2.45pm Catherine Marcus on Comment: Remembrance Day must not be eclipsed by the Occupy Everything movement

11am Tibor Navracsics on Comment: "In September, the Hungarian Parliament began debating new Cardinal Laws. Opposition voices on the Left have wasted little time in denouncing the proposals as authoritarian and illiberal." But Hungary will remain a democracy among the democracies of Europe.

ToryDiary: IDS seeks common ground with Liberal Democrats on family policy; Let's Just Stop Penalising Stability

Andrew Lilico on our Columnists Page: What powers we should repatriate from the EU – and how to do so

Screen shot 2011-11-05 at 08.21.27Jeremy Lefroy MP on Comment: It's time to transform capitalism from within

Local Government:

WATCH: ‪Greek PM survives crucial confidence vote‬

G20 summit ends without agreement.  No deal on IMF money for Eurzone countries – yet

"Growing doubts about the euro are dragging Britain towards recession, David Cameron said yesterday as the G20 summit failed to answer key questions about the debt crisis. In a day of disarray, world leaders left Cannes without agreeing how to fund the eurozone’s bailout mechanism or boost International Monetary Fund coffers. Markets in Europe and the US fell as it became clear that the summit was ending in deadlock, with non-Europeans demanding more detail before committing themselves to bailing out the euro." – The Times (£) 

Conservative MPs: We want a vote on bigger British IMF contributions…

"MPs could be denied a vote on plans to increase Britain’s contributions to the International Monetary Fund by as much as £400 per household. Britain is ready to boost the amount of taxpayers’ money that can be drawn on by the IMF…by up to £10billion. But Conservative MPs are furious that British cash could be used for rescuing countries in the eurozone…and are threatening to join forces with Labour to try to block the move." – Daily Mail

…David Cameron: You can't have one

"David Cameron said he was prepared to boost the International Monetary Fund using the 'extra head room' agreed by Parliament this year. The Prime Minister confirmed that the UK was willing to increase its contribution to the International Monetary Fund, as he spoke at the conclusion of the g20 summit in France…Mr Cameron said: ""Alongside other countries, Britain stands ready to contribute to the effort, within the limits that have already been agreed by Parliament." – Daily Express

More summit news:

  • Talks for new Greek Government to begin after Papandreou survives confidence vote – Financial Times (£)
  • Next, Italy – The Guardian
  • Sarkozy snaps that the British "don't understand Europe" – Daily Mail
  • Cameron slummed it at summit in cheap hotel room – The Sun
  • Britain turns on "disreputable" Germany.  (P.S: If we'd had female succession, "Kaiser Wilhelm II would have been our King during the First World War, and our monarch would now be Princess Marie Cécile of Prussia".)  – Wintour and Watt, The Guardian
  • Stewart Jackson, Adam Holloway, Priti Patel and Nick De Bois are now revered by Conservative backbenchers – Patrick O'Flynn, Daily Express

Enter Chris Grayling, stage right: We will sue the E.U to stop benefit tourism

Grayling-Red-Tie"In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Chris Grayling, the employment minister, said that the EU had launched a “land grab” and that “pre-emptive action to stop this” was now necessary…Mr Grayling said that he was sympathetic to the calls from dozens of back-bench Conservative MPs for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership and that the “renegotiation” of the relationship was now the minimum requirement." – Daily Telegraph

EU: we'll make UK cut bank bonuses – The Independent

"This week must have been the first in history when Eastern leaders arrived in the European continent and saw a system of economic management markedly inferior to their own."

"Yet the policy of the Government is to do its quite expensive bit to help keep the show on the road and to squash anyone who talks of alternatives. “Integrate!”, cries Britain, “Create a fiscal union.” We are asking the eurozone to reconcile all its existing impossibilities by inventing something more impossible still. I do hope we don’t mean what we say, because these are the tired voices of the status quo. They are not the words of good Tory modernisers." – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

Eurozone Comment – Editorials:

  • "We cannot wash our hands of the single currency’s problems – but we, and other countries, can be frustrated and angered that the eurozone’s members refuse to use their ample fiscal resources to solve them on their own." – Daily Telegraph Editorial
  • A week that shames the eurocrat bullies – Daily Mail Editorial
  • Ed Balls is playing politics with the Euro-crisis – The Times Editorial (£)
  • The Eurozone is fiddling while Rome burns – Daily Express

Eurozone Comment – Columnists:

  • When will the Empress of Europe and her French poodle
ever learn? – Simon Heffer, Daily Mail
  • Both the Euro-elites and Euro-rebels are wrong: there is no answer to the Euro-crisis – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)
  • The EU genie is out of the bottle and can only cause Tories trouble – Andrew Grice, The Independent
  • The euro crisis has turned us into Wile E Coyote – Graeme Archer, Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ConservativeHome

Ruth Davidson is the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Screen shot 2011-11-05 at 08.31.27"Radical plans for a breakaway new right-of-centre force in Scottish politics were killed off last night as Ruth Davidson defeated her closest rival, Murdo Fraser, to become leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland. Ms Davidson beat Mr Fraser – who stood for leader on the promise of scrapping the Tory Party north of the Border – by 2,983 votes to 2,417 and declared that Conservatism in Scotland was “alive and kicking”." – Scotsman

Ruth Davidson comment:

  • The new leader must show Tories are alive and kicking – Herald Scotland
  • How combative Conservative could hit Salmond where it hurts – Scotsman
  • Ruth Davidson must reinvigorate Scottish politics – Times Editorial (£)
  • "There is a suspicion Ms Davidson won not because of what she stood for, which was rather vague, but because of what she was against: namely Murdo Fraser’s plan for a new right-of-centre Scottish party." – Scotsman Editorial
  • Good luck, Ruth: you'll need it – Herald Scotland
  • Outcome shows just how much Conservative Party has changed – David Torrance, Scotsman

Engineers warn Alex Salmond has no 'practical strategy' for keeping lights on in Scotland – Daily Telegraph

Tom Harris launches Scottish Labour leadership campaign – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ConservativeHome

Cameron to make case for "moral markets"

Screen shot 2011-11-05 at 08.49.33"David Cameron will try to avoid political fallout from the St Paul’s protests by embracing the need for more “moral markets”, borrowing a phrase from the victory speech that David Miliband never gave. Some Tory strategists fear they are becoming vulnerable amid the protests and Ed Miliband’s accusation that they concentrate on helping the wealthiest one per cent of society. Mr Cameron is seeking to reclaim the “responsible business” agenda, while attacking the Labour leader’s critique of “predator capitalism”." – The Times (£)

IDS rallies support for marriage

"In an assault on the consensus that all relationships are morally equal, he said the Government should fight for the traditional family – which he called ‘the most vital part of society’. The Work and Pensions Secretary warned that failure to support marriage would lead to further social breakdown, and blamed broken homes for funnelling children into the gangs that ran rampant during the summer riots." – Daily Mail

Female talent can boost the economy by £60bn says Theresa May

"Britain's top businesswomen can boost the economy by up to £60million a year, Theresa May said today. The Home Secretary said through better use of their talents businesswomen could help get other females into work, adding up to £21billion a year in growth to the market. A further further £42billion would be produced if as many women entrepreneurs ran businesses as men." – Daily Mail

Jeremy Hunt says sport is about losing – and fighting back – as well as winning

"Mr Hunt wants the Games to reinvigorate competitive sport in schools. So far, a third of schools have signed up for the Junior Olympics…Failure is key to pupils’ development. “Competitive sport isn’t just about winners but teaching children about setbacks and disappointments and finding confidence and strength from picking themselves up and fighting back. If we deprive children of the chance to learn that, we are depriving them of one of the most important lessons in life.” – The Times (£)

Michael Gove describes how adoption transformed his life – and can transform the lives of others

Gove pointing"You could say I’ve lived a lie all my life…Michael is the name on my passport, bank card and driving licence. But if I’m honest, it is an assumed identity. I was not born Michael, but Graeme…I was born to a single mother in an Edinburgh hospital ward in 1967 and then taken into care. After four months, I was adopted by a child- less couple, into whose home I arrived just before Christmas." – Daily Mail

UK border chief faces sack over axed passport controlsThe Times (£)

Drunken OUCA students face inquiryDaily Telegraph

Other Political News and Comment in Brief

  • Several dead in "worst ever" car smash in Somerset – Daily Telegraph
  • Salary threshold for migrants proposed – Financial Times (£)
  • Iran warns U.S to avoid clash over nuclear programme – The Guardian
  • Shamed peers allowed to keep seats – Daily Express
  • SDLP members to select new leader – Press Association
  • Nick Clegg is a smug elitist who hates democracy – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Local history projects would be the best way to honour the centenary of the start of the First World War in 2014 – Andrew Murrison MP, Daily Telegraph
  • Curb immigration and help employment – Jill Kirby, Daily Express


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