9.30pm ToryDiary: 62% say Cameron was right to use the veto. Only 19% disagree.

6.15pm ToryDiary: By two-to-one Tory members think €uro should break up in orderly way

5.30pm WATCH: Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies: "I think David Cameron has let us down very, very badly"

HESELTINE-MICHAEL-NN3.45pm MPsETC: Tory MPs react to Cameron's EU veto (Rolling Blog) Lord Heseltine sounds welcoming towards Cameron's veto: "the Prime Minister secured the objectives, the two objectives that he had"

3pm LeftWatch: Ed Miliband missing from Feltham and Heston by-election leaflets

12.30pm LeftWatch: Lib Dem MEP says it will serve City right if UK's banks suffer from EU veto

12.15pm MPsETC: Tory MPs react to Cameron's EU veto (Rolling Blog) John Redwood said: "I think we are in touch with the mood of the country, where the polls show that about four out of five people agree with us that we want less Europe."

6a00d83451b31c69e20154381e5cc4970c10.15am WATCH: George Osborne: "We're not exiting the European Union. We are actually protecting the European Union"

10am ToryDiary: The BBC reports the story of the boy who told the Emperor he had no clothes

Eu BBC-megaphoneToryDiary: Cameron enjoys his best ever newspaper coverage but the BBC is spinning for Brussels

MPsETC update:

VIDEO: Clegg backs Cameron on EU outcome but warns Tory Eurosceptics against celebrating

Christopher Pincher MP on Comment: Localising pay bargaining would bring public sector wages in line with the private sector, and economic reality

TheChuksMPsETC: Conservatives emphasise rise in state pension and tough knife crime policies in the Feltham and Heston by-election

Local government: Labour-run council passes anti strike motion and Free school planned for Oxford with extended hours

Cameron meets thirty Tory MPs after Treaty veto

"David Cameron has met Conservative backbenchers amid the fallout from his veto of an EU treaty change aimed at tackling the eurozone crisis. About 30 MPs, said to be from all sides of the party, visited his official country residence on Friday night. One Eurosceptic MP – Andrew Rosindell – said the PM had been "very relaxed" and the mood "extremely positive"." – BBC

Tory reaction to the veto

  • "The Prime Minister's veto was welcomed by jubilant Conservative eurosceptics as a first step towards looser UK relations with the EU, or even withdrawal. One Tory MP hailed him for showing the "bulldog spirit"." – Express
  • David Cameron took a decisive step to distance Britain from the European Union on Friday as he became the first prime minister to veto a new EU treaty – Telegraph
  • Eurosceptics claim door is now open for a referendum on EU membership – Scotsman

> Yesterday's ConHome rolling blog covering Tory reaction

How Cameron became mouse that roared on a trying nightThe Times (£) has an hour-by-hour guide to Cameron's negotiations with other EU leaders

The centre right press gives Cameron his best ever newspaper coverage

  • "In a display of enormous political courage, David Cameron yesterday finally said no to the European elite – vetoing plans for a treaty that included an EU-wide tax on financial transactions, which would have badly hobbled the City of London." – Daily Mail leader
  • "We asked David Cameron to act like Churchill and stand up for Britain. And he did.
    The Prime Minister deserves credit for blocking an EU stitch-up over the euro that would have damaged Britain. For once he had fire in his belly. Now he must show he has more. Because, like Churchill, he faces a long war of attrition as 26 of the 27 EU nations go one way and we go another." – The Sun Says
  • "Yesterday French President Nicolas Sarkozy declined to shake the hand of David Cameron after he refused to accept a plan to give Brussels the power to levy an EU­ wide financial transactions tax. Well Mr Cameron can rest assured that back in his own country many people – including readers of the Daily Express – will be queueing up to shake his hand. For his conduct of these negotiations has been admirable." – Express leader
  • "Europe has pushed us to the limits of our national interest, and beyond. In finally making that clear, the Prime Minister has done his country an invaluable service." – Telegraph leader 
  • The Prime Minister was left with no option but to exercise the British veto in Brussels – Times leader (£)

Leaders in the FT (£), Independent and Guardian are negative.

Reaction from leading commentators

  • "Today I salute Mr Cameron" – Simon Heffer in the Daily Mail
  • After a feat close to genius, David Cameron’s status is now as high as it has ever been – Peter Oborne in The Telegraph
  • "Mr Cameron has been brave – braver, in a sense, than any previous prime minister." – Charles Moore in The Telegraph celebrates Cameron becoming the first PM to use the veto.
  • "Brave and astute, David Cameron has regained his authority and kept the coalition and his party together" – Matthew Parris in The Times (£)
  • "Mr Cameron has shown that he is the man to trust with the national interest" – Stephen Pollard in the Daily Express
  • "The PM has time on his side. Polls are certain to show massive support. Europe now looms as the decisive issue at the next election. He is suddenly the Lucky General, blessed with a red hot issue — and an unelectable opponent." – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 08.22.24One commentator in the right-wing press who isn't getting carried away is Tom Newton-Dunn in The Sun: "Let's be honest, the only reason our petrified PM pulled the veto was because he had to. Eurosceptic Tory ministers and MPs made it clear they wouldn't allow the stitch-up treaty through the Commons."

From the Left:

  • Conservatives and Europe: divorce was always on the cards – Michael White in The Guardian
  • Britain has become more Swiss, but most of Europe's gone German – Timothy Garton-Ash in The Guardian

AshdowneaPaddy Ashdown says Cameron has let Tory Eurosceptics hijack his policiesTimes (£)

  • "Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott said: “It’s a black day for Britain in Europe.” MEP Chris Davies accused Mr Cameron of “betraying Britain”. He said: “Far from keeping Britain strong, Cameron has ensured that we will lose our influence at the top table.” And Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood blamed Tory Euroscepticism for leaving the UK facing a “worst-case scenario” of isolation in Europe." – Express
  • More Lib Dem reaction in the FT (£) and The Independent

Ed Miliband challenges Lib Dems to oppose Cameron on EU

"Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister and leader of the unashamedly pro-European Liberal Democrats, said before the summit that the key aim was to do "everything we can to avoid a great big split in the European Union" because that would be "bad for jobs and growth in this country". Can Clegg really look his party – or the country – in the eye and say this has not now happened? It is time for him and Liberal Democrats to ask whether this is really what they came into politics for." – The Labour leader in The Guardian

  • Times leader (£): "Ed Miliband reacted to the announcement with the lack of seriousness that is, unfortunately, becoming a signature tune. It was hardly rising to the moment to choose to tweet a response — 140 characters, and no character."

David Miliband slams isolation of Britain

"David Miliband, who served as foreign secretary in the last Labour government, lamented an outcome that will leave Britain voluntarily locked out of treaty talks that will involve 23 of the EU's 27 states. The UK had "jumped into a rowing boat" next to a "supertanker", he said. "That is weakness not strength."" – Guardian

But is Britain really isolated?


The Guardian notes that the "Chuks" group may survive: "It may be, in the words of one British diplomat, a "crap acronym", but the UK is now a founding member of the "Chuks" – joining the Czechs, Hungarians and Swedes in refusing to join from the outset the 23 other EU states preparing to endorse a new treaty to save the euro. Unlike the Brics, this may turn out to be a short-lived grouping, as the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden said after its birth they would consult their national parliaments on joining. Diplomats said it was unlikely the Czechs and Swedes would join, and question marks remain over the Hungarians."

"If you're not at the table, you're on the menu"The Independent worries at impact on City of isolation.

"Graeme Leach, chief economist at the Institute of Directors, said the prime minister was right to reject a treaty change because he was “ultimately going to have to agree to something down the line which was going to be very damaging to the City of London”. But David Watt, the IoD’s executive director in Scotland, said: “What happens if Britain becomes potentially a second-tier nation in Europe, which takes a massive amount of exports from Scottish companies? It is a very real concern.” – FT (£)

“Auf Wiedersehen, England!”The Scotsman reviews European press reaction.

And let's not forget the deal that the Eurozone members did sign…

"Eurozone nations have insisted they will press ahead with plans to create a controversial pact over key tax and budget issues to tackle Europe’s mounting debt crisis in a move that will create a deep rift with the UK. The European Union (EU) said yesterday 26 of its 27 member states will agree a deal for tougher economic sanctions and restoring market credibility and stability." – Scotsman

IDS: Dysfunctional celebrity culture contributed to summer's riots

DUNCAN SMITH DECEMBER 07"A "get rich quick" celebrity culture exemplified by The X Factor and the dysfunctional lives of footballers has created a society "out of balance", the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, says today in an interview surveying Britain after the summer riots." – Guardian

"A scandal over apparent collusion between teachers and examiners to improve exam results has raised fears that competition between examination boards is fuelling “a race to the bottom” in British education standards"FT (£)

Ruth Davidson will give Scottish Tory members a vote in party policy – Alan Cochrane in The Telegraph

Rupert Murdoch met David Cameron at Downing Street twice during BSkyB bidGuardian

UN climate talks heading to "deal" but with no specific emission commitmentsBBC

Huhne Oct 2011"Climate talks hung in the balance last night with Britain pushing for a global deal to cut emissions in poorer countries which would cost British taxpayers £6billion. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne told world leaders to commit to binding targets for greenhouse gases to keep global warming within 2'C by the end of the century." – Daily Mail

Top taxman forced to resign as head of HMRC after catalogue of disastersDaily Mail

Empathy has fled the inner city, and it’s time for me to follow – Graeme Archer in The Telegraph on why he's leaving Hackney

And finally… David Cameron's Christmas card has royal wedding theme…

Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 07.03.27

The Daily Mail has images of the other leaders' Christmas cards.


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