7.30pm ToryDiary: ComRes poll shows Conservatives at 35%, while Tory voters believe David Cameron is defending Britain's interests in Europe

4.30pm ToryDiary: Treasury Select Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie says the Bank of England needs to be more accountable to Parliament

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Cameron Serious 100912.30pm ToryDiary: Is Cameron strong or weak? Imperious or dismissive? Genial or bland? Calm or equivocal?

Noon Dr Teck Khong on Comment: Independent assessment of sickness will stop claimants blackmailing GPs

11am Roger Helmer MEP on Comment: Cameron is asking Germany to bankrupt itself in a futile attempt to sustain an unsustainable currency

ToryDiary: Pickles and Warsi wrestle for control of Government strategy on anti-Muslim hatred

Columnist Andrew Lilico: The first phase of the Coalition is over. We no longer need Lib Dem backbenchers to govern.

6a00d83451b31c69e20153933a6004970b-150wiChris Heaton-Harris MP: We should get rid of European financial and employment regulations that hinder job creation and economic growth

Local government: Right to buy scheme discounts to be doubled

Also on Local government:

MPsETC: Tory MEPs claim victory as budget increase is limited to 2.02%

WATCH: David Cameron meets some of the 500 Big Society activists being funded by taxpayers

Ken Clarke claims reform of ECHR is imminent and will stop UK courts being routinely over-ruled on immigration cases

"Britain currently holds the chairmanship of the Council of Europe, which oversees the ECHR, and ministers have seized the initiative to reform the court. The planned reforms will see the ECHR quickly decide whether to accept applications and only take on unprecedented cases of international importance." – Telegraph

German Finance Minister: Britain WILL join €uro

"German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble suggested the UK’s struggling economy meant the pound was doomed, and urged the Prime Minister to back Europe’s ailing single currency. Mr Schauble said the euro would emerge stronger from the current crisis – leaving Britain on the sidelines unless it signed up. He said Britain would be forced to join ‘faster than some people on the British island think’ – despite a pledge by Mr Cameron never to do so." – Daily Mail


"David Cameron’s call for a “big bazooka” to blast the euro crisis misfired in Berlin yesterday when he failed to find agreement with Angela Merkel on any of the key dividing lines between them." – Times (£)

  • "David Cameron and Germany's Angela Merkel emerged smiling from their EU talks yesterday to declare they pretty much agree on everything. Apart from how to get out of the debt crisis. Which was the point of their meeting in the first place. For some reason the pair conducted their press conference in English and German. Seems daft when both are obviously fluent in Double Dutch." – The Sun
  • Is Merkel unwilling to save the €uro? – Daily Mail leader 
  • George Osborne is playing a dangerous game in blaming the €urozone for a British slowdown that started some time ago – Andrew Grice in The Independent

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Merkel says nein, nein, nein to Cameron

MajorJohn"Sir John Major has warned that a Franco-German plan to introduce a financial transaction tax across Europe was akin to directing a "heat-seeking missile" at the City of London."Guardian

John Redwood attacks the Coalition's EU policy

Mr Redwood says that British policy on ECB intervention will only delay and actually worsen "the ultimate crash of the €uro" and secondly, support for fiscal union, will create a strong new country on the continent; "something previous generations have fought against". 

  • BUT Leon Britain disagrees: Cameron is not playing games: fiscal union IS vital – FT (£)

George Osborne has switched from outright scepticism about a Thames estuary airport and is now looking favourably on the ideaFT (£)

Half price council home: Two million properties to be sold off as Government revive Thatcher's 'Right to Buy' scheme

"The move will be formally announced by David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Monday, when they will also reveal further measures to kick-start the housing market. There will be targeted help for first-time buyers, in which the government will partially underwrite mortgages worth up to 95% of a home’s value." – Daily Mail

Screen shot 2011-11-19 at 08.29.48"The new discount, twice the existing amount, forms part of the Government’s strategy to build 450,000 new homes." – Times (£)

> Housing minister Grant Shapps MP will be writing for ConservativeHome on Monday to launch the new policy

Eric Pickles is to combat the shortage of Asian chefs brought on by the government’s immigration rules with a new curry school to train British cooks in the art of fiery eastern cuisineGuardian

You read it here first – in July: Pickles's integration showpiece – a Curry College for British workers

Liberal Democrats and Tories differ on idea to curb benefits to fund freeze in fuel duty

"Liberal Democrat cabinet members are fighting a rearguard action to prevent the Treasury pressing ahead with plans to withhold some benefit increases for the unemployed to fund a delay in the planned 3p rise in fuel duty due in January. A yearlong delay would cost £1.3bn." – Guardian

HALFON-robert"Tory MP Robert Halfon said: "I welcome that the Government is listening to millions of families and small businesses that are suffering. "Rip-off petrol prices are causing a poverty trap and adding to Britain's dole queues."" – Quoted in The Sun

"Tory MP Philip Davies warned a rise on this scale would cause resentment among taxpayers who will have to fund it – and undermine the Government’s pledge to ‘make work pay’. Mr Davies said: ‘It is incredibly generous to be offering benefit claimants a 4.5 per cent increase when very few working people can look forward to a rise on anything like that scale." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Osborne ready to trim benefits increase and hand savings to motorists

Government review: People should be signed off for long-term sickness by an independent assessment service and not GPsBBC

  • A million young Britons are on the dole while motivated foreigners fill job vacancies – A N Wilson in the Daily Mail

Harriett Baldwin MP thinks jobless families should be banned from claiming benefits for more than four children

6a00d83451b31c69e20162fc8cc696970d-150wi"Mrs Baldwin, a mother of three, also suggested that the current level of benefits could persuade some young women to have a baby rather than look for work… Lib Dem MP Jenny Willott criticised moves to cap benefits for big families. She said: ‘We need to be extremely careful about using children as a tool to change adults’ behaviour.’" – Daily Mail | BBC

> Harriett Baldwin MP: Welfare could be localised and extra children shouldn't always mean more benefits

How can the Conservatives win back women's support? – Amber Rudd MP discusses options with a feminist activistGuardian

Tory peers to rebel on civil partnerships in churchesIndependent

Gay Pride Flag"The Archbishop of Westminster said today he was "disappointed" with Government plans to legalise same-sex marriages… He said: "To respect a life-long partnership is one thing and to call it a marriage, if you like to annexe the territory of marriage, is something quite different."" – Independent

Ruth Davidson likens herself to Cameron as she prepares to launch Scottish policy reviewsGuardian

  • Douglas Alexander nudges Scottish Labour to acceptance of weightier Scottish Parliament – Scotsman

David Cameron and William Hague will meet with members of the Syrian oppositionTelegraph

Peter Lilley MP objects to memorial for IRA bombers in St AlbansBelfast Telegraph

"Nick Clegg yesterday broke ranks with the Government over a ‘whitewash’ review into the lopsided extradition treaty that is being used to send Gary McKinnon to America."Daily Mail

Matthew Parris: The British people may be about to decide about David Cameron

PARRIS-MATTHEW"The British people’s judgment is still mostly suspended, but the people’s judgment does not always build in a steady and methodical way; sometimes it can click into place. Once there, it virtually locks, becoming impossible to alter. It has not yet done so for Mr Cameron and his colleagues but, as autumn turns to winter, one big defeat, one big blunder, could do it. Conversely, one signal victory, a handful of big ideas, could tip things decisively his way. Situation precarious. A couple of strong stories, good or bad, could write the title on the cover of the book of this Government’s life." – Matthew Parris in The Times (£)

"If Mr Cameron does not make a visible effort to articulate the hopes and fears of the public, and start leading them towards better days rather than just managing mediocrity, he will hand the next election to Labour on the proverbial plate." – Simon Heffer in The Daily Mail

Small business people – the everyday heroes who will restore Britain to economic health – need to be set free of unnecessary government regulations – Charles Moore in The Telegraph

"To put it bluntly, Dave is rude. More specifically, he exhibits the calculated rudeness of people with very nice manners… Dave is one of those people who turns his good manners up and down like a dimmer switch." – Damian Thompson in The Telegraph

Zac Goldsmith, the Tory MP, who is divorcing his wife, has put his organic farm in Devon on the market for £7 millionTelegraph

With fewer MPs there should be fewer ministers tooGuardian leader


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