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5pm ToryDiary: Michael Gove's message of delivery


  • A news round-up of Theresa May and Ken Clarke's Conservative party conference speeches - Tory Diary
  • 'Human Rights Act has to go' says May - Telegraph
  • Mary Riddell: 'Theresa May's immigration plan is a dead duck' - Telegraph
  • Amnesty International says that May has to get the facts straight on the Human Rights Act - Amnesty International
  • Father whose daughter was left to die by failed asylum seeker, welcomes May's plans - BBC
  • Tory conference cat-fight: Clarke and May clash over Human Rights Act story - Guardian I Telegraph I Spectator I Times (£)
  • Theresa May is confronted over her cat and illegal immigrant claims - Play Political
  • A spokesman for the Judicial Office says that May is "wrong" over cat claim - BBC
  • Jonathan Jones: 'May's cat story is nonsense' - Spectator
  • Adam Wagner: 'Catgate: another myth used to trash human rights - Guardian
  • Clarke says most rioters were repeat offenders - Telegraph
  • Prisoners must work in jail - Independent
  • Clarke promises justice with a "soft voice and a big stick" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Knowles: 'Could the Conservatives ever win without people like Ken Clarke?" - Telegraph


  • Boris praises Londoners for their reaction to the riots, and thanks the nation for its contribution to the Olympics - ToryDiary
  • People swearing at the police should be arrested - Guardian
  • Johnson warns against transport cuts - BBC
  • Boris fires a warning shot at Cameron over police cuts - New Statesman
  • Boris offers economic wheel deal - Independent
  • Adam Boulton goes behind the scenes with Boris - Sky News
  • Boris 'recaptures Calais from the French' - Telegraph
  • Law and order and the mayoral race - Evening Standard
  • Melanie Phillips: Boris Johnson's speech was pure political viagra - Daily Mail
  • Melissa Kite: 'Boris the crusher takes no prisoners' - Daily Mail


  • Gove applauds growth in academies - BBC
  • Rob Williams: 'When will we get some fluent policy on foreign languages?' - Guardian
  • Gove: I'll open at least 50 free schools in the capital - Evening Standard
  • Teach languages from the age of 5, Gove says - Teaching Personnel
  • Willetts pledges to open universities' doors to business - Times Higher Education


  • Cameron says the UK could introduce an obesity tax - Guardian I Telegraph I Huffington Post
  • Health experts support NHS reforms, claims Cameron - Telegraph
  • Lansley's NHS reforms under renewed attack - FT
  • Cameron says he would not back a "false choice" between staying in the European Union or leaving - Independent
  • Janet Daley: Modernisers merge with the mainstream at Tory conference – except on Europe - Telegraph
  • Conservatives crack down on jobseekers with tougher rules - Guardian
  • Take a job even if it's 90 mins away or no dole, Tories announce - Evening Standard
  • Why the Tories are refusing to knock the Lib Dems - FT
  • Kiran Stacey: 'Has Andrew Tyrie been silenced?' - FT
  • Neil O'Brien: 'Can the Tories win again in the north?' - Telegraph
  • Gove says Osborne is a natural leader - Telegraph
  • Jim Pickard: 'Tories drift further away from the green agenda - FT
  • Sleeping at the Tory conference – in pictures - The First Post


  • New RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) president says new homes must be fit for purpose - Guardian
  • Oxford Vice-Chancellor attacks "dispiriting" university cuts - Telegraph
  • Paul Smyth: 'The British Army has lost out in Libya - Guardian