3.30pm WATCH: Theresa May is confronted over her cat and illegal immigrant claims 

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 15.35.17 1.30pm ToryDiary: A news round-up of Theresa May and Ken Clarke's Conservative party conference speeches

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.45am WATCH: What do Conservative activists think of David Cameron?

11.30am ToryDiary: Boris praises Londoners for their reaction to the riots, and thanks the nation for its contribution to the Olympics

9.30am WATCH: David Cameron: The council tax freeze, weekly bin collections, and bringing forward infrastructure spending, are all "sensible uses of money"

ToryDiary: Theresa May moves to make deporting criminals easier 

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Osborne throws multi-billion pound credit line to businesses 

Ft "Mr Osborne responded on Monday by announcing a new programme of “credit easing” in which the Treasury would support business lending, using the Bank as its agent or operating through a new arm’s-length agency. Aides said the Treasury’s corporate bond purchases could eventually total “tens of billions of pounds” - FT (£)

  • George Osborne unveils 'Plan A-plus' to get money into small firms' - Telegraph
  • Treasury bond scheme will lend the billions the banks are holding back - Daily Mail
  • Matthew Engel: 'The naked truth about Osborne's policy' - FT (£)
  • Allister Heath: 'Tory plan could fuel sub-prime debt' - City A.M
  • Daily Mail Comment: 'A bold gamble that gives firms a chance' - Daily Mail
  • Daniel Hannan MEP re quoting Osborne: 'Printing money is the last resort of desperate governments when all other policies have failed' - Telegraph
  • Andrew Grice: 'Osborne trod a fine line between self-fulfilling gloom and optimism' - Independent
  • Simon Hoggart: 'George Osborne and company display a stunning lack of charisma' - Guardian
  • Quentin Letts describes Osborne as the "poor girl's Roger Moore" - Daily Mail
  • Telegraph View: 'George Osborne offers a hint of better times' - Telegraph
  • 'Osborne outlines carbon plans' - City A.M
  • Matthew Elliott says that council tax should be cut, not just frozen - Daily Mail

>Yesterday's ToryDiary: A news round-up of George Osborne's Conservative party conference speech

Unions condemn Chancellor's plan to charge employers for tribunals 

Osborne "In a move condemned by the unions as an attempt to silence the vulnerable, workers will face a £150 to £250 charge to make any employment tribunal application and a further £1,000 for starting a hearing. The sums would be higher for compensation claims of more than £30,000. The charges, recoverable if a case is won, come on top of a move to deprive access to tribunal for all workers with less than two years' continuous employment" - Guardian

Unions lack "the appetite" for strike action, says Maude  Independent

Rachel Sylvester makes comparisons with Churchill, saying that the Conservatives could win the economic war, and yet still lose the election

"The danger for the Conservatives is that even if they do in the end win the economic war, they could still lose the election. That is, of course, what happened to Churchill some years after that famous conversation in the No 11 dining room" - Times (£)

> Yesterday's WATCH: Osborne says that the planned union strikes will "hit jobs, hit growth" and are "totally irresponsible"

Today's conference speeches

1) May will rewrite immigration rules today, stopping foreign criminals from avoiding deportation by claiming a "right to family life" 

Tmay "Although everyone has a right under Article Eight of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to respect for their private and family life, officials point out, it is not an absolute right. They insist it is legitimate to interfere with the exercise of that right where it is in the public interest to do so, for public protection or to protect the British economy. The home secretary is examining how to make clear in the immigration rules that a foreign national can be deported when they have been convicted of a criminal offence, breached immigration rules, set up a family life while in the UK illegally, chosen Britain as their country of residence or are unable to support themselves financially" - BBC

  • The Sun says, May vows "to end human rights farce" - Sun
  • May's move will exploit loophole in European 'Clause 8' - Times (£)

Conor Burns MP says he will write to Cameron, urging him to bypass Clegg on the Human Rights Act BBC

2) Lansley to say that foreign doctors, who cannot speak English, will be banned from working in the NHS 

Lansley “I am determined that doctors who come from overseas to work here in our NHS must not only have the right qualifications, but also the language skills to practise here,” the Health Secretary is expected to say. “We will amend the Medical Act to ensure that any doctor from overseas who can’t use a decent level of English is not able to treat NHS patients. This is not about discriminating; we’ve always appreciated how much overseas doctors and nurses give to our NHS. It is simply about our absolute commitment to put patients’ safety first” - Telegraph I Daily Mail

  • 400 senior doctors, and health experts ask the Lords to scrap the Government's health reform bill - Guardian

3) Clarke to announce plans for more drug recovery wings in prisons 

Kenclarke "Kenneth Clarke plans to extend the number of prison wings designated as drug recovery units. The Justice Secretary will tell the Conservative Party conference that drug-dependent inmates serving less than 12 months are to be offered treatment while in jail and after their release. Five “drug recovering wings” in Manchester, Holme House, High Down, Bristol and Brixton prisons are being piloted as part of the Government’s drive to tackle the huge scale of drug abuse in jails. It aims to provide effective treatment rehabilitation for offenders who are not in jail long enough to complete treatment programmes. Offenders start the programme while in jail and then continue with treatment when they are released in an attempt to break their addiction" - Times (£)

"The great danger for the Conservatives, as they prepare to debate the subject again today in Manchester, is that history may be about to repeat itself. While last week’s Labour conference was by most assessments a distinctly low-grade affair, on one issue – crime – it chimed with popular sentiment. The most political speech was made by Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, who tapped into a perception that the Government is about to make some serious errors in this field" – Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph

Davis and Redwood launch Blue Book of Tory policy ideas which looks beyond the coalition 

Davis  "[The book] argue[s] that the party stands a better chance of winning an outright majority at the next election if it embraces a purely Conservative philosophy, shorn of Liberal Democrat influences. Launching his book, Davis said Tories had a "duty" to battle excessive Lib Dem influence over coalition policy, accusing the Lib Dems of "batting" policy backwards and forwards to impose their philosophy" - Guardian

Senior Tories feel Cameron is using "weasel words" to avoid an EU referendum

Prominent Eurosceptic Douglas Carswell said it was time for the public to be given a say on Europe. ‘The tide is moving irrevocably towards a referendum, regardless of whether or not the Prime Minister wants one,’ he said. ‘All three parties have promised a referendum within recent memory and there is no getting away from that, whatever weasel words are now being used. This is an issue of trust" - Daily Mail

  • The Daily Express' crusade to leave the EU – conference debate attracts over 200 grassroots Tories, MPs and members of the public - Express
  • Nick Wood: 'Hague gets the credit 10 years too late for saving us from the €uro - Daily Mail

> Yesterday David Campbell-Bannerman MEP: To win a referendum and free Britain from the EU, we have to be positive and show how realistic it is to leave

Mary Riddell says that Cameron must beware when occupying the centre ground of the threat from the right 

Cameron Much as Mr Cameron may perceive the hostility of the Right as a boost to his liberal credentials, he should beware. Far from dealing with spittle-flecked ranters, Mr Moderate faces the opposition of smart, young and tactical MPs well aware that the economic crisis, and the attendant social unrest, may lure voters into more extreme positions - Telegraph

Ian Birrell writes that the Prime Minister has to repeat his conference speech 5 years ago and "prove that he is a modern, liberal and progressive Conservative"

"The prime minister must ignore the siren voices of the right, amplified by their online friends, who are once again clamouring to pull Britain out of Europe, to focus tax cuts on the rich and for ever-tougher stances on immigration and crime. This might please party activists and win cheap applause on the conference fringe. It is also the way to lose elections as seen in the past, a reminder of the nasty party with its toxic talk and outmoded obsessions" - Guardian

James Hanning says that Cameron is more of a pragmatist than a sexist, saying he is good at "personal empathy" Independent

Phillip Stephens says that Tory eurosceptics are right to call for a referendum, but may be dissapointed with the outcome

"Barring a euro break-up, Britain and its partners are now set on different courses. At some point the divergence will become unsustainable. The Tory sceptics may be right after all. There is a case for an in-or-out referendum. My guess is the sceptics would be sorely disappointed by the outcome. The voters are realists. Much as Brussels may irritate them, they know there is nothing splendid about isolation" - FT (£)

On Wednesday, the Tory party will break with convention, by using a party political broadcast to encoruage votes to give money to charities battling drought in East Africa  - Guardian

Gove admits his admiration for Rupert Murdoch, describing him as a "phenomenon" Times (£)

Alan Cochrane says that the Scottish Tory leadership hopefuls, must "kiss and make up" to avoid proving their critics right Telegraph

At a special meeting, delegates vote 2/1 against Fraser's plans to split the Scottish Tory party Express


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