6.30pm Columnist Anthony Browne: An employers' NI holiday would be simpler and more effective than handouts for companies hiring the jobless

5.30pm Dominique Lazanski on Comment: Ofcom's new guidelines are common-sense, light-touch regulation

5pm Teatime newslinks including the Coalition's youth unemployment scheme and the latest in the €urozone.

3pm ToryDiary: Michael Gove's praise for elitism

6a00d83451b31c69e2015435971252970c-500wi2.30pm ToryDiary: Lib Dem insider tells Guardian that getting Tories to help jobless is "like getting a vegetarian to go and buy a kebab"

2pm Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

1pm TalkingPoints: Lord Lawson and Lord Turnbull respond to Chris Huhne's pro-global warming assertions

Noon Robert Halfon MP on Comment: The BBC cannot continue as a kleptocracy. We need to put licence-fee payers in charge

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Picture 511am Sam Gyimah MP on Comment: The Chancellor should use credit easing to change the lending landscape for British business

10.30am LISTEN: Grant Shapps – I didn't pull out of a Today interview, and we will build more homes

10am Adrian Hilton on MPsETC: Cameron’s continuing quest for female candidates

ToryDiary: The Coalition risks looking a lot smaller than the challenges it faces

Bruce Anderson on our Columnists Page: We have to address the systemic educational failures which create the criminal underclass

RIFKIND NEWSir Malcolm Rifkind on Comment: A nuclear Iran would trigger nuclearisation of the entire Middle East and it must be prevented

Also on Comment: Jonathan Isaby – The subsidy from the taxpayer to the unions is at least £113 million. This has to stop.

LeftWatch: Why the Eurozone crisis is a bigger problem for Balls than Osborne

Sarah Newton MP on Local Government continues our housing series: Community Land Trusts will help councils implement local solutions to social housing problems

Also on Local Government: Cllr Geoffrey Theobald – First council tax, now parking charges hiked up by Brighton & Hove Greens

WATCH: Daniel Hannan – The true cost of climate change

OBR to downgrade growth figures for Osborne's autumn statement

OSBORNE BLUE TIE"Ministers expect the independent Office for Budget Responsibility to downgrade its previous prediction that public sector job cuts will be outweighed by a significant expansion in the private sector. "The figures will be grim," one minister said. In March, the OBR forecast that total employment would increase by about 900,000 by 2015, with 1.3 million extra jobs in private companies more than compensating for 400,000 lost public sector jobs." – The Independent

Economy news and comment:

  • Osborne rated B- on March budget growth initiatives – Financial Times (£)
  • Families are spending £40 a week less than before the credit crunch – Daily Mail
  • Rachel Reeves seizes on Ruffley borrowing remarks – Financial Times (£)
  • The Chancellor must help to wake up the hibernating private sector – Lord Forsyth, Daily Telegraph
  • He'll deny it, but Osborne is backing away from Plan A – Steve Richards, The Independent
  • Why cutting fiscal deficits is an assault on profits – Martin Wolf, Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday:

Fewer people leave Britain – threatening to torpedo Cameron's pledge to reduce net immigration

Screen shot 2011-11-25 at 05.31.20
"The Prime Minister – who has promised to reduce the figure to the ‘tens of thousands’ – now faces a bigger challenge than when the Tories came to power. In 2009, Labour’s last full year in office, net migration – the difference between the number of people entering the UK and the number leaving – was just under 200,000. Mr Cameron, who conceded that hitting his pledge may now take ‘some time’, has once again been hit by the global economic downturn." – Daily Mail

Battle to protect emergency cover as next week's strike threatens chaos

"NHS managers have been locked in frantic talks with unions to ensure that emergency cover is provided next Wednesday when up to 2.6 million public sector workers strike over pension changes. Tens of thousands of operations and outpatient appointments will be cancelled, while more than three quarters of schools are likely to close or send children home in the biggest national walkout since the 1926 General Strike." – The Times (£)

Strikes news and comment:

> Yesterday: WATCH – Danny Alexander: Planned strikes are "going to have a significant impact on our economy", costing £500m

Gove's rallying cry for elitism in schools

Screen shot 2011-11-25 at 05.11.36"In an extraordinary speech, the Education Secretary vowed to allow the next generation to ‘transcend the circumstances of their birth’ by turning free schools and academies into the latter-day equivalent of grammars. He said parents were yearning for their children to learn ‘rigorous’ intellectual subjects, for ordered classrooms with strict discipline, and for teachers who are ‘guardians of knowledge and figures of authority’." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday: Nick Gibb MP on Comment – The Education Act will help free teachers from bureaucracy and restore discipline to classrooms

"Lib Dems win fight for £1bn to tackle youth unemployment"

"Hundreds of thousands of young people without jobs are to be helped into the workplace with a £1 billion fund announced by Nick Clegg today. The Youth Contract, aimed at 18 to 24-year-olds, will subsidise wages for six months, expand opportunities for work experience placements and increase the number of apprenticeships. Those out of work who fail to engage with the Youth Contract will be forced to attend compulsory work training with Jobcentre workers. Those who drop out risk losing their benefits." – The Times (£)

Row brews over tax credit job funding – Financial Times (£)

More LibDem news:

  • Featherstone to world: Respect women or lose aid – The Independent
  • Huhne under pressure over partner’s offer on contacts – The Times (£)

Dominic Raab calls for U.S extradition reform

Dominic Raab"Tory MPs last night demanded a government rethink over  a ‘whitewash’ review into the lopsided extradition treaty that is being used to send Gary McKinnon to America…The MP for Esher and Walton, told a debate in Parliament that the current arrangements make it too easy for authorities in the US and in EU countries to demand British citizens are extradited to face trial." – Daily Mail 

"It's not too late for the Conservative party to join the worldwide trend but, at the moment, the British Conservatives are the least successful of their kind."

"I believe that Britain wants a party with rightwing policies but it wants a rightwing party that demonstrates a deep concern for the ordinary voter. In other words, we are talking about a party that occupies the common ground rather than some milk-and-water centre ground…Cameron should have aimed to turn the Conservatives into a rightwing party with a heart; instead he turned it into a leftwing party with cuts." – Tim Montgomerie, The Guardian

Yvette Cooper: does she still insist she won't be Labour leader? – Jane Martinson, The Guardian

Merkel, Sarkozy and Monti push for fiscal crackdownFinancial Times (£)

IPSA floats lump sum payments for MPs' expenses Daily Mail

Julie Morgan: My phone was hacked while my husband Rhodri Morgan was First MinisterWales Online

English Defence League to enter electoral politics after signing pact with British Freedom Party – The Independent

Other Political News and Comment in Brief

  • One in five young people are now NEETS – Daily Mail
  • Rail firm to be prosecuted over deaths – The Times (£)
  • Egypt to vote next week – Daily Express
  • Families may "move from England to avoid tuition fee hike" – Daily Telegraph
  • Business chief attacks SNP "ridicule" of critics – Scotsman
  • UK cyber strategy due to be unveiled – BBC
  • It is wrong to shout down David Willitts – The Times Editorial (£)
  • Politicians are in danger of ignoring the lessons of the summer riots – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph
  • The five men who kept Britain out of the Euro – Wintour and Watt, The Guardian
  • Welch Assembly: Cameron in folk singer audience – The Sun


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