Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£)

Lib Dems unhappy with planning law…

"A confidential Lib Dem report, seen by The Independent, shows that the party's MPs and peers have rejected as "unacceptable" the proposal to rewrite the planning regulations to include "a presumption in favour of sustainable development"".

Ashdownea…while Paddy Ashdown backs Tobin taxThe Independent

Nick Clegg's right: It's time to start means-testing pensioners, we must focus on young people looking for work – John Kampfner in The Guardian

  • An OECD report says the rich-poor gap has widened across the developed world, but grown especially fast in the UK – Guardian leader
  • "The single biggest political punt taken by Cameron and Osborne has been to fiercely protect spend on the older generation at the cost of hitting working-age families with children." – James Plunkett for the Huffington Post
  • "Capitalism represents the interests of the rich, whereas the market represents the interests of the poor. Let’s hear it for the market as the antidote to capitalism." – Matt Ridley in The Times (£)

Balls Ed seriousLabour must set tough fiscal rules to regain the public’s trust on the economy – Ed Balls in The Times (£)

Former Met Chief Lord Stevens is launching a review of policing at the request of the Labour partyBBC

Ken Livingstone can't deliver his promise to cut London transport fares by 7% – Andrew Gilligan for The Telegraph

Rising Olympic security and transport costs have created “a real risk” that London 2012’s £9.3bn budget may be breachedFT (£)

Rioting is the choice of young people with nothing to lose – Rowan Williams in The Guardian

  • Common sense is turned on its head as the Left finds its usual excuses for the thugs who ran riot in London, Manchester and Birmingham – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph

Bell Pottinger executives are filmed boasting of their ability to influence CameronTelegraph

"A leading lobbying company has been secretly taped claiming to be able to directly influence David Cameron and other senior government figures. Executives from public affairs firm Bell Pottinger boasted to undercover reporters about their access to the Prime Minister, Chancellor George Osborne, Mr Cameron's policy chief Steve Hilton and Downing Street chief of staff Ed Llewellyn." – Press Association

And finally… Cameron reveals his preference for EastEnders over the Archers in Radio Times interview and declares…

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 08.30.35

“I am more of the Dirty Den generation”!

The PM also prefers Frozen Planet over Top Gear and wants a TV in his bedroom for Christmas – Mirror


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