7.15pm WATCH: Baroness Warsi defends Theresa May over cat row


  • Ed Miliband's new shadow cabinet possesses youth, street-fighters and THIRTY-ONE members – LeftWatch
  • Hilary Benn is the new Shadow Communities Secretary – LocalGovernment
  • Should Tom Watson (and Michael Fallon) be allowed to stay on a Select Committee? – MPsETC
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  • Reaction from Sayeeda Warsi: "By promoting Gordon Brown’s cronies, the very people who got us into this mess in the first place, it’s clear that Ed Miliband is a weak leader who has learnt nothing. Until Ed Miliband gets rid of a Shadow Chancellor who is dangerously addicted to debt and comes up with a credible plan to clear up the mess Labour left behind, no one will trust them ever again on the economy."
  • Reaction from Ed Miliband: "We have people who are ready to serve in our shadow cabinet, and they’re going to work with people with experience, who’ve been in Parliament longer and I think that’s the right combination of youth and experience."


  • "The chancellor, George Osborne, has expressed confidence in the viability of the country's banks after a leading credit rating agency cut its ratings on 12 British financial institutions. Moody's cut its ratings on RBS, which is mostly owned by the taxpayer, by two notches from A2 to Aa3, and it downgraded Lloyds TSB by one notch to A1 from Aa3." – Guardian
  • "The shares of the UK’s major banks fell in trading this morning as investors digested the announcement by Moody’s of its downgrade of the credit ratings of 12 British lenders. Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland were the heaviest fallers with their shares dropping more than 3pc, while Barclays slipped closed to 2pc, even though it did not have its credit rating downgraded." – Daily Telegraph


  • "Mr Osborne told the Tory conference that Britain will not put British firms at a disadvantage by cutting carbon emissions faster than other countries. Senior Lib Dems accused Mr Osborne of peddling ‘red meat’ for his party faithful that risks contradicting government policy, since the government has enshrined in law a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2020." – Daily Mail 


  • "The most senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence had previously warned Liam Fox about his connections to a self-styled adviser and personal friend, Adam Werritty, the Guardian can reveal. Officials had also previously told Fox to stop Werritty handing out business cards that falsely describe him as an "adviser to the Rt Hon Dr Fox MP"." – Guardian
  • "Adam Werritty, Dr Fox’s former flatmate was caught on camera with the politician on a visit to Sri Lanka this summer. Dr Fox has previously insisted that Mr Werritty had never joined him on official business overseas. An investigation has been launched into whether Mr Werritty’s close dealings with Dr Fox has put national security in jeopardy or broke ministerial rules." – Daily Telegraph
  • A picture of the business card itself – Guido Fawkes


  • Another Liberal Conservative joins 10 Downing Street – ToryDiary
  • Cameron doesn't rule out fat tax as Tory peer says obesity crisis could destroy NHS – MPsETC
  • "On 10th anniversary of start of war, patchy progress brings fears civil war or Taliban takeover could follow Nato's 2014 withdrawal" – Guardian
  • "Now, Slovakia is being asked to fork out more than $10 billion toward the new bailout fund — an amount equal to roughly 12 percent of its annual economic output." – Washington Post