7.30pm Columnist Anthony Browne: Immigration appears to be cooling as an issue

6.15pm MPsETC: Liam Fox's reaction to O'Donnell report

5.45pm James Arbuthnot MP on Comment: Israel did the right thing in trading 1,000 prisoners for one captured Israeli soldier

5.30pm The Teatime newslinks include reaction to the rise in inflation; the latest on Liam Fox; and Boris delighting a press gallery lunch with some talk that won't endear him to Cameron, Osborne or Clarke

4.45pm MPsETC: Eurosceptic Tory MPs draft motion seeking multi-option referendum on EU

3.45pm ToryDiary: Has one of Smiley's People replaced Tobias Ellwood at Defence?

Gauke David October 20112.45pm WATCH:

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's American political news

11am Priti Patel on Comment: Parliament must debate ECHR reforms

ToryDiary: A renegotiation referendum would probably be won. An In/ Out poll would probably be lost… and split the party with it


MajorityConservatism: A summary of the differences between the Conservative Party we have and the Conservative Party we need

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: There's no such thing as Worcester Woman or Mondeo Man

Lionel Zetter on Comment: Lobbying is legitimate

Douglas Murray on Platform: A final word on my differences with Paul Goodman

PicklesLocal government: Pickles says coordination needed for 120,000 troubled families

Also on Local government: How Labour's referral fees from ambulance chasing lawyers were exposed


Inflation is expected to hit a three-year high, landing the Government with a bumper bill for increased state benefits and underlining the squeeze on household incomes

"September's consumer prices index (CPI) will be used to determine next April's rise in the basic state pension, piling pressure on the public purse but bringing some relief for hard-pressed pensioners." – PA

Labour MP's call for David Cameron to apologise for Hillsborough blundersMetro

Forty MPs back Nick de Bois MP's attempt to toughen Ken Clarke's knife crime policy Sun

The Sun Says: "Mr Clarke is refusing to let the Government's new law jailing knife thugs apply to under-18s — even though they cause 40 per cent of knife crime. The law is being brought in belatedly after the Tories broke a manifesto promise to jail anyone with a knife. It seems Mr Clarke can do what he likes. Even if it puts the public in peril."

Fox Liam Apr11Sir Gus O'Donnell's report will find that Liam Fox breached ministerial code but did not benefit financially from his relationship with Adam WerrityPA | BBC

  • Israel shared intelligence on Iran with Werritty – Times (£)
  • Dr Fox should not accept his £17,000 pay off – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail
  • Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£) notes Cameron's closeness to his ministers and aides: "Already the ministers, and advisers, who are closest to the Prime Minister are godparents to each other’s children, sharing school runs and dinner parties in Notting Hill. They have wallpaper from Osborne & Little (owned by the Chancellor’s family), diaries from Smythson (designed by Samantha Cameron) and sofas from Oka (run by the Tory leader’s mother-in-law). It’s not so much six degrees of separation as three possible routes to the PM."

Labour lead grows to 8% in Times (£)/ Populus poll but is just 3% in overnight YouGov/ Sun survey.

Cameron rather than Huhne fronts meeting with energy companies in sign that electricity and gas prices are at top of political agendaFT (£)

  • David Cameron: 'We will make energy competitive' – Telegraph
  • "George Osborne is preparing to offer tax breaks to firms hit by Britain’s ‘absurd’ climate change policies after being warned they threaten to drive business abroad." – Daily Mail
    Cameron's summit with energy companies can't hide the impact his green taxes are having on energy prices – Daily Mail leader
  • "The outlandishly expensive target for “renewable” energy supply, especially wind turbines, imposed on the companies by the political class is also a major factor in price rises." – Express leader
  • Why are we kept in the dark over the energy lifeline that is shale gas? – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph | Fraser Nelson at Coffee House

BigpicTory MP and GP Philip Lee floats measures that will tackle the problem of ever-increasing demands on the NHS

"Be it a “co-payments system”, as advanced by a former Labour minister, a supplementary insurance scheme, as preferred on the Continent, or a so-called fat tax, whichever policy is adopted must reflect a determination to bear down on demand by moving some responsibility for healthcare away from the State and towards the individual." – Dr Philip Lee MP in The Times (£)

Care services for older people are being denied vital funding because “under-performing” NHS hospitals are soaking up public money

"Lord Warner claims that some failing hospitals must be closed to cut spending and pay for care of the elderly. He also warns that watering down the Coalition’s health reforms will mean the Government does not have enough money to meet the increasing costs of social care for older people." – Telegraph

  • £20 billion NHS efficiency savings are hitting patients and frontline – Guardian
  • The danse macabre that beckons for the NHS will make the defence imbroglio look like a foxtrot in the park – Mary Riddell in The Telegraph
  • "[Cameron] is so laid back he did not seem to know what Fox was getting up to. This is not especially surprising given that, apparently, he did not know what was in Andrew Lansley's original White Paper on the NHS, an excuse that remains almost unbelievable. I still hope the alternative explanation is true, that he did know what was in the White Paper and agreed with it, an alarming but less shocking excuse. Nonetheless several of Cameron's close allies have told me the former is closer to what happened. Lansley was allowed to get on with it." – Steve Richards in The Independent

The FT examines why Osborne will pursue the IMF route to help the Eurozone

OSBORNE GEORGE PORTRAIT"Any eurozone support from the IMF could hit UK taxpayers only in the most extreme circumstances in which Greece, Portugal or Ireland simultaneously defaulted on all their other debts and still could not service their IMF loans. In such a world, an IMF default is unlikely to be the most pressing problem for the chancellor as, for example, he would already have had to deal with a bilateral default from Ireland. For these reasons Mr Osborne is determined to tough out the criticism. Any help to the eurozone through the IMF is less provocative to the Tory right than other forms of help." – FT (£)

  • Osborne builds up a Court of George in slow burn campaign for Tory leadership – Nick Watt at The Guardian
  • Capitalists are the real revolutionaries – Allister Heath in City AM

Hague highlights Government's cyber war strategy in Sun interview

"Britain is prepared to strike first to defend against a cyber attack from an enemy state, William Hague declares today. The Foreign Secretary's warning to the world is the first clear signal that the UK has developed new weapons for the online battlefield." – The Sun

200,000 people have signed a National Trust petition calling on the Government to rethink its controversial planning reformsIndependent

  • Simon Jenkins says property firms using massive warchest to support planning reforms – Telegraph

"If there was one thing which would have condemned Cameron as hopelessly out of touch with "ordinary people", it would have been a levy on hamburgers and chips." – Dominic Lawson at The Independent

FRASER MURDOFormer MSP Bill Aitken is latest backer of Murdo FraserScotsman

“I set out at the start of my campaign what I called new unionism, which is the belief that the best way to defend the United Kingdom is to understand that most people in Scotland actually are comfortable with the idea of a Scottish Parliament and are relaxed at the prospect of having more powers.” – Murdo Fraser interviewed in The Scotsman

Margaret Mitchell MSP promises to be backbench thorn in Murdo Fraser's side if he wins and attempts to form new Scottish party – Scotsman

£34m Sovereign Grant becomes new way of funding Royal FamilyBBC

Labour's Children's Minister: 47 Sure Start centres in England will close because of funding cutsBBC

"Skiving' MPs want another mini-break: An extra five days off… because riots disturbed recess"Daily Mail

A new security chief could be appointed to oversee the protection of Parliament after the “chaos” caused by a foam pie assault on Rupert Murdoch – Express


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