7pm WATCH: Five minute BBC Politics Show report on elected police chiefs and directly-elected mayors

3.15pm ToryDiary: 'Vote for an EU referendum and you'll plunge Britain's economy into chaos'

1.30pm WATCH: Nick Clegg promises to end 'you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours' executive pay deals

1.30pm Matt Sinclair on Comment responds to Andrew Lilico on state pensions

ToryDiary: Green groups should look beyond Osborne's rhetoric and admire Huhne's deeds

Columnist Ruth Lea: Merkel's prescription is not enough to prevent the €uro being torn apart

RAABDominic Raab MP on Comment: Tomorrow night, MPs can put extradition reform on the agenda

MPsETC: MPs set to give the Speaker powers to punish ministers who leak policy announcements to the media

Local government: Shapps hits back at BBC/Dromey over housing statistics and Call for Ed Miliband to repudiate Labour councillor's offensive tweet

WATCH: UKIP's Nigel Farage tells BBC News that UK is very different from other EU economies

WATCH: Herman Cain announces end of his presidential campaign

Three polls overnight…

  • ICM giving the Conservatives a 2% lead (38/36/14) – Sunday Telegraph
  • BPIX giving Labour a 5% lead (36/41/11) – Mail on Sunday
  • YouGov for The Sunday Times gives Labour an 8% lead (43/35/9) – YouGov

Cameron supports a new separate offence of driving while under the influence of drugs

"Police officers are to get roadside drug-testing kits as a matter of urgency after David Cameron admitted the Government had been slow to act to make Britain's roads safer." – Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: 46% of Tory members want a proper war on drugs; 39% want some form of decriminalisation

Iain Duncan Smith has vowed to reverse George Osborne’s huge benefits hike

Duncan Smith September 2011 470

"The work and pensions secretary is furious with the chancellor for announcing in last week’s autumn statement a 5.2% rise in jobseeker’s allowance and income support while freezing tax credits for those in work. He argued that increasing handouts for the unemployed while failing to raise working tax credits to compensate for rises in the cost of living risked seriously undermining his campaign to get more people into work." – The Sunday Times (£)

DORRIES ON QTIn the Mail on Sunday (scroll halfway down page) Nadine Dorries questions the 5.2% increase in benefits: "Instead of taking their quota of the misery, the long-term unemployed are being allowed to escape the austerity drive, and funds the country does not have are being squandered on a childcare policy nobody has asked for."

"The Liberal Democrats claim the problems arise because savings have to be found in the welfare budget, and Cameron and Osborne won’t touch those benefits that go to well-off pensioners. But there’s little doubt that the decision to increase benefits while freezing working tax credit undermines the Coalition’s claim to be on the side of those who work hard and play by the rules." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

  • The Camerons spent £6,312 on their kitchen table, the Smiths £50. Jane Merrick, Chris Stevenson and Matt Chorley meet the 'squeezed middle' – Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The future of compassionate conservatism

"Osborne’s statement was easily the most bleak speech by a government minister I have heard since I started writing about politics – and was all the better for that. Its greatest asset was its candour" – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Andrew Rawnsley concludes that the continuation of cuts beyond the next election has made the prospect of a Lib/Lab pact more remoteThe Observer

  • Tim Farron MP, Lib Dem President, won't be happy at that prospect. This is what he tells the Independent on Sunday: "There are people who like the idea of coalition in abstract but, in practice, how could we possibly go in with the Tories? My reaction is generally that I need daily counselling to cope with it."

Mervyn King under fire for gloomy talk

Field Mark Oct 11"Mark Field, MP for Cities of London and Westminster, said: “The role of the governor of the Bank of England is to provide reassurance to the markets, not the opposite. It is not his job to up the ante.” – The Sunday Times (£)

Private health firms could be given access to anonymous NHS patient records and other NHS data, under plans to be unveiled by David CameronBBC

Justine Greening considers £500 million extra for HS2 to build 1.5 mile tunnel under ChilternsBBC

  • "Two leading transport economists, Chris Castles and David Parish, say benefits [of HS2] to the taxpayer could be as little as half the £34 billion costs, leaving ministers with an £8.5 billion gap in finances, which could only be filled by raising tax or cutting spending elsewhere." – The Sunday Telegraph

Chris Huhne plans 32,000 more wind turbinesThe Sunday Times (£)

Huhne Chris C4"Renewable energy technology is in its infancy. Huge breakthroughs in solar, wave and other renewables will be made in the coming years. Mr Huhne envisages a “technology race” in the 2020s with the cheapest winning. It is important that the race is not fixed before it starts. The current generation of wind farms may quickly become outdated and remain as expensive reminders of a rush to invest." – Sunday Times leader (£)

"The UK has spent more than £600 million on securing an international agreement on climate change and promoting green technologies in developing countries since April 2006" – The Sunday Telegraph

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 07.08.09Two sets of green groups condemn Coalition's environmental record

"The attack – backed by organisations including the RSPB and the Campaign to Protect Rural England – is a significant embarrassment for David Cameron who claimed at the last election that his would be the "greenest government ever"." – Observer | Text of letters

  • If the UK is going to opt out of green discussions, people should know that the coalition is betraying its promise to be eco-friendly – Charles Glover in The Sunday Times (£)
  • Cameron's pledges on global warming were only hot air – Caroline Flint MP in the Independent on Sunday

Christopher Booker: The EU/ climate change parallels

Eu-green"The reasons why a European single currency could not work without a massive transfer of resources from richer countries to poorer ones were clearly laid out more than 30 years ago, when the MacDougall report was presented to the Commission in 1978. And the reasons why the Copenhagen treaty was never going to happen were obvious even before Kyoto in 1997 – when China, India and other developing countries made it clear that there could be no treaty on global warming unless its economic burden was carried by the developed nations of the West." – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Open Europe to seek protection for City in EU Treaty changesSunday Express

  • "The chaos caused by the euro is not of our making. We cannot afford to waste our precious funds on any more mistakes made in Brussels. The people of Britain want political power returned to Westminster, any proposal to further harm Britain’s interests on Friday must be tested by the long promised but cynically denied referendum." – Sunday Express leader
  • "If our allies are determined to keep it, we can’t stop them. But it is beyond belief that we should be investing, not just political capital, but actual capital in a currency that is worsening Europe’s economic crisis. We are paying for the privilege of impoverishing our trading partners." – Dan Hannan in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Mrs Merkel will never permit the European Central Bank to bail out all those feckless southern Europeans who mystifyingly refuse to behave like Germans" – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Michael Gove expects National Music Plan to survive budget cuts to curriculumObserver

Russians will use Olympics to flood Britain with spies, claims Liam FoxMail on Sunday

Tory MP Bob Stewart clashes with Tory whip Michael Fabricant about 'shambolic' Tory by-election campaignMail on Sunday

Coalition has more Special Advisors than LabourIndependent on Sunday

Backing Coalition, Labour's Lord Hutton sees "urgency" for public sector pension dealBBC

Miliband David QTLabour must engage on the high ground – that's our route back to government – David Miliband in The Observer

Revolt over PM's £4k pay cut for ministers: Cameron tells Cabinet to pay 50% more to keep gold-plated pensionsMail on Sunday

David Cameron is an "arrogant toff" says Sally BercowThe Sunday Times (£)

Charity pressures councils over million empty homesBBC

The demonisation of the disabled is being fostered by politicians and journalists – Ian Birrell in The Observer

Lady Thatcher's private secretary has expressed concern at the way a film about the former prime minister begins by showing her with dementiaBBC

"Tory MPs have accused George Osborne of disparaging Margaret Thatcher’s record by suggesting her ‘Iron Lady’ reputation for always sticking to her guns is a myth. The Chancellor reportedly challenged her economic record in a private meeting with Conservative MPs who claimed the Coalition was losing its nerve in the battle to slash spending." – Mail on Sunday


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