Rajoy7.45pm International: Spanish Socialists becomes FIFTH EU government to lose power during sovereign debt crisis

7.30pm WATCH: Andrew Lansley accuses Royal College of Nursing of "scaremongering" over clinical staff numbers

5pm Ben Harris-Quinney on International: Can change in Europe begin in Spain?

2pm Nadhim Zahawi MP on Comment: For Syria's post-revolution period to be successful, discrimination against Kurds must end

2pm ConHomeUSA: Top story is the news that the super-committee on budget discipline is on verge of super-collapse

THATCHER 197912.15pm ToryDiary: Margaret Thatcher tops league table of post-war Prime Ministers

ToryDiary: Francis Maude, flourishing as a minister, unveils radical overhaul of public procurement

Columnist Ruth Lea: Britain is in a depression and the Coalition's green policies are making matters worse

Claire Perry MP on Platform: The government's simplified planning system will help Britain's crumbling infrastructure receive new investment

MPsETC: Is Robert Halfon MP David Cameron's passport to Essex Man?

Local government: Barking Labour councillor suspended after threatening to defect to Conservatives

Boris Johnson says Cameron is wrong to support massive ECB intervention to save Euro and wrong to back fiscal union

Johnson Boris Red Background"What needs to happen now is an orderly realignment, that's to say there needs to be either a bisection of the Euro into north and south, or there needs to be some way in which, in as tidy a way as possible, countries that simply can't take the consequences of the current alignment, are allowed, effectively, to devalue." – The Sunday Telegraph

> Roger Helmer MEP on ConHome yesterday: Cameron is asking Germany to bankrupt itself in a futile attempt to sustain an unsustainable currency

  • As Eurocrats are imposed on Greece and Italy, Daniel Hannan say's he'd rather be governed by the first 100 people in the phone book than unelected professors – Mail on Sunday
  • John Rentoul looks at the gap between most Tories and Cameron's pro-EU diplomacy – Independent on Sunday

Merkel brushed off Cameron’s demands to return social and environmental policy decision making to British parliament – The Sunday Times (£)

Treasury minister describes deal to cap EU spending increase at 2.02% as "excellent" (a £303 million increase for UK taxpayers)Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday's MPsETC report: "Of course 2.02% is better than 5.2% but the EU is still going to get more from British taxpayers at a time when UK budgets for the police, army and roads are being cut."

More important than Friday's Cameron-Merkel meeting will be tomorrow's meeting The Quad – Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Alexander – to decide which growth measures will be in Cameron's growth review – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Ideas to boost the economy from Charlie Elphicke MP, J P Floru, Ruth Porter, John Redwood MP, Matthew Sinclair and Liz Truss MP

TrussThey are all listed in the Independent on Sunday but here is Liz Truss' on childcare: "The number of childminders, the most affordable form of childcare, fell from 100,000 in 1997 to 55,000 in 2010 with increased regulation including a compulsory curriculum. The Government should exempt those looking after fewer than four children in their own home from regulation, putting them on the same footing as nannies and au pairs. Affordable childcare would enable more parents to work and provide childminding opportunities to others."

Iain Martin recommends suspension of the young person's minimum wage to boost youth employment – The Sunday Telegraph

  • The Tory message may end up being that, as bad as things are, they would be a lot, lot worse under Ed Miliband – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph
  • "The chancellor finds himself presiding over a negative feedback loop of feeble growth, weak tax receipts, higher unemployment and rising demands on welfare, making it daily less plausible that he will meet his deficit targets." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

The Archbishop of Canterbury leads Church of England protests at Coalition's benefit cap

"Eighteen Church of England bishops, backed by Williams and the archbishop of York, John Sentamu, are demanding that ministers rewrite their flagship plan to impose a £500-a-week benefit cap on families. In an open letter in Observer, they say the Church of England has a "moral obligation to speak up for those who have no voice". Their message is that the cap could be "profoundly unjust" to the poorest children in society, especially those in larger families and those living in expensive major cities." – Observer | Text of letter

  • Payment-by-results contractors report they are helping three times as many people back into work than previous programmes did – The Sunday Times (£)

Government plans to cut school milk bill by clamping down on cowboy suppliers who charge £1-a-pintMail on Sunday

'Cameron isn't green – he's yellow,' says man who fitted his solar panelsIndependent on Sunday

  • The Duke of Edinburgh has made a fierce attack on wind farms, describing them as “absolutely useless” – The Sunday Telegraph

Goldsmith-Zac-on-Sunday-AMZac Goldsmith loses job as PM's rainforests envoy after being one of the EU referendum's 81 rebelsMail on Sunday

The BBC's hidden 'warmist' agenda is rapidly unravelling – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

"A senior BBC journalist accepted £15,000 in grants from the university at the heart of the ‘Climategate’ scandal – and later went on to cover the story without declaring an interest to viewers." – Mail on Sunday

Individuals will be able to donate up to £1,000 tax free to political parties as part of a new funding regime which includes a £10,000 cap on overall donations

"David Cameron has made it clear that he wants the cap to be set at £50,000. The Tories fear a lower amount would prevent dozens of millionaire backers from offering support." – The Sunday Times (£)

Could Vicky Pryce have been in Chris Huhne's car the night she accepted penalty points that were allegedly his? – The Mail on Sunday recreates the journey and concludes "impossible".

Fears of winter of discontent as TUC chief threatens wave of strikesMail on Sunday

Labour donor’s secret links to Gadaffi sonThe Sunday Times (£)

English identity taking over from British identity

England-flag-pic-rex-361150275"The British identity is in steep decline south of the border with the number of people who would describe themselves as English over British soaring, a poll has revealed. The study found that the number of people in England who would now describe themselves as English rather than British rose to 63 per cent, as opposed to 41 per cent in 2008." – Scotland on Sunday

Spanish conservatives have double digit lead going into today's general electionBBC

And finally… Charles Walker's four word speech inspired by wife

"Dapper Tory MP Charles Walker’s wife Fiona inspired his four-word speech ‘If not now, when?’ in the Commons EU referendum debate – which won him ‘Speech of the Year’ in the Spectator magazine’s annual awards. He said: ‘When my wife tells our children, “Please clean the rabbit hutch,” they say, “Not now, Mum.” She says, ‘If not now, when?”" – Mail on Sunday


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