8.45pm WATCH: Libya can "move on to next phase", says William Hague

7pm MPsETC: George Eustice MP proposes compromise EU motion

5pm Among other things today's Teatime newslinks feature the Tory MPs coming to Cameron's defence on Europe… the still growing rebellion… and a new spat between May and Clarke on crime

Cam104.15pm ToryDiary: Listen to Cameron's reaction to Colonel Gaddafi's death

4.15pm Local government:

2.30pm LISTEN: Tory MPs Mark Pritchard and Nadhim Zahawi debate EU motion on Radio 4

2pm Richard Harrington MP on Comment: An EU debate amounts to a "kneejerk indulgence" for Eurosceptics

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's newslinks led by Rick Perry's plan to revive his flagging campaign by promising flat tax

Eu_flag10.15am ToryDiary: Help us draw up a list of things that are wrong with the EU…

9.30am MPsETC: 61 Tory MPs have now signed EU referendum motion

ToryDiary: The EU rebellion is a symptom of a breakdown in relations between Cameron and large numbers of his MPs

ToryDiary: The Government planned to recruit from a terror suspect's supporters to the civil service fast stream

Columnist Jill Kirby: Can the Coalition provide reassurance in the Age of Anxiety?

Jesse Norman MP on Comment: The fate of the Eurozone hinges on leadership from Mrs Merkel

Lord Ashcroft on Comment: The hunt for ten of Britain’s most wanted criminals as Crimestoppers campaign celebrates its fifth anniversary

Local government: Cambridgeshire increases councillor allowances by 25%

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 06.13.43WATCH:

Downing Street hopes fewer Tory MPs will rebel if Cameron attends debateGuardian

"David Cameron is to rush forward a landmark Commons vote on Britain's relationship with Europe. The move comes amid 'complete panic' in Tory high command about growing support in the party for a referendum." – Daily Mail

Cameron starts playing catch-up over the EU referendum vote – Spectator

The Express quotes Cameron's words on a referendum: “Of course in the longer term there may be further moves towards further treaties and so forth, and at that stage there may be opportunities to bring further powers back to Britain – and there may, indeed, be opportunities to hold a referendum, but I do not believe the right answer is to hold a referendum willy-nilly in this Parliament when we have so much to do to get Europe to sort out its problems.”

  • David Cameron must let backbenchers vote freely on Britain's membership of the European Union – Chris Heaton-Harris in The Telegraph
  • "Mr Cameron is following the classic recipe of the British political class over matters to do with the EU: pledge to hold referendums but never actually get round to doing so." – Express leader
  • Eurosceptics are stirring again and there's panic in Downing Street – Steve Richards in The Independent
  • "there is nothing Cameron could have said that would placate the Tory eurosceptics. Their agenda and the government's are incompatible. The PM wants the euro crisis to be resolved through diplomacy and without the need for any grand redrafting of EU treaties. The sceptics need to amplify the crisis so that a great renegotiation becomes inevitable." – Rafael Behr for the New Statesman

Tory grassroots pressure may force wavering MPs to vote for referendum – Independent

Vince Cable blames export markets and energy price hikes for a potential double dip recessionGuardian

Cable and Red Box

"Dozens of businesses will be sent funds over the next few weeks as part of the Government’s regional growth fund. It follows embarrassment for the Prime Minister in the House of Commons after he was forced to admit that only two companies have so far benefited from the £1.4 billion growth policy." – Times (£)

Government abandons plans for the UK's first coal-fired power plant fitted with technology to capture and store carbon emissions

"The flagship project at Longannet, the huge power station on the Firth of Forth, fell apart after the consortium planning to build it, headed by ScottishPower and including Shell and the National Grid, demanded considerably more investment than the £1bn which the Government had set aside for the scheme." – Independent

"The decision came under fire from environmental groups and First Minister Alex Salmond, who said it was an “enormous lost opportunity”." – Scotsman

What is carbon capture? – Herald

Subsidies for households to install solar panels are about to be slashed by ministersFT (£)

  • "The number of households in “fuel poverty” would fall almost a third to 2.7m if the government were to accept a new definition of the problem suggested by an independent inquiry." – FT (£)

12,000 responses to planning consultation may mean four to five month delay to reformsTimes (£)

  • If planning reform is rushed, it will ruin the face of Britain – Hillary Benn in The Telegraph

Clarke MarrKen Clarke aims to bust bureaucracy that stops individuals taking legal action against intelligence servicesFT (£)

Brooke Kinsella blasts David Cameron for breaking promise on knife crime

"I supported the Conservatives pre-election because they promised tough discipline. As someone who has lost a loved one to knife crime, I don't think that is too much to ask. The vast majority of the public, victims' families and charities all want it. That was Cameron's promise to me and it has been broken." – Brooke Kinsella for The Sun

Chair of health service quango says Andrew Lansley's Health Bill is "completely unintelligible"Guardian

Cameron's 'regret' over Hillsborough: PM all but apologises for Thatcher government blundersDaily Mail

Fox Liam Apr11Adam Werritty funded by businessmen introduced to former Defence Secretary by a Party TreasurerGuardian

  • Liam Fox attacks ‘hounds’ in the media over political scandal – Metro
  • Fox began to sound as if he was accepting an Oscar – Quentin Letts in the Mail
  • Standards Commissioner plans Liam Fox inquiry – Independent
  • Dr Fox should be allowed his £17,000 payoff – Independent leader
  • Liam Fox's last interview before resigning as Defence Secretary – Total Politics

Public Accounts Committee warns that MORE aid could be lost to corruption because Andrew Mitchell is spending more money in high risk nations and vioa the EU/ World BankBBC

HESELTINE-MICHAEL-NNDirectly-elected mayor crucial to Liverpool's future, conclude Heseltine and Leahy in 170 word report for David CameronTimes (£)

  • Who is in charge? Liverpool needs a Boris – Ex Tesco boss Terry Leahy in The Times (£)

Murdo Fraser has the overwhelming support of Tory MSPs – David McLethchie in letter to Scotsman

Nick Clegg: Egypt's harsh and outdated Emergency Law must be lifted – The Deputy PM writing in The Independent

Britain's most senior judge says courts can ignore European human rights rulingsTimes (£)

  • A former offender Danny Kruger had taken under his wing, and about whose life of crime he had commissioned a play, has gone on the run just days before the opening night – Times (£)

Politicians who allowed mass immigration and failed to build enough houses are bullying the elderly into giving up their homes – Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail

And finally… 'Cool' Duke of Cambridge named most influential man of the year ahead of David Cameron and President ObamaDaily Mail


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