5.15pm MPsETC: Tory MPs react to Cameron's EU veto (Rolling Blog) Mark Pritchard MP said: "the unintended consequence of these negotiations is that it seems more, not less likely that there will be an EU referendum on the UK's relationship with the EU within this Parliament"

5pm Teatime newslinks – featuring Conservative reaction to Cameron's EU veto, details of what Cameron was actually asking for, and why the Lib Dems aren't kicking up a fuss, for now

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at VIDEO reactions from all the parties:

3.30pm Columnist Anthony Browne: The creation of a 26-member Fiscal Union will make it much harder for Britain to stay in the European Union

3.15pm Local Government: Council byelection results from yesterday

3pm Matthew Hancock MP on Comment: With turmoil in the Eurozone, it has never been more important to increase trade with emerging markets

Cable Vince interview3pm WATCH: Vince Cable insists that both Tories and Lib Dems are committed to continuing membership of EU

2.45pm Local government: Should Council bureaucrats be obliged to wear bowler hats?

1.45pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: A few questions about our new European arrangements

1.30pm MPsETC: Tory MPs react to Cameron's EU veto (Rolling Blog)

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at WATCH: Europe is the bomb in the Tory living room says Tim Montgomerie in video for BBC's This Week

1pm Bernard Jenkin MP on Comment: The EU was free to try to resolve the Euro crisis without clobbering the City of London

12.15pm ToryDiary: Is Cameron ready to ban the 'European 17' (or whatever we should call it) from using EU buildings?

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am John Baron MP on Comment: The Prime Minister must seize the moment and recast our relationship with the EU forever

CONSERVATIVE_rosette10am ToryDiary: Cameron's big opportunity to bring the Conservative family together

10am WATCH: William Hague says Cameron retains "excellent working relationships" with Merkel and Sarkozy despite Treaty failure

9am Columnist Anthony Browne: France and Germany could have had their treaty, but they wanted control of the City instead

8.45am MPsETC: Rolling record of Tory MPs' comments on new EU Treaty - John Redwood said: "Orderly but rapid break up would be the least cost option. It would liberate the countries allowed out"

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 07.59.36

ToryDiary: After Europe says no to Britain's modest demands, Cameron says no to Europe

WATCH: David Cameron explains why he vetoed EU-wide Treaty to form fiscal union

Elphickec_2Charlie Elphicke MP on Comment: David Cameron stands strong on Europe

Lee Rotherham on Comment: The TaxPayers' Alliance sets out how to repatriate powers from Brussels

Columnist Andrew Lilico: For a tolerant society to work, we all need thick enough skins

MPsETC: Andrew Mitchell, Damian Green and Graham Brady join the Feltham and Heston by-election campaign

Local government: Newham starts "sex snoop list" of visitors to Council flats


Britain blocks EU-wide deal to form new fiscal union

"David Cameron has refused to join an EU financial crisis accord after 10 hours of negotiations in Brussels. Mr Cameron said it was not in Britain's interest "so I didn't sign up to it". But France's President Sarkozy said his "unacceptable" demands for exemptions over financial services blocked the chance of a full treaty." – BBC | Guardian

  • "In a press conference given just after 5am, the Prime Minister insisted that any new treaty to hand economic powers to Brussels was 'not going to be a treaty that Britain is signed up to.'" – Daily Mail

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden may stay out of new pact but at least six non-€urozone members will join the 17FT (£)

Meanwhile Mario Draghi of European Central Bank rejects 'big bazooka interventions'

"With the ECB’s big bazooka still held in reserve, the burden of restoring credibility in the eurozone will fall more heavily on member states themselves. That effectively means deeper austerity in low-growth countries such as Italy and Spain. Yet unless states in the eurozone’s core are also prepared to do their bit, there is a danger that the result will merely be lower growth and lower revenues." – FT leader (£)

OSBORNE GEORGE NWGeorge Osborne warns euro collapse would cause 'enormous damage' to UK economyTelegraph

  • Independent estimates being discussed by the Treasury suggest that a disorderly breakup of the euro could trigger a 7 per cent contraction in GDP, equivalent to a £100 billion hit to the economy – Times (£)

More than 80% of Tories say they want Cameron to offer a referendum on EU treatyDaily Mail

"The old Tory divide between pro-Europeans and sceptics has disappeared. Nowadays the only serious competition is between hardline eurosceptics – who want a referendum on the EU and repatriation of powers from Brussels – and a more moderate faction, including Mr Cameron, who believe the immediate priority is saving the eurozone." – FT (£)

Fraser Nelson: Cameron is becoming a technocrat

"When Cameron was elected, he looked as if he might rank among the great European leaders, in the mould of Adenauer and Thatcher, who transform rather than simply govern their countries.Yet in office, his reforming zeal is quickly evaporating – supplanted by a depressing preference for the safest option. For those who had such high hopes for his premiership, it is tragic to watch." – Fraser Nelson for The Telegraph

Curb bonuses or face tougher regulation, Osborne tells banksDaily Mail

Potentially splitting the public sector unions, Coalition announces an "improved" offer on NHS pensionsBBC

"Ministers moved to split the union movement yesterday by announcing that more than half a million NHS workers will not need to pay more into their pensions next year, but those earning more than £26,000 will have to make up the difference." – Independent

Eric Pickles is right to say councils must hold a referendum before raising council taxes by over 3.5%Telegraph leader

Pickles"Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, angered local authority chiefs by announcing that any council setting an increase over this amount would trigger a local referendum. If more than 50 per cent of the population opposed the increase, the council would be forced to reverse the decision." – Times (£)

> Yesterday's Local government: Any Council Tax rises over 3.5% will trigger a referendum

In the rush for revenue, exam standards have been driven down and learning in schools devalued – Martin Stephens in The Telegraph

  • The disturbing new evidence of corruption within Britain’s exam system is a betrayal of every child, parent, educationalist and business alike – Daily Mail leader
  • "Most good teachers would prefer to minimise the hurdle of the exam for as long as possible. They want to range beyond the realm of the required syllabus, igniting a love of the subject for its own sake. But the instinct to allow students to explore in this way increasingly sits in tension with the ever more insistent nature of testing." – Clarissa Farr in The Times (£)

Grammar schools 'should look for bright pupils in poor homes'Independent

Ministers have spent over £1bn on armoured vehicles but only delivered a small proportion of those needed by the armed forces, according to a damning report by a cross-party committee of MPsFT (£)

Cameron considering acceleration of UK exit from AfghanistanGuardian

The UK Border Agency says "tighter controls" will be introduced to stop some Eurostar passengers being able to enter the UK without passport checksBBC

The British public doesn't want David Cameron's big society: opinion has lurched to the right and people don't want the government to make society fairer – Alexander Chancellor in The Guardian


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