8pm WATCH: David Cameron: Decision on Liam Fox's position will come after inquiry

6pm Charlotte Vere on Comment: Women should not be on boards because of tokenism, but because they create jobs and make good decisions

5.45pm PMQs videos:

5pm Jeremy Hunt MP on Comment: The government is getting rid of the "prizes for all" culture and returning to competitive sport


  • As unemployment rises, Chris Grayling says: Britain can't escape world economic turbulence – ToryDiary
  • Cameron on the back foot as Miliband attacks unemployment figures – ToryDiary
  • "David Cameron is being hurt by the weakening economy, he is distracted by Liam Fox's troubles. Yet again, his Government appears to be lurching from crisis to crisis, reliant on the Prime Minister's performance to stay upright. But then we knew all that already." – The Telegraph's Daniel Knowles
  • "…as any student of the Herbert Hoover administration knows, the received wisdom of the day is often wrong. Cameron should derive no comfort from the endorsement of others. His failure to rebut Miliband's central charge that the government's growth strategy is failing was a sign that he is losing the argument." – From the left, the New Statesman's George Eaton


  • "David Cameron has said Liam Fox "has done an excellent job" as pressure continues on the defence secretary. The row about the role of his friend and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty continues to dominate headlines."- BBC
  • Fox friends turn on "Walter Mitty" Werritty – Joe Murphy of the Evening Standard
  • "…there is also the suggestion from Dr Fox’s friends that Mr Werritty had “falsified passes.”" – ITV's Lucy Manning reports
  • "…something has changed. The reason is not yet clear. But some people will listen to today's words and wonder why "friends of" Dr Fox are trying to put distance between the defence secretary and Adam Werritty. Mr Werritty, incidentally, met Cabinet Office officials yesterday to discuss his financial interests and business activities." – James Kirkup




  • Cameron’s PMQs briefer leaves Downing Street – Guido Fawkes
  • Conservative Ministers furious over LibDem adviser appointments - ToryDiary
  • Roger Helmer MEP to resign from the European Parliament – MPsETC
  • "Calls for resignation are a serious matter. Nevertheless, if the revelations about Goldman Sachs in The Guardian today are true, then Dave Hartnett, Permanent Secretary at HM Revenue, should resign." – Jesse Norman MP, on his new blog (one for the bookmarks)
  • "Andy Burnham criticised Tory MP Christopher Chope who used parliamentary procedure to try and block a debate on the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster where 96 Liverpool FC fans died. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said Mr Chope was a "maverick" and David Cameron said MPs would get an opportunity to debate the issue after more than 100,000 people signed a petition urging the move." – BBC
  • "Residents of Dale Farm have lost their battle against eviction from green belt land" – Sky News tweets