5.45pm WATCH: After having a private 'chat' with Steve Hilton, Andrew Tyrie describes Osborne's speech as "relentlessly focused on growth"


  • A news round-up of George Osborne's Conservative party conference speech - ToryDiary
  • Watch George Osborne's conference speech in full - PlayPolitical
  • Panel verdict on Osborne's speech - Guardian
  • Osborne says that the planned union strikes will "hit jobs, hit growth" and are "totally irresponsible" - Play Political
  • The highlights from Osborne's speech - Telegraph
  • James Forsyth describes Osborne's speech as "sombre" but "in some ways … his most impressive conference performance" - Spectator
  • Osborne promises billions to help small businesses - Telegraph I Times (£)
  • Nick Robinson: 'Osborne: Not a penny more … - BBC
  • Melissa Kite: 'If Osborne was trying to make the crisis sound intelligible, he made the answer sound impossible' - Daily Mail
  • Nicholas Watt: 'Has George Osborne shown it is time to stop being beastly to the Germans? - Guardian
  • Reality Check: Osborne's speech - Guardian
  • 'George Osborne's credit easing to fill gap left by Project Merlin - Guardian
  • Justine Greening explains the "credit easing" plan announced by Osborne - Play Political
  • Matthew Sinclair: 'Osborne's carbon conceits' - Spectator


  • Britain 'has a broken, damaging culture' says Iain Duncan Smith - Telegraph
  • IDS reiterates David Cameron's promise to implement tax breaks for married couples - ToryDiary
  • Duncan Smith blames riots on family breakdown and benefit system - Guardian
  • Gang members are like 'child soldiers' says Iain Duncan Smith - Evening Standard I Daily Mail
  • UK will reject benefit tourists - BBC


  • Eric Pickles' speech to the conference - Telegraph
  • Pickles calls time on the trade union "pilgrims" - Local Government
  • Local government union officials targeted by Pickles - LocalGov
  • Gove says that Cameron is not like Blair. Blair was always thinking, "does my legacy look big in this?" - Huffington Post
  • Gove speaks of his admiration for Nick Clegg - Independent
  • Rupert Murdoch is a "force of nature" and a "phenomenon" according to Gove - Independent
  • 'The B-word, the C-word: it's Bojo vs Cameron - First Post
  • John Harris talks to Sayeeda Warsi, Oliver Letwin and Phillip Hammond - Guardian
  • Greg Barker says that the party must look forward, not pine for yesteryear - Evening Standard
  • Senior Tories say it would be a "struggle" to deliver vow on lower immigration - Evening Standard
  • Adam Wagner: 'Is the Human Rights Act dead?' - Guardian
  • David Willetts: Young people have no 'decent chance' of getting homes or pensions - Huffington Post
  • Andrew Pierce: 'Why the party faithful are deserting Dave' - Daily Mail



  • Scottish Tories square up at party conference - BBC
  • Murdo Fraser defends Scots Tory axe plan - Press Association
  • Fraser says name change will help them win STV
  • Fraser snubs speech by Scotland Office minister, David Mundell - Scotsman
  • New name, new era for Scottish Tories? - BBC
  • The three other leadership hopefuls criticise Fraser's plans for a new party - Scotsman


  • 16,000 convictions for being gay could be erased from police records to tackle mistreatment of homosexuals - Times (£)
  • UK passport forms set to accommodate gay parents - Pink News
  • Tube drivers set to get £50,000 a year - Telegraph

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