8.30pm WATCH:

Fox October 20115.30pm ToryDiary: Liam Fox apologises for blurring professional responsibilities and personal loyalties

4pm WATCH: Victoria Borwick AM advocates £5 billion 'Heathwick' rail link to connect London's big airports

2.30pm LeftWatch: Talking to the BBC's Jon Sopel, Chris Huhne admits briefing against Theresa May… but has he told the whole truth?

2pm ConHomeUSA: Misgivings about Romney's Mormonism top today's US links

2pm WATCH: Three scientists knock down global warming consensus

12.15pm VIDEO: Soundbites from Cameron, Osborne and Hague feature in official video review of the Manchester Tory Conference (and it only lasts three minutes)

10.45am On Comment: There is much innuendo but not much substance in the attacks on Liam Fox

Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 09.55.2910.15am ToryDiary: John Major says crisis in Eurozone gives UK opportunity to repatriate control over employment law, financial regulation and fisheries

Columnist Ruth Lea: Why I support the Bank's decision on Quantitative Easing

Comment: Not drowning, but waving: Paul Goodman on the swimming pool conservatism of Graeme Archer

The Right 100: Profile of Boris Johnson

Local government:

Fox MoD Liam Fox: I have no fear about these allegations

Dr Fox told The Sunday Telegraph: "I have absolutely no fear of complete transparency in these matters. I think there are underlying issues behind these claims and the motivation is deeply suspect."

"Defence secretary Liam Fox's future hangs in the balance as the Observer reveals film and email evidence that appears to contradict prior claims about his friend Adam Werritty's involvement in meetings with overseas dignitaries and businessmen." – Observer | BBC

  • Urgent internal departmental inquiry is focusing on role of close friend of Defence Secretary in securing business deals for his contractor clients – Independent on Sunday
  • A short history of Liam Fox's friendship with Adam Werrity – Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron asks Cabinet Secretary for report into Liam Fox allegations by Monday

Companies could be forced to say how many foreign workers they employ as part of a Government clampdown on immigration


"The move comes as ministers seek to tighten the rules in an attempt to meet a Tory pre-election pledge to cut immigration significantly. Proposals will be set out within weeks, while David Cameron may outline some of the details in a speech this week. Other elements of the package are likely to include:

  • A drive against sham marriages, with the “probationary period” before which spouses can settle in Britain increased from two years to five.
  • A review of the work visa system, used by up to 21,700 skilled employees a year to come to Britain.
  • A move to raise the minimum salary — currently £20,000 a year — that some non-EU migrants must earn if they are to be permitted to work in Britain."

Report in The Sunday Telegraph.

In a leader, The Sunday Telegraph welcomes the latest efforts but warns that "because of a maze of international obligations and treaties, reducing immigration is enormously difficult."

Osborne angers No 10 by stalling green energy boost

Osborne TINA "In an extraordinary move last week George Osborne was rebuked by David Cameron’s aides for failing to come on board for a key green policy. At a meeting on Monday the prime minister’s most senior official, Jeremy Heywood, gave a dressing down to an Osborne adviser over the chancellor’s failure to rubber stamp the new price that power companies will pay for renewable energy such as solar, wave and wind power." – The Sunday Times (£)

> Thursday's ToryDiary: Osborne puts Cameron's huskies on to a tight leash

How climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses – Richard North for the Mail on Sunday

George Osborne's Autumn statement will include “big, controversial announcements”, predicts Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

  • If women won’t spend their way out of the financial crisis, then we’re doomed – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • "In a recent YouGov poll, only 2 per cent of voters thought the economy was in good shape. More people believe that Elvis Presley is still alive." – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph
  • John Rentoul says George Osborne should fear some plain-speaking from Ken Clarke on the economy – Independent on Sunday
  • The Bank’s £75 billion exercise may not do much for the recovery but it damages the interests of pensioners by making it harder for inflation to fall – The Sunday Times leader (£)
  • In the absence of real rifts in the Conservative party, speculation about a contest between Osborne and Johnson is the court gossip – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Andrew Mitchell may cut to aid to poor nations that persecute homosexuals

MITCHELL ANDREW NW "A spokesman for Mr Mitchell said: 'The Government is committed to combating violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in all circumstances, in this country and abroad. We take action where we have concerns. We now allocate funds every three months, rather than every year, so that we can review a country's performance, for example on human rights, and take swift action when governments fall short. We only provide aid directly to governments when we are satisfied that they share our commitments to reduce poverty and respect human rights.'" – Mail on Sunday

Peers revolt may kill off NHS reformsObserver

  • David Cameron's failure to honour a promise to introduce an extra 3,000 midwives criticised – PA

For Patrick Hennessy the key moment of the Tory Conference was when Team Cameron reprogrammed Andrew Tryie so that he became 'on message'Sunday Telegraph

Martin Townsend: Where's Cameron's Churchillian work-rate?

Cameron David Lizard "Nobody travelled more than Churchill to meet and negotiate with our allies (and enemies) and to make sure that Britain had the support, money and equipment needed to win through. He won the war by working the war. For all David Cameron’s fine words from the conference stage last week, he has not taken the same approach to the recession. When news that Pfizer was planning to cease operations in Sandwich leaked out, I did not notice the Prime Minister rushing from Downing Street to Kent to thump the table and insist the company thinks again. Instead there were weasel words about ministers “being in constant touch by phone”. it was the same with Bombardier in Derby." – Martin Townsend in the Sunday Express

Philip Hammond's priority in this parliament should be road congestion, not HS2John Redwood

Against Cameron's fat tax thinking

  • The PM should get the nation of its economic backside before worrying about our waistlines – Terry Wogan in The Sunday Telegraph
  • ""A fat tax is something we should look at," Cameron declared last week, ignoring the obvious objection that such a tax would make absolutely no difference to the wealthy Pickleses in his own party, while it leaves the less fortunate and overweight as obese as ever, on a diet of refined carbohydrates." – Catherine Bennett for The Observer

WIDDECOMBE ANN Sir John Major, Tony Blair, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, the former head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales all backing case for Ann Widdecombe to be put in House of LordsSunday Telegraph

Murdo Fraser's allies call for outside scrutiny of Scottish leadership contest after doubts raised about Scottish CCO's partialityScotland on Sunday

Taxpayers are paying £68m to fund the union activities of thousands of civil servants, teachers, nurses and police officerThe Sunday Telegraph

Councils now make as much money out of extra charges as they do from the council tax – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

A committee of medical experts has called for a crackdown on parliament’s drinking cultureThe Sunday Times (£)


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