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4.15pm WATCH: The €urozone crisis explained in just under 3 minutes

3pm John Baron MP on Comment: The Conservative party has missed a golden opportunity to show it is in tune with the British electorate over an EU referendum, to Labour’s gain

2.30pm WATCH: Cameron calls Miliband "a complete mug who wants no rebalancing at all" of EU powers 

2pm Murdo Fraser MSP on Comment: Policy must be based on principles which serve the interests of people throughout Scotland

1pm ToryDiary: It's rally round Cameron time at PMQs

Leadsom12.15pm MPsETC: Andrea Leadsom suggests an age guidance rating for sex and relationship education materials

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ToryDiary: Elizabeth Truss takes a long-term view of the challenges facing Britain and the continent

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Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Turn down the volume on Europe or lose the next election

Local Government: Labour still sniping at Cable Car scheme


On Monday, Cameron suggested that powers may be repatriated.  Yesterday, Clegg said that they won't be. Tory backbenchers call for openness on the Coalition's European policy.

Eu"As the Prime Minister tried to calm the row with warm words about the rebels, Mr Clegg offered a string of provocative comments, scorning the demands of the Conservative backbenches. “Eurosceptics need to be quite careful for what they wish for, because if they succeed – and they won’t succeed, as long as I’m in government – to push this country towards the exit sign, let’s be clear: that [what] will be damaged is British families, British businesses, British jobs,” said Mr Clegg." – Daily Telegraph

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> Yesterday 

More than half of the dissident MPs were only elected last year – the Thatcherite "class of 2010"

Nuttall"David Nuttall, the MP for marginal Bury North, has emerged as the rebel-in-chief. He has an unorthodox, working-class background among Conservatives – he was educated at a comprehensive school, left school at the age of 18 and later obtained a law degree by correspondence…Other high-profile rebel newcomers include Zac Goldsmith (Richmond Park), Mark Reckless (Rochester and Strood), Priti Patel (Witham), a former spokeswoman for William Hague when he was party leader, and Sarah Wollaston, the GP chosen as the Tory candidate in Totnes following an open primary" - Independent

  • Not "class of 2010" – but Wales Online profiles David Davies MP, "Wales’ foremost devo-sceptic" - Wales Online

Bernard Jenkin MP offers his roadmap for the repatriation of powers back from the EU

Jenkin"Our final objective should not be to leave the EU, but to advance trade and co-operation with our EU partners. To this end, we should agree to remain in a customs union with the EU to avoid disrupting the free movement of goods and services between member states. Preoccupied as they are with the euro crisis, our EU partners are far more likely to agree to these demands now than at any time in the past. If at any stage our coalition partners refuse to support the new policy, let them declare their opposition openly. We could offer them a referendum on the new policy now, or a general election on a Conservative manifesto commitment to obtain the new relationship with the EU, to be ratified after approval by a referendum" - Times (£)

Cameron must be "unashamed about defending British interests at the summit of all 27 leaders of EU states in Brussels today" says Nick Wood

"Cameron should have the guts to point out to his fellow leaders that these sticking plaster solutions are unlikely to work for long. Levels of Government debt in the Mediterranean rim are now so high – and borrowing rates so ruinous – that it is impossible to imagine them ever paying back their creditors. Nor should he encourage them to believe that their latest mad plan – fiscal union – stands any real chance of success. Fiscal union works in the United States of America (just) because all 50 states are members of one country, all 300 million inhabitants of the USA see themselves as Americans and because of the deep ties of language, culture and history that bind them fiercely together" - Daily Mail

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A leaked Downing Street report suggests giving companies the freedom to sack unproductive workers

"It says that British workers should be banned from claiming unfair dismissal so that firms and public sector bodies can find more capable replacements. Under current regulations, workers are allowed to “coast along” and employers are left fearful of expanding because new staff may prove “unknown quantities” who are impossible to sack, the report says. The radical recommendation to scrap the concept of unfair dismissal is made by Adrian Beecroft, a venture capitalist, in a report commissioned by David Cameron. The report is understood to have the support of both the Chancellor and Downing St, although the proposals are likely to meet with strong opposition from some Liberal Democrats and trade unions" – Daily Telegraph

Elizabeth Truss MP: Britain can't afford to ignore that the middle class is at a "standing start"  

Truss"The important work carried out in welfare by Iain Duncan Smith and in education by Michael Gove is propelling us in the right direction. Unfortunately, Britain is at a standing start in this race, even among our European competitors. The UK is 28th in the OECD for maths and 16th for science and compared to the US, France and Germany Britain has the highest proportion of people with only basic skills. We will need to be ruthless in pursuing excellence. This will open a new wave of opportunities and not present a deep squeeze for those born in the 2000s and 2010s" – Daily Telegraph

Cabinet split will emerge today when Chris Huhne attacks Osborne to threatening to abandon the Coalition's green pledges 

"The Chancellor's hostile stance has prompted much new scrutiny of the Government's environmental record – and an audit of its green policies byThe Independent strongly suggests that David Cameron's boast of running "the greenest government ever" is now unsustainable. In a clear sign of the serious divisions over the environment at the highest levels of the Government, Mr Huhne, a Liberal Democrat, will reassert the importance of the Coalition's green policies – three weeks after the Chancellor aggressively downplayed them. Mr Huhne will turn Mr Osborne's own words against him. Whereas the Chancellor said at the Conservative Party conference that "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business," Mr Huhne will say in a speech this morning: "We are not going to save our economy by turning our back on renewable energy" - Independent

  • Huhne attacks renewable energy critics - Guardian

VAT = Vince Avoids Tax: Cable fined £500 for failing to pay £25,000 and register income from media and book deals Sun

Sir Malcolm Rifkind is one of the authors of a report which suggests the Commonwealth "is failing to stop human rights abuses by members" 

Rifkindmalcolmspeaking_6"A suppressed report into the failings of the Commonwealth warns that it is losing relevance and credibility, according to a leaked copy seen by The Times. The scathing 205-page report, commissioned for discussion at the meeting of Commonwealth heads of government this weekend in Perth, suggests that because of the failure to tackle abuses by member states, the Commonwealth is developing a reputation as “hypocritical or indifferent” - Times (£)

Ken Clarke and Theresa May look likely to clash over plans to toughen sentences for knife offenders  

Clarke"Giving evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday, Mr Clarke said the Government was “still considering it”. But asked why he was against suggestions by the Home Secretary and the Mayor to extend the proposals to under-18s, Mr Clarke added: "The idea that mandatory sentences now apply to certain types of offence, to young offenders, to children, to juveniles, is a bit of a leap for the British judicial system. "The idea that a 13-year-old should come up before a court and the court be told that, unless there's something quite exceptional, you have no discretion here, this particular offence, which isn't the most serious offence, you should automatically be sent off, presumably in that case, to a secure children's home, does rather go against how we normally approach the sentencing of juveniles. The British system is based on a totally different approach to sentencing for juveniles" – Daily Telegraph

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  • Paul McKeever: "Now is not the right time for Police and crime commissioners" - Huffington Post

The Government's NHS reforms will come under renewed criticism in the Commons today  - Daily Telegraph

Saddam Hussein personally intervened to make sure British journalist Farzad Bazoft was executed in Iraq to punish Margaret Thatcher

"Saddam dismissed outright Britain’s appeals for clemency for Mr Bazoft, who was on assignment in Iraq for The Observer when he was arrested along with British nurse Daphne Parish and convicted of spying. According to newly published documents, the Iraqi dictator had only a brief conversation about the charges against the British pair before suddenly asking how long it would take “for a person to be executed.” Told that it would take a month for the legal process to be complete, Saddam snapped: “A whole month? I say we execute him in Ramadam, and this will be the punishment for Margaret Thatcher.” Mr Bazoft was hanged days after the meeting, in March 1990" - Times (£)

At the suggestion of Liam Fox, Gerald Howarth met with IRG Limited, the firm funding Adam Werrity Guardian

Russian "Spy" kept Hancock diaryPolitics Home (£)

Comparing the St. Pauls protestors to squatters, Hove MP Mike Weatherley says he would "happily boot them out" himselfExpress


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