9pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: The key table from the Autumn Statement

8.45pm WATCH: William Hague: We hold the Iranian Government responsible for failing to protect our embassy

8pm Nadine Dorries MP on Comment: More tax breaks for carers are needed to help improve childcare provision

George_freeman_portrait6.30pm George Freeman MP on Comment: We need new models of funding for infrastructure to unlock new sources of finance and for growth

6.15pm ToryDiary: Reacting to storming of British Embassy in Iran, William Hague promises "consequences"

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks – George Osborne's Autumn Statement

3.45pm ThinkTankCentral: Reactions to Autumn Statement from ASI, IEA, TPA and Reform

3pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: Osborne's Autumn Statement is a message that he is going to miss his deficit reduction target

Osthatcher2.45pm ToryDiary: We needed Osborne to be Thatcher today, but he was Brown

2.15pm Michael Robb on Comment: Autumn Statement plays to the electoral base

2pm WATCH: 

1.30pm WATCH: George Osborne opens his Autumn Statement: "Whatever it takes" will be done to protect Britain, as Europe heads towards recession

12.30pm ToryDiary: George Osborne's Autumn Statement announcements

Noon ToryDiary: Why this afternoon's autumn statement scarcely matters

Elephant shieldNoon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.45 WATCH:

11am Local government: Labour councillors pledge to join picket lines

10am Margot James MP on Comment: What room does the UK have for improving the quality of public services in the present economic outlook?

10am WATCH: Cameron: "World AIDS Day is about reflection, action, and hope"

ToryDiary: Can you think of any measures in Osborne's Autumn Statement that Gordon Brown couldn't have announced?

DavisDavid Davis MP on Comment: The Government must go for growth: If it doesn’t take bold action, the economy will flounder

MPsETC: "Without a healthy environment we don't have an economy, we don't have a future" says Zac Goldsmith MP

Local Government: Ending the "obsession with demoliton" of Prescott's Pathfinders

WATCH: Michael Gove calls on teachers to rethink strike plans

Osborne will announce more than 250,000 free nursery places in the Autumn Statement

Mail"At present, all three and four-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours of nursery education for 38 weeks of the year. The new scheme, which is designed to appeal to women voters who may have felt neglected by the Coalition, will extend the entitlement to about 260,000 two year-olds. As well as helping mothers to return to work at least part-time, the move is aimed at narrowing Britain’s growing social divide" - Telegraph

The Chancellor will use the Autumn Statement today to declare that he is still on course to eliminate the deficit 

"Osborne will move to reassure the markets that he remains in control of the British economy when he declares that he is still on course to eliminate the structural budget deficit after a projected £21.5bn fall in Britain's borrowing costs. He will hail the lower borrowing costs as a sign of how he has protected Britain from the global sovereign debt storm that is currently focused on the eurozone" - Guardian

  • Simon Heffer offers George Osborne a ten-point plan to help boost growth - Daily Mail
  • Will Osborne pull any rabbits out of the hat? - Telegraph
  • 'In dip trouble' - The Sun
  • The Daily Mail list some of the other measures expected today - Daily Mail
  • Rachel Sylvester: "As usual with the master strategist [Osborne], this will be a deeply political statement, designed to neutralise Labour’s attempt to win over the “squeezed middle” - Times (£)

Osborne> Yesterday

Osborne's statement comes at a time when the OECD announces that weak growth has caused a £50billion black hole in the deficit reduction programme

"The collapse in growth will trigger a fresh surge in unemployment next year, now forecast to peak at 9.1pc in 2013 – far above the current 8.3pc and putting another 400,000 workers out of a job, on top of the 2.62m already unemployed. The bleak outlook threatens to overshadow the package of measures to help lift the economy George Osborne will unveil" - Telegraph

"The chancellor will have to confirm that the economy is well off course – that growth will be much lower and borrowing much higher than he planned. It won't matter that the forecasters and the pundits have long predicted this. The sight and sound of George Osborne reading out figures – described as "shocking" by some who've seen them – and the reaction of the House of Commons, will drive home to many people the sheer scale of the economic challenge the country now faces." – Nick Robinson

A £300million plus package of tax breaks will be announced by Osborne to stimulate investment in small businessesGuardian

Proposals for an airport in the Thames Estuary will be among 40 new projects spelt out by the Chancellor today

Boris"George Osborne will raise hopes of a new multi-runway airport in the Thames Estuary today when he commits the Government to a global hub in the South East. The proposal, championed by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, and the architect Lord Foster of Thames Bank, will receive full consideration next year, the Chancellor will say, as he vows to lay the foundations for Britain’s future beyond the eurozone crisis" - Times (£)

  • Steve Richards: "Osborne's focus on infrastructure projects is the right one, but its success will depend on scale and speed. However he chooses to present his contortion, in reality Osborne risks being too Scrooge rather than another Santa Claus breaking free of his chains" - Independent
  • British Airways boss, Willie Walsh, attacks Cameron for having "no policy for aviation" and over taxing the industry - Guardian

Danny Alexander cancels plans to develop carbon capture technology in Scotland, diverting £1bn set aside to other projectsTimes (£)

£50million is being offered by the Chancellor to save sleeper trains from London to ScotlandGuardian

Maria Miller MP will announce that the Government will reverse its decision to scrap the transport allowance for 80,000 people in residential homesTimes (£)

The state of polling on the economy

  • ComRes poll in the Independent suggests the public, and even Tory voters, want Osborne to boost the economy with a Plan B - Independent
  • YouGov's Peter Kellner suggests that even in this economic climate, public support for the Government isn't as low as it could be: "One might have expected a marked rise in public disenchantment with the government. It hasn't happened … the Conservatives continue to win the argument that they are cleaning up a mess they inherited" - Huffington Post

Research by Nicholas Watt suggests Osborne is viewed with suspicion by many Tory MPs, and admiration by othersGuardian

The real George Osborne – Andy Beckett's extended profile in The Guardian

What are Labour saying on the economy? What should they be saying?

  • Mary Riddell: 'While George Osborne triggers Plan S for Splurge, Ed Miliband must beware Plan D for Dither' - Telegraph
  • John Harris: Britain's economy needs a big push but the Tories can only nudge - Guardian
  • "If you try to cut spending and raise taxes too far and too fast, you risk making things worse, not better", says Ed Balls - Mirror

The €urozone crisis has cost Britain up to £15billion, says Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King

Kingmervyn"Sir Mervyn said: "Growth has been revised down by over one percentage point. The bulk of that can be attributed directly or indirectly to the changing in perception of the circumstances in the euro area – directly through exports from the UK to the eurozone, indirectly through lower asset prices and lower wealth and funding costs to our banks" - Telegraph

Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the TSC:  King's comments "made clear that the bulk of loss of economic growth is attributable to eurozone instability. This reinforces the need to re-orientate exports away from a weak European market to stronger demand in emerging markets"- Telegraph

  • OECD warns that Britain will be back in recession this winter - Guardian

> Yesterday Columnist Anthony Browne: The financial transaction tax will be a tipping point for many British people

The underdogs in the pension debate are actually those who work in the private sector, says Dominic Lawson

"In fact, if there is a class divide within the employment market, the underdogs are definitely not the public sector. As the most recent official figures from the Office of National Statistics show, the median gross weekly pay in the private sector was £465, compared with £539 in the public sector. That growing gulf is a reflection of the fact that defined benefit pension plans are all but extinct in the private sector, but still available across the board in the public sector" - Independent

  • Gove blames strike action on "militants itching for a fight" - Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: No Goldilocks moment as Government veers from appeasement to confrontation with unions

After a poll boost for Boris Johnson, Peter McKay says "Boris has the skills when it comes to sniffing out voter sentiment"Daily Mail

Head of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, warns that the taxpayer will not save any money from the decision to scrap Britain's aircraft carriersTimes (£) I Guardian

Consumerism and police failures to blame for the Summer riotsTelegraph

  • 'How police abandoned streets to riot mobs: Officers 'gave impression of surrender' - Daily Mail

Former Northern Ireland Secretary, Peter Hain, has been warned by Police that his computer may have been hacked by private detectivesGuardian

John Bercow unveils his new coat of arms – including a ladder to represent his journey upwards, and pink triangles to promote the cause of gay rightsGuardian

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 08.32.24

Full picture of the arms.


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