8pm LeftWatch: Update – There's also a Head of Continuing and Professional Education, a former Labour head of media, a head of Cultural Studies, a sociologist, a head of history…When the Observer's 100 leading economists aren't 100 leading economists

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at ToryDiary: Cameron sets out his three-pronged plan to revive Britain's economy

4.30pm WATCH: Assad warns the Daily Telegraph's Andrew Gilligan against foreign intervention in Syria

3pm Laura Sandys MP on Comment welcomes the Prime Minister placing ships flying our flag under armed guard – but says that Somali robbers aren't the only threat. Piracy, protection and tariffs: the triple threat to global trade

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

ToryDiary: The scandal of the racist dogma that stops black children being adopted

Ruth Lea on our Columnists Page: As the EU squabbles, the Commonwealth looks even more enticing

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 08.17.13Charlotte Vere on Comment: Conservatives must start talking about women in order to help achieve true equality between the genders

Also on Comment: Nadine Dorries – Why I went to Equatorial Guinea

MPsETC: Geoffrey Van Orden MEP's surveys of party members keep him in touch with the grassroots

LeftWatch: When the Observer's 100 leading economists aren't 100 leading economists

John Bald on Local Government: Mossbourne Academy v Passmores Academy

WATCH: The Queen ends her visit to Australia

Cameron moves to kill Daylight Saving Bill

"The Prime Minister made his feelings clear after Mr Cable's Business Department announced that it was considering giving support to a Bill that would force us to join German citizens in living an hour ahead of GMT in winter and two hours ahead in summer. An immediate rebuke was issued by No 10, declaring that, as Scotland would never accept the darker winter mornings, the plan was dead in the water." – Mail on Sunday

Yesterday: WATCH – Rebecca Harris MP makes the case for moving to European time; Peter Hitchens makes the case against

Male Conservative MPs give way to female ones for seats behind Prime Minister at PMQsMail on Sunday

Downing Street to proclaim infrastructure projects

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg have ordered that Ministers take decisions this week on the 40 major infrastructure projects awaiting approval. The aim is to announce them on Tuesday to coincide with the growth figures for the third quarter, which the Government, privately, expects to be positive. Approval for these projects should give a significant boost to the economy over the next few years." – Mail on Sunday 

Pickles to councils: you can scrap second home rebate

Eric Pickles"Local authorities will be told they can abolish the rebate, which can mean council tax on second homes is as much as 50 per cent lower than for main residences. Ministers say the proposal will benefit hard-pressed middle-income families – but it will be unpopular with second-home owners. It will form the centrepiece of a series reforms which ministers say if adopted, would allow a cut in council tax bills for most people." – Sunday Telegraph

Prime Minister prepares EU repatriation plans…

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel is forging ahead with plans for fiscal integration for the 17 eurozone countries in the wake of the Greek debt crisis. Experts believe that requires a Treaty change and talks, which begin next month, are set to come to a head by next spring – giving the Prime Minister a six-month window. With the change requiring the support of all 27 union members, Conservative MPs believe Britain’s veto is the ideal opportunity to ­barter powers back from Brussels." – Sunday Express 

…While Nick Clegg warns against doing so

"Writing for the Observer, Clegg mocks those who believe this country would survive outside of Europe based on the so-called "special relationship" with America. "Eurosceptics tend to gaze longingly across the Atlantic, but the Americans are interested in us, in large part, because of our sway with our neighbours," he writes. "We stand tall in Washington because we stand tall in Brussels, Paris and Berlin." – The Observer

Clegg article in full – The Observer

More Europe news and comment:

  • Number 10 faces guerrilla war with Conservative MPs over Europe – Sunday Telegraph
  • Lidington: Eurozone may split EU into two camps – Sunday Times (£)
  • Work has already begun in Whitehall on moves to claw back powers from Brussels on employment and social policy – Sunday Telegraph
  • EU cash crisis gives Cameron chance to regain powers – Sunday Express Editoral
  • "The rebellion last week was no more mature than the camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral: it was the pinstriped Occupy Westminster protest." – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph
  • No-one has the courage to destroy the Euro – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Here's how David Cameron can win back his party's trust over Europe – Douglas Carswell MP,  Sunday Telegraph
  • Greedy or not, we need to work to save the City – Sunday Times Editorial (£)

> Yesterday:

May: I'll speed up deportation of foreigners involved in British gang crime

May Theresa Home Office
"The Home Secretary will announce proposals for immigration services and police to work together to remove those operating in British gangs as quickly as possible. She will say that a pioneering scheme in London, which boasts a ‘100 per cent’ success rate in deporting ‘highest-harm’ foreign offenders, will be rolled out across England and Wales." – Mail on Sunday

  • May says judges are too soft over human rights immigration appeals – Sunday Times (£)
  • Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone fights department's police budget cuts in her constituency – Sunday Times (£)
  • Call it indeterminate, call it life – just keep them locked away – Minette Marrin, Sunday Times (£)
  • Burglars need to feel our fear – Jenny McCartney, Sunday Telegraph

Harman "rides roughshod" over Miliband as she launches women-only frontbench team

"Ms Harman, Labour's deputy leader, sparked fury among male party colleagues by announcing that the 11 women in the Shadow Cabinet were holding their own meetings. They said Ms Harman informed the Labour leader of the plan – already being dubbed 'Harriet's Kitchen Cabinet' – at a full Shadow Cabinet meeting earlier this month." – Mail on Sunday

Harman interview – The Observer

More Labour news:

  • While her colleagues battle to save the Euro, Baroness Ashton jets off to top Australian hotel – Sunday Times (£)
  • Tony Blair, the billionaire donor Lakshmi Mittal… and a major deal in Kazakhstan – Mail on Sunday
  • BBC boss takes second job advising Labour – Mail on Sunday
  • Mandelson shows how to play the property game with £600k profit – Mail on Sunday
  • Grant Shapps and Prescott clash over the former Deputy Prime Minister "playing Russian roulette with taxpayers' cash" – Sunday Times (£)

"What does David Cameron stand for?"

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 08.38.09"He did join Sarkozy in backing the Libyan people against Gaddafi, after all, whereas Gordon Brown, if he had held on last year, might well not have done. Brown might have been too scared of the shadow of Iraq to assume joint leadership of a Nato effort. But on the big domestic questions – and most Britons are still in the phony war in which the cuts have yet to fall and the recession was something that passed them by – Cameron has nothing to say except that he inherited a mess from Labour.' – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday

50 Tory councils rebel over planning policySunday Times (£)

Mike Freer MP forced to abandon mosque surgery after being assailed as a "Jewish homosexual pig" Mail On Sunday

Health spending fell in real terms in Cameron Year One Independent on Sunday

Richard Benyon's civil servants offered to spend their voluntary work day clearing trees on his estateMail on Sunday

New law to put service families at top of housing queueSunday Telegraph

Zac Goldsmith's £300 million divorceMail on Sunday

Political News and Comment in Brief

And finally…How Laurence Olivier gave Margaret Thatcher the voice that went down in history

"According to an article by Mrs Thatcher's biographer and close friend Charles Moore in next month's Vanity Fair, it was Olivier's intervention that should be credited with giving her one of the most instantly recognisable voices in modern history. 'Soon the hectoring tones of the housewife gave way to softer notes and a smoothness that seldom cracked except under extreme provocation on the floor of the House of Commons,' he writes in the piece, which marks the 20th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher's retirement from the Commons." – Mail on Sunday


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