9pm WATCH: Alex Salmond: "I support independence, but I also support the choices of people in Scotland"

3.30pm Peter Cuthbertson on Comment: Review – What the Immigrant Saw by JP Floru

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news


Dd11am David Davies MP on Comment: Leave the St Paul's protesters in their tents – clearing them would cause more trouble than it's worth

ToryDiary: By two-to-one voters are against any back door bailout of €urozone with UK taxes

Columnist Ruth Lea: Without fiscal union the Euro will surely die

Baroness Berridge on Comment: Would the Prime Minster please silence Tim Montgomerie… and set up a Department of External Relations?

Local government: New Forest District Council asks Government to scrap emissions targets

WATCH: Justine Greening pays tribute to "heroism" of the emergency services who attended M5 horror crash

Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson to meet Cameron to discuss EU policy

Duncan Smith On Marr"The quiet man is turning up the volume. Tomorrow, Iain Duncan Smith will meet with David Cameron to talk about Europe. Duncan Smith is going with the Cabinet's other leading Eurosceptic, his former political secretary Owen Paterson. The pair can be expected to push for a clearer lead on Europe from the Prime Minister. This is a sign that former Maastricht rebel Duncan Smith, who since his return to frontline politics last year has been solely focused on his welfare-reform agenda, is once more engaging with the European issue." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

By 55% to 26% voters tell YouGov that British taxpayers' money should NOT be used to save EurozoneYouGov

Britain faces new isolation threat from eurozone 'caucus'

"The document seen by The Sunday Telegraph shows that under changes already agreed to in the Lisbon Treaty, eurozone countries voting as a "caucus" will have a permanent in-built majority in the EU's Council of Ministers – its main decision-making body – from November 2014. Britain will be unable to block a plethora of new laws even it if it joins together with other countries not in the eurozone – risking severe damage, in particular, to the City of London." – The Sunday Telegraph

  • Merkel predicts it will take more than 10 years before the eurozone is in a better position following the economic crisis – Sunday Times (£)
  • If the single currency survives, it may not be long before a serious politician calls for Britain to leave the EU – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Daley-Janet-black-backgrounThe decline of democracy in Europe

  • "The Greeks have been given a brutal lesson and the Italians a firm warning. Welcome to post-democratic Europe. What an irony that the rise of freedom in the Middle East – the Arab Spring – should coincide with the acceptance of its decline in the West. (The European Autumn?) Is this going to be the big story of the 21st century? Not just the West’s loss of economic dominance to the East, but the wilful dismantling of its political inheritance?" – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • "As nation states have survived more than five decades of euro-bombast, so supra-national politicians are finding themselves increasingly at odds with what might be called “referendal” politics. Direct democracy, plebiscites, e-petitions, the “Occupy” protests around the world, even the culture of phone voting in television shows: it is here that the impetus and the energy lie, uncoordinated and multidirectional though the phenomenon may be." – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph
  • "In crucial areas of government policy that help determine prosperity, living standards, inflation rates, returns on savings, jobs, and business success, the level of public sector spending and borrowing, the Euro scheme takes most of the decisions away from democratic debate." – John Redwood
  • The failure of the G20 summit has dramatically advertised the incapacity of the political elite to rise to the crisis – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Patrick Hennessy: Osborne can get the Coalition back on track with his Autumn Statement

OSBORNE-GEORGE-LOOKING-LEFT"if Mr Osborne seriously addresses tax reform, deregulation and other measures to address the needs of business in his statement at the end of this month he will at least begun to reassure many in his party that he and Mr Cameron are at last heading in the right direction." -  Patrick Hennessy in The Sunday Telegraph

  • Cameron is to demand that banks do more to support exporting smaller businesses – Sunday Telegraph

Ministers believe public sector workers will alienate voters with this month's walkout

"No 10 is said to be "delighted" at the prospect of walkouts on 30 November despite a more generous offer being made to union leaders last week. Liberal Democrat and Conservative ministers privately believe their argument will be strengthened by public anger at disruption by state workers who will still have more generous retirement funds than most in the private sector." – Independent on Sunday

  • "Ministers have threatened to introduce anti-strike laws after Unison, the biggest public sector union, persuaded only about a quarter of its members to support a walkout this month." – The Sunday Times (£)

Theresa May under pressure over Border Agency's competenceSunday Express

May Theresa in black"The flood of foreigners puts a huge strain on our health, welfare, housing and education services. It’s a problem that can’t be ignored when those who have every right to be here are increasingly forced to pay the bills for those who do not." – Sunday Express leader

  • Britain would struggle to survive without Eastern European migrants – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times (£)

> Nearly 90,000 have now signed ePetition calling for tougher immigration policies.

Head of Royal British Legion says Coalition has put weekly bin collections before care of servicemenIndependent on Sunday

Ruth-davidson-391Ruth Davidson said Cameron should call early referendum on Scottish independence if Alex Salmond drags his heelsScotland on Sunday

Cameron is 'not my boss', says new Scottish Tory leader – Independent on Sunday

  • "Leading QC Paul McBride, one of the Tory party’s most high profile supporters in Scotland, ditched his party membership yesterday just hours after its new leader was elected and following a row over its failure to back a crackdown on sectarianism." – Scotland on Sunday

Chris Huhne was as wrong about the euro as he is now about the wind – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Liberal Democrats told to go on TV and tell viewers that "I am a Liberal Democrat"Independent on Sunday

Ed Miliband: Politicians must listen to the St Paul's Cathedral protestersObserver

Miliband Ed ITN"Many of those who earn the most, exercise great power, enjoy enormous privilege – in the City and elsewhere – do so with values that are out of kilter with almost everyone else. The warning lights on the dashboard are flashing. And only the most reckless will ignore or, still worse, dismiss the danger signals." – Ed Miliband writing in The Observer

Stop upstaging Ed during Commons clashes, critics warn arm-waving BallsMail on Sunday

Mysterious tax haven funded Chuka Umunna's £1 million homeMail on Sunday

The Tory MP may have a wild past and write raunchy novels, but she is expecting to score points as the Commons reopens its hacking inquiryThe Sunday Times (£) meets Louise Mensch.

And finally… Cameron ordered to reveal his bathroom secrets as he loses battle to keep 'Notting Hill-style' refit costs concealedMail on Sunday


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