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Local government: Prime Minister stresses need to improve adoption rate

Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 07.07.16 Britain must show a bulldog “spirit” to see out the economic storm and enjoy the brighter future that will followTelegraph

  • Key themes of Cameron's speech; "Times are tough, But they will get better" – James Landale for the BBC
  • Britain needs to ‘show the world some fight’ and prove it is not finished as a major economic power, David Cameron has declared – Daily Mail
    Can-do PM evokes spirit of Britain but tones down call to pay off debts – Independent
  • Speechwriters were forced to rejig the PM's speech at the last minute after sparking panic by calling on Brits to pay off credit card debts – The Sun
  • "Mr Cameron certainly tried hard to rally the country by being as upbeat as the grim circumstances allow. He is the best leader available to see Britain through these hard times. But the feeling remains that Nick Clegg still has too much influence, particularly over Europe." – Sun Says
  • After yesterday, David Cameron is the commanding figure in British politics and has captured the centre ground – Times leader (£)


Two substantial developments from Cameron's speech:

  • We'll let white families adopt black children says Cameron, as he pledges to end scandal of youngsters left in care – Daily Mail
  • Cameron urges employers to take up government-funded apprenticeships – Telegraph

Max Hastings: This was a good speech but didn't quite suit the gravity of the economic times

"His speech felt as if it was written many weeks ago, for delivery in ‘normal’ times. He asserted his understanding that ‘it is an anxious time … prices and bills keep going up … You wonder how our children are going to manage.’ Amid one of the gravest international and domestic crises in modern history, David Cameron will need to raise his game higher than this. I believe he can do it. But yesterday the man did not quite match the hour." – Max Hastings in the Daily Mail

  • "Cameron's speech was a giddying guided tour around his favourite themes, without much sense of where he was taking us next or why." – Steve Richards in The Independent
  • Bernard Ingham writes the economy-focused speech that Cameron "should have given" – Yorkshire Post

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron talks compassion but should he have talked growth?

> Yesterday's Teatime links included lots of blog reaction to Cameron's speech

Cameron and Osborne signal shift away from climate change politics in speeches

Green-image "Here's a green keyword count for the prime minister's speech today at the Conservative party conference: Green: 2. Climate: 0. Environment: 0. Carbon: 0. Both mentions of "green" were in passing. One was part of a wide-ranging blast by David Cameron at Labour's failings. The other – "green engineering" – also came as part of a list of technologies a new economy would be built on." – Damian Carrington for The Guardian

Graeme Archer: Tory family is coming together and the splits between traditionalists and modernisers are reducing

"The merging of the flag with the oak tree is apt: there was no factionalism or antagonism between traditionalists and modernisers; among the latter, Nick Boles MP is not afraid to say we should discuss immigration and crime; among the former, Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome website, has never opposed making the party more at ease with the country it serves. There was never a big contradiction going on here anyway. You can hate the euro, and not dislike gay people, all at the same time: a blindingly obvious conclusion for normal human beings. It just takes political parties longer to work these things out." – Graeme Archer in The Telegraph (also read Janet Daley)

George Osborne considering more help for childcareExpress

HagueFCO Hague has warned Tory Eurosceptics hoping to get powers back from the EU that the opportunity for doing so could be "many years" awayBBC

"Mr Hague yesterday insisted in a TV interview that there would be “moments in the future when we can do things about repatriating power from Brussels”, but said pulling out of Europe would do nothing to isolate the UK from the eurozone crisis." – Express

Dominic Grieve, Attorney General, attacks newspapers for "peddling hysterical untruths" about Human Rights LawsIndependent

  • Cameron sides with Theresa May on human rights cat flap – Times (£)
  • Judge DID rule migrant's pet was a reason he shouldn't be deported – Daily Mail
  • Ken Clarke will be sacked by the PM in his first Cabinet reshuffle, ministers predicted last night – The Sun

Gove accused campaigners opposed to the Government’s planning reforms of being more concerned about their “precious” lawns than jobsTelegraph

Liam Fox yesterday faced claims that he had put national security at risk by allowing a close friend to present himself as an official adviserTelegraph

Scottish Tories' media chief suspended over alleged inappropriate involvement in Ruth Davidson's campaignScotsman

"The Scottish Conservatives last night suspended their top spin doctor pending an investigation into whether he improperly helped one of the candidates in the party’s leadership race. Ramsay Jones, who as a party employee is supposed to stay neutral, was removed from his duties after attending a strategy meeting at the home of Glasgow list MSP Ruth Davidson."The Herald

John Redwood: Public spending has gone up by 1.3% in real terms over the twelve months

REDWOOD JOHN MASTHEAD NEW "It is important that in all the arguments about paying off the credit card the impression is not left that the government is now paying off the nation’s credit card. This particular piece of well used plastic is about the be flexed and flexed again. It is important people are told that. This is no slash and burn government when it comes to public spending." – John Redwood

  • There is no evidence that Manchester to London needs a fast train service – John Redwood

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the TUC, held private talks in Manchester this week with four senior ministers – including the Chancellor, George Osborne – in an attempt to avert next month's planned one-day strikeIndependent

The Conservative party is effectively the political wing of the City of London – Seamus Milne in The Guardian

…but in The Times (£), Camilla Cavendish says UK financial sector is struggling under new red tape: "In the past year this Government has loaded new costs on to the successful financial services industry in addition to a host of new international regulations."

We should stop obsessing about statistically meaningless shifts in GDP data – Allister Heath in City AM

And finally… Should Tory politicians be making jokes about Eric Pickles' size? – Josh Glancy for Huffington Post


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