9pm WATCH: Cameron: The NHS' "default setting" will be using patients' data for research

7pm Columnist Anthony Browne: It is in our interest to quietly support the cause of EU treaty renegotiations

Cameron_merkel_2_2 (1)5.15pm ToryDiary: Cameron set to deny the British people a vote on huge and imminent changes to the EU Club

5.15pm MPsETC: MPs' reaction to today's news of a new EU treaty to restore confidence in the €urozone

5.15pm WATCH: Bernard Jenkin MP & Nahdhim Zahawi MP discuss the UK's relationship with the EU with Andrew Neil

5pm Philip Booth on Comment:  No case for Plan B – lessons from the Great Depression for the Great Recession

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks – including Merkozy's new set of reforms to restore confidence in the €uro, more on the €urozone crisis, and Cameron's announcement to boost the medical research industry.

Screen shot 2011-12-05 at ToryDiary: Hague says Afghanistan has a "bright future", with or without the Taliban at the discussion table

2pm Nick Pickles on Comment: The Government's NHS proposals do little to address privacy concerns

12.30pm MPsETC: Andrew Bridgen MP discovers that Labour spent £5 million of taxpayers' money on preparations to join the €uro

Noon ToryDiary: Willetts: It's time to join up the research lab and the NHS ward

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am ToryDiary: Egypt's result reminds us why we need Edmund Burke no less than Margaret Thatcher

Hodgson10am Fiona Hodgson on Comment: Women's rights in Afghanistan are not negotiable

ToryDiary: The £30 billion question: What should we cut next?

Bruce Anderson on our Columnists' page: If you believe fiscal union would work, you must also believe in Santa Claus

Andrew Bridgen MP on Comment: A concrete plan to deal with EU health and safety regulations

Local Government: 

WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith: "Work will still pay better than benefits on the balance of things"

Cameron will announce plans for patients to received new drugs before they have completed clinical trails

Cam"The new licensing system will provide access to the latest treatments for life-threatening conditions such as cancer up to a year earlier than at present. Patients with limited treatment options will benefit from the scheme, which will boost Britain’s life sciences industry by allowing the companies that develop innovative medicines to profit from their discoveries more quickly. The initiative, which will go out for public consultation, is part of a package of measures designed to make pharmaceuticals a cornerstone of economic growth, and to ensure that British medical advances are exploited in the UK and not overseas" - Times (£)

  • Cameron eyes NHS-life sciences partnership - BBC
  • There are warnings about patient privacy with plans to share medical records with drugs companies - Daily Mail
  • NHS plan 'is the death of patient privacy' - Sun
  • Labour accuse Cameron of putting up large parts of the NHS for sale - Guardian
  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: 'Don't be fooled. We're not all in this together' - Independent

David Willetts MP: 'We know how to help smart scientific ideas make the leap from the lab to the world outside'

 "We have great biotech and pharmaceutical companies and the NHS still has an enviable reputation. These are great assets, but we do not make the most of them. We must tear down the barriers that stop them working together so that we become the location of choice for the life science companies of the future. Then we can deliver better healthcare and sustainable growth" - Times (£)

Cameron must give the UK a referendum on Europe, says IDS

Ids"Duncan Smith piled the pressure on Cameron saying: ‘The Prime Minister has always said if there is major treaty change … we would have a referendum, and he has never shied away from that … If there are substantial changes that affect Britain’s position, he would go for a referendum because that’s what we said to the British public we would do" - Daily Mail I Telegraph

  • Coalition unity in the Cabinet threatened by differing views of an EU referendum from Clegg and IDS - Guardian
  • Leo McKinstry: 'This time Britainmust finally have an EU referendum' - Express
  • Chris Heaton-Harris MP: 'Now is the time to forge a new relationship with Europe' - Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: 'Vote for an EU referendum and you'll plunge Britain's economy into chaos'

Thinktank Open Europe says Cameron should use any treaty change to seek a UK “emergency brake” on European Union regulation

“There is a growing divergence between the UK’s economic interests and the slew of regulations coming from Europe,” said Mats Persson, Open Europe’s director. “The eurozone is likely to develop into an increasingly dominant force and push its own agenda.” Mr Perrson said the City could find itself unable to stop damaging legislation, such as short selling bans, by 2014 if the government did not act quickly" - FT

  • MPs, thinktanks and industry groups urge Cameron to do more to protect the City- City A.M

Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy will hold crucial €urozone crisis talks

Eu_flag"The talks between the leaders of Germany and France are hoped to tie together a financial rescue package of up to €2 trillion (£1.3 trillion), via the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), ahead of a final summit of all European leaders on Friday" - Telegraph

  • Merkel will attempt to persuade Sarkozy to "accept her demands for automatic penalties to be imposed on rule-breaking states by the European Court of Justice" - Times (£)
  • Bill Emmott: "Chancellor Merkel’s ‘stability union’ is an eminently Thatcherite idea. But it won’t end the eurozone crisis" - Times (£)
  • Wolfgang Münchau: 'France and Germany look set to fudge it yet again' - FT
  • Italy unveils a package of painful austerity measures - Guardian
  • Monti promises that the “multitude of sacrifices” he was implementing in his “Save Italy” decree would also be used to promote economic growth by reducing the cost of labour - FT
  • Irish PM warns of a tough budget this week, but says he is optimistic for Ireland's future in a televised address - Guardian

> Yesterday Columnist Ruth Lea: Merkel's prescription is not enough to prevent the €uro being torn apart

TV channel for the European Parliament labelled "an expensive joke" after costing £7million a year with only 830 viewers per daySun

Ahead of a crucial debate led by Dominc Raab MP on extradition laws, there are rumours that the Government is under pressure  from the U.S embassy to prevent the motion being passed

Raab"Rumours continue to swirl that Downing Street – under huge pressure from the U.S. Embassy – might attempt a secret operation to prevent the motion being passed. Officially, Number Ten says it is relaxed about the outcome and that MPs can vote with their conscience. But ministers and their aides – including supporters of Mr McKinnon – have been quietly tapped on the shoulder and instructed to vote against the motion. It is hoped that a large turnout of Tory, Lib Dem and Labour MPs in the Commons will scare them off trying to sabotage the vote" - Daily Mail

  • Daily Mail Comment: Cameron should fulfil his promise, and have the integrity to stand up for Gary McKinnon - Daily Mail
  • Baroness Helena Kennedy QC: "Let's hope our own parliamentary representatives will be as bold now that they have a chance, finally, to vote for greater protection for British citizens" - Guardian
  • US Ambassador in London, Louis Susman: 'US – UK extradition treaty is fair and balanced' - Telegraph

> Yesterday Dominic Raab MP on Comment: Tomorrow night, MPs can put extradition reform on the agenda

MPs will vote today on whether Speaker should be able to punish Ministers who leak announcements to the media BBC

Boris Johnson: 'The gospel of Clarkson puts bread on the tables of Britain'

"Until we come up with a better idea, it is the consumerist free-market economy that offers the best hope of generating the taxes that enable us to pay for pensions, welfare and everything else. In that respect Clarkson is not only the king of automotive consumerism; he is helping to pay for the public sector" - Telegraph

Clegg calls for pensioners' benefits to be means tested

Clegg"Liberal Democrat ministers pushed for the means-testing of universal benefits to be announced in last week’s Autumn Statement, but were rebuffed by their Tory Coalition partners. Conservative ministers are understood to be “dead set” against any move to water down universal benefits for fear of a popular backlash. Mr Clegg, however, said that he would continue to make the case for richer pensioners to sacrifice their benefits" - Telegraph

The Government is urged to rethink plan to charge single parents fees to obtain child maintenance payments from ex-partnersIndependent

In the same interview, Clegg also said that he Government will announce proposals in January to "get tough" on excessive boardroom pay

"Recent figures showed executive pay at Britain's biggest firms rose 50 per cent in the last year, taking the average pay for a FTSE 100 director to just short of £2.7m. These are a "real slap in the face" for workers, many of whom are enduring a pay freeze, Mr Clegg told the BBC. He said there must be greater transparency in pay awards" - Telegraph

SNP plans closer ties with Scandinavia after independence from the UKIndependent

Britain's most senior commander in Afghanistan says the UK had made "an investment in blood" in the country, and should not turn its back now Guardian

A joint study between the Guardian and the LSE suggests that widespread anger and frustration at the police's engagement in communities, was a major factor in the summer riots Guardian


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