8.15pm ToryDiary: Support for Cameron among Tory supporters is wide but not particularly enthusiastic

8.15pm LeftWatch update: Poppy wreaths with party political logos

7.15pm WATCH: Ed Balls: "We need a change of course, a Plan B, Labour's plan for jobs and growth, and we need it right now."

5pm Tim Montgomerie on Comment: Economic liberalism needs social conservatism

3pm WATCH: Tony Blair pays tribute to the late Labour strategist Philip Gould

Bvcja2.15pm LeftWatch: Please reassure us that Conservatives don't do this…

1.45pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

1.30pm WATCH: 

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 12.35.1512.30pm WATCH: "We can never fully repay the debt we owe them"; David Cameron's video message for Remembrance Sunday

11.15am WATCH: Silvio Berlusconi is jeered out of office

ToryDiary: "We'll get rid of him"; The words Patrick Mercer MP is claimed to have used against David Cameron

Ruth Lea: Eurozone leaders should stop trying to save the Euro, and move on to preparing for its breakup

Soon-to-be-MEP Rupert Matthews on Comment: Britain's fiscal rectitude, hard work and free markets should serve as an example for the rest of Europe

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 08.40.39

International: Mariano Rajoy, the quiet conservative likely to win next week's election, holds the key to Spain's future

Local government: Special Needs free schools to open


ALSO ON VIDEO: Remembering Berlusconi's gaffes

Tory MP Patrick Mercer allegedly called Cameron 'the worst British politician since Gladstone'People | Mail on Sunday

Hammond: We must only speak to Taliban from position of strength

  • The Defence Secretary in The Sunday Telegraph: "Negotiating with the Taliban must be done from a position of strength. Negotiating from a position of weakness would be a disaster. Nobody must every think of this as being a measure of failure or abandoning the sacrifices which have been made."
  • Interviewed in The Sunday Telegraph Philip Hammond says Labour failed to provide proper helicopters or armour to Britain's military in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Lord Ashcroft insists the memory of every hero – from the most humble to the holders of Victoria Crosses – must be honoured by caring for the memorials to them – The Sunday Telegraph

BBC World Service gets bailout from DfID… and perhaps Blair too

Mitchell Andrew DFID"A BBC charity is being handed £90m by Andrew Mitchell, the international development secretary, in what some see as a sop to critics of the government’s decision to cut funding to the World Service. The BBC World Service Trust, which trains journalists and helps make programmes in developing countries, will be instructed to use its programmes for “political and social change.” – The Sunday Times (£)

Andrew Mitchell tells how the government and BBC are uniting to help the world’s poor in some of the hardest-to-reach places imaginable – The Sunday Times (£)

…Blair's Africa charity bids for share of £8bn foreign aid budget; Award of grant would enable him to conduct 'peace-building' in war-torn countries… such as Iraq – Mail on Sunday

Business leaders and environmental campaigners unite in plea to halt the cut in funding for solar panel schemesIndependent on Sunday

"The boast that the coalition would be "the greenest government ever" came to a sad end last month. Its death can be dated precisely to the declaration by George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, at the Conservative annual conference that Britain would cut carbon emissions "no slower but also no faster" than other European countries. "The greenest government ever" thus becomes "as green a government as the others but no greener"." – Independent on Sunday leader

Osborne’s £50bn plan for growth

Osborne TINA"Ministers are drawing up plans for a £50billion housing and road-building boom amid new fears Britain is heading for a double-dip recession. George Osborne, the chancellor, wants to harness vast sums of private sector money held by pension fund managers and insurance companies to fund a “wartime” infrastructure programme to boost the flagging recovery." – The Sunday Times (£)

Youth unemployment set to hit one million for first timeThe Sunday Telegraph

  • Institute of Economic Affairs and Adam Smith Institute criticise Osborne's growth caution – Sunday Express
  • The Coalition must stop the squabbling because bold action is needed to prepare the economy for what is coming – The Sunday Telegraph leader
  • Ed Miliband accused Cameron of using the eurozone crisis as a "cloak" for the Government's failure to take implement domestic measures to protect people's jobs and homes – PA

MERKELAngela Merkel must let the European Central Bank off the leash to save euro, says Vince CableScotland on Sunday

  • David Cameron has got it wrong on the desirability of the ECB backstopping the €uro – Raoul Ruparel for The Sunday Telegraph
  • "While some states, led by Germany, will continue to live high on the hog at the expense of poorer countries, many will feel fury and will take to the streets." – Neil Hamilton in The Sunday Express
  • Merkel's refusal to loosen the purse strings makes her a hero at home – and is dragging us towards the abyss – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
  • As the eurozone crisis deepens, what are David Cameron's options? – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph
  • The governing class in Europe thinks it knows what is best – and once again, the people are being forced to accept it – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • Labour's sceptics were right about the single currency, but we still need a solution to the problems they foresaw – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

David Cameron is braced for ministerial resignations when final HS2 route is confirmed within weeksThe Sunday Telegraph

Millions of people are feared to have been allowed into Britain without full passport checks in a major new borders scandal from the Labour yearsThe Sunday Telegraph

Police told me to relax passport rules, says former borders chief – Observer

  • The Tory Party has been pro-immigration for years – Peter Hitchens at the Mail on Sunday
  • The managing director of Ipsos MORI, Bobby Duffy, reveals why the passport fiasco could hurt the Conservative's good reputation on immigration – The Sunday Times (£)

MAY-THERESAOn border control the issue is big promises and smaller budgets

  • In The Observer Andrew Rawnsley says civil servants are having to square circles because their political masters want standards improved and budgets cut. After the Brodie Clark affair, he writes,"they have now been forewarned that cowardly politicians will attempt to blame them when it proves to be impossible".
  • Matthew d'Ancona at The Sunday Telegraph takes a different view: "Fiscal conservatism forces public services to raise their game. This is the claim to competence that will nestle at the heart of the Conservative sales pitch at the next election."
  • "Margaret Thatcher had the moral fibre and the discipline to wait before pouncing on an official. But not the colourless May." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Our public services need unannounced spot checks, not predictable and extended inspections which they can prepare for – Harriet Sergeant in The Sunday Times (£)

One million staff in the NHS and other services are being shifted into mutual-style programmes based on the John Lewis model – Independent on Sunday

ScottishParliamentOsborne claims uncertainty associated with independence referendum is harming Scottish economyBBC

Westminster may insist on a “Clarity Act” to define the terms of Scotland’s independence referendum, Labour sources said yesterday – Scotland on Sunday

  • Duncan Hamilton wonders if the new Scottish Tory leader has a plan: "For Davidson, few believe she will outperform the estimable Annabel Goldie, whilst the leadership campaign suggested little by way of policy substance. In fact, beyond her hard-line Unionism (the Scotland Bill being “a line in the sand”) neither I nor Google have been able to identify a single major issue, campaign or policy announcement ever championed by the new leader." – Scotland on Sunday

Vince Cable says he sympathises with Occupy protesters outside St Paul'sBBC

  • Nick Ferrari has no sympathy; writing in The Sunday Express he wants protestors cleared away by the police.

Clegg-UnhappyNick Clegg has finally given up smokingPeople

And finally… Larry the Cat caught napping

"David Cameron’s cosy dinner in his Downing Street flat with Eurosceptic Cabinet Ministers Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson last week descended into a Tom and Jerry-like farce when a mouse scurried across the floor. The action-man PM picked up his silver fork and hurled it at the rodent, but missed. ‘Where’s Larry when you need him?’ yelped IDS. The lazy No10 cat was dozing." – Mail on Sunday


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