9.30pm ToryDiary: Chris Huhne's “Lord, make me chaste – but not yet" agreement

CleggCamMerk6pm ToryDiary: The three things Cameron should do next on Europe

5.15pm WATCH: "We’re not marginalised" in Europe after EU Treaty veto, says William Hague

3.30pm Cameron Watt on Comment: The under-occupation penalty in the Welfare Reform Bill won't tackle benefit dependency, and could lead to higher spending

1pm MPsETC: Agreeing with IDS, Nick de Bois MP says the "celebrity culture" of the X Factor is distorting the realistic ambitions of young people

11am WATCH: Nick Clegg: "I am bitterly disappointed by the outcome of last week's [EU] summit"


ToryDiary: Clegg blames Cameron's "diplomatic ineptitude" for outcome of EU talks while Ashdown attacks PM's "unwise lecturing" of €uro leaders

Columnist Ruth Lea: Cameron’s veto was a giant step towards a looser relationship with the EU

BerryJake Berry MP on Comment: To build a fairer society benefits must become a “hand up” not a “hand out”

Local government: 83 more schools applied to be academies in November – including one in Heston

WATCH: Channel 4 News discusses the failure of the latest climate change talks

62% agree with the Prime Minister’s defiant veto, with just 19% againstMail on Sunday | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

"Some people doubted that we really meant our commitment always to stand up for the British people. They now have their answer." – William Hague in The Sunday Telegraph

Has Clegg licensed his aides to attack Cameron in the Sunday newspapers?

  • "Nick Clegg is furious that David Cameron has relegated Britain to being the "lonely man of Europe", as the Prime Minister's dramatic decision to walk away from a eurozone deal threatens the future of the coalition. Despite publicly backing Mr Cameron for seeking "modest" safeguards for Britain, Mr Clegg is privately seething at Mr Cameron's diplomatic ineptitude and his "spectacular failure" to negotiate properly in Brussels." – Independent on Sunday
  • "Just 24 hours after appearing to back Cameron, sources close to Clegg made clear that the deputy prime minister believed the PM had been guilty of serious negotiating failures that risked damaging the national interest, British jobs and economic growth." – Observer
  • "Initially Mr Clegg said the coalition government was united in its position. But now sources close to him have confirmed that he "doesn't think this is a good deal for Britain". Mr Clegg "couldn't believe it", they said, when he was told the summit in Brussels had "spectacularly unravelled"." – BBC

Cameron didn't phone Lib Dem leader to warn him about historic vetoMail on Sunday

Vince Cable has torn into David Cameron’s handling of the EU summit, saying he has sacrificed Britain’s national interestsThe Sunday Times (£)

AshdowneaPaddy Ashdown blames Cameron for Treaty outcome

"Mr Cameron's "asks" were rejected, not because they were too great – but because it was he who made them. No other British prime minister of recent years would have had difficulty getting this package through. This was Gallic pay-back time for all that unwise Cameron lecturing – and sometimes worse – from the sidelines these last months." – Lord Ashdown in The Observer

  • A leader in The Observer agrees: "Cameron has allowed his relationships with Sarkozy and Merkel to deteriorate to such an extent that he could not read the signals hinting that they would give him nothing. He seems to have failed to develop the personal relationships with Europe's leaders that might have encouraged a willingness to accommodate Britain's wishes. There are alarming signs that he lacks the emotional intelligence that a first-order statesman needs if they are to take a seat at the table of political history – forming alliances, building support, accruing political capital, nudging, cajoling."
  • The Sunday Express wonders if Cameron's jokes about Sarkozy's height prompted the breakdown in relations.

CLARKE-KEN-dark-shirtKen Clarke also brooding at EU outcome

  • "The Justice Secretary, a long-standing champion of Brussels, threw down the gauntlet in an astonishing interview in which he described the veto as ‘disappointing, surprising’ and ‘a strange turn of events’. Menacingly for Mr Cameron, Mr Clarke said he would be ‘sitting there listening’ when the Prime Minister briefs the Commons tomorrow." – Mail on Sunday
  • "Clarke said he had been discussing the result with “some of the people who took part”.
    He told BBC Radio Nottingham: “It’s a disappointing, very surprising outcome. There will be a big statement made by the Prime Minister on Monday when I shall be sitting listening, and I shall be discussing what we are going to do now.”" – The Sunday Telegraph

Daley-Janet-black-backgrounThe Sunday columnists give their verdict

  • "We jumped off a bus that was hurtling toward a brick wall." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • "It might not be too long before Mr Cameron – on the back of a renegotiation with the EU – starts warming to the idea of an early election." – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph
  • Ignore the Eurosceptic cheers. It may turn out to have been wise to step away from the heat as the euro begins to meltdown – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday
  • "Cameron now has to lay out a consistent strategy for defending British interests outside what has been called “this suicide pact”." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)
  • "Sarkozy’s refusal to countenance Britain’s six modest demands regarding financial services has persuaded the Coalition that he  is determined to hurt the City of London. One Treasury source says: ‘We’re not paranoid. They really are out to get us.’" – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Britain has been left more bereft of allies on its own continent than at any time since it joined what became the European Union in 1973 – perhaps more isolated than at any time since 1945. Forget talk of a two-speed Europe. What we have now is a three-speed Europe with Britain left stranded on the hard shoulder." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

John Redwood: Europe now know Britain will not be pushed around

"In at least one important respect we are in better position today than last week. The EU now knows that this Prime Minister can say “No”. The EU has got used to dealing with weak previous governments under Blair and Brown, who always were willing in the end to rub out a red line or allow a UK national interest to be damaged in the interests of a deal… The EU now knows that this PM might veto, and could veto again. That changes the game a bit." – John Redwood

Douglas Carswell: Let's trade with the whole world

Carswell Douglas PS"Outside the moribund West, the world is witnessing an explosion of wealth creation. Indeed, the economic take-off in China, India, Mexico, Brazil and east Asia today is perhaps without any precedent in human history. We could be part of it if we would only detach ourselves from sclerotic Euroland." – Douglas Carswell MP in the Mail on Sunday

"The more Britain distances itself from the EU the more this country can concentrate on shifting the economy’s centre of gravity in line with the shifting axis of global economic power. Being locked into a slow growing and sclerotic Europe is an unappetising future for the 21st century. Mr Cameron is not yet talking of Britain outside the EU, yet that could be ultimate logic of this momentous parting of the ways." – The Sunday Times leader (£)

Sir Humphrey will already be fighting this with every fibre of his being – Dan Hannan in the Mail on Sunday

Could David Cameron have done anything other than walk away from a new EU treaty?Bagehot

The Democratic Unionist Party set to hold EU referendum debate in Commons on TuesdaySunday Express

Eric Pickles says a hard core of problem families is costing the taxpayer £9bn a year

PICKLES ERIC 2009"This week David Cameron will unveil the latest attempt to tackle the deep-seated problems that blight parts of the country, mainly in inner-city areas. For the first time the Government will give a definition of a "troubled family", comprising seven factors, including having a low income, no one in the family working, having poor housing and parents having no qualifications." – Independent on Sunday

Michael Gove scraps limits on grammar school growthObserver

Government to launch online "good care guide" to allow family members to rate and review care homes and providersBBC

UN climate talks have closed with an agreement that the chair said had "saved tomorrow, today"BBC

UKIP level-pegging with Lib Dems in Feltham and Heston by-election

Scroll down this Mail on Sunday page for more on the poll.

Tom Harris said Labour was "in deep trouble" as he effectively ruled himself out of the running in the Scottish Labour leadership contestScotland on Sunday

Meryl Streep knows about making it in a man’s world and she will definitely be up for an Oscar for her Margaret ThatcherThe Sunday Times (£)

Greening Justine August 2011And finally… Justine Greening sends five page letter to her Department, setting out how to write letters

"The report, leaked to The Mail on Sunday, lists in excruciatingly pedantic detail the pet grammatical hates of Ms Greening and her fellow Transport Ministers. Ms Greening, 42, appointed to the Cabinet in October, does not approve of adverbs or abbreviations, her nine-point guide reveals…" – Mail on Sunday


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