9.45pm WATCH: John Redwood and Sir Malcolm Rifkind debate EU referendum motion

Mordaunt6.30pm Penny Mordaunt MP on Comment: I am a Eurosceptic but won't be supporting tomorrow's referendum motion

5.45pm On our Columnists' page, Anthony Browne asks: When would the Europhiles like a referendum?

4pm Chris Skidmore MP on Comment: Burnham will make Labour the party of anti-reform in the NHS

2.30pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: The time for promises on the EU is long over – only deeds will do

2.15pm Local government: Details emerge on boosting adoption

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Eustice1pm George Eustice MP on Comment: For €urosceptics to succeed, the Conservative party has to be united – votes need to be won rather than lost in parliament

11.30am MPsETC: The reputation of the Libyan government has been "stained" by the manner of Gaddafi's killing, says Hammond

ToryDiary: The five most potent arguments against the EU

Columnist Ruth Lea: Eurozone leaders continue to ignore the obvious solution to Greece's crisis

Len Shackleton on Comment: Get the state out of sport

Local Government: Call for council candidate selection by open primary

VIDEO: Osborne claims "real progress" in ten hours of €urozone crisis talks

VIDEO: Alex Salmond makes the case for full independence to the SNP conference

George Osborne declares 'real progress' at €urozone crisis talks

Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 05.11.07"George Osborne said plans to make major EU banks raise €100bn (£87bn) in capital to offset Greek debt marked "real progress" provided European leaders can forge consensus on broader issues when they meet in coming days." – Observer

David Cameron to meet other EU leaders in bid to solve euro crisisBBC

"Strengthening banks to withstands future economic shocks, topping up existing bailout funds and slashing Greek debt repayments are now seen as the key elements in a package of measures German chancellor Angela Merkel said should be finalised at the Wednesday meetings." – Press Association

  • EU chiefs are drawing up plans for a single “Treasury” to oversee tax and spending across the 17 eurozone nations – Sunday Telegraph
  • Europe's banks are heading for a bailout of more than 100 billion euros – Sunday Express

More than 100 Tory backbenchers are set to defy whip in Commons showdownIndependent on Sunday

Major Cabinet members Lilley and Howard back Cameron against the rebelsThe Sunday Times (£)

The Mail on Sunday lists the Government Whips' threats: "Banning MPs having extra time off at Christmas. Giving their seat to a rival MP. A four-year veto on becoming a Minister."

Davis-David-red-tieDavid Davis in the Mail on Sunday: "the smart thing for the Government to do tomorrow is to drop the whip. After Ed Miliband decided to support the Government, there is no chance of the Coalition losing the vote. The Government should then decide how best to harness this new appetite of the public for a say in their future. It is time to let the British people decide what relationship they want with the EU. It is no reason to deny the British people their chance to speak simply because you’re afraid of what they might say."

  • Steve Baker MP tells The Observer that many constituents lobbied him to vote for referendum
  • Two-thirds of Britons are fed up with Britain’s membership terms, with fewer than a fifth satisfied – Mail on Sunday (scroll to bottom of page)
  • Ed Miliband will say Tories not focused on everyday concerns – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph
  • David Cameron should not use the whip to suppress an honest discussion – Sunday Telegraph leader
  • EU sceptics should realise this is wrong time to push for vote – Sunday Express leader

John Rentoul predicts modest rebellion and PR victory for Cameron

"My guess is that the rebellion will be smaller than most of the estimates. MPs who want to be ministers have got the message of the mini-reshuffle that followed Liam Fox's departure: be (a) loyal and (b) close to George Osborne. Many of them are frustrated, and many of them want to be seen as Eurosceptic in the re-selection battles that will follow the boundary changes. But ambition comes first, so they will knuckle under. In any case, it would be disastrous for Cameron to wobble now. He will win the vote, assert his authority over his party and appear strong on the television news. Not for the first time, he understands politics better than his opponents do." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Forsyth, Hitchens and Ivens: This is about Cameron, not Europe

Cameron David Dieu Et Mon Droit

  • "That more than a third of his backbenchers are planning to rebel against him less than 18 months into government is not a good sign. It should make him overhaul his whole approach to party management, to spend far more time wooing his own side. As one Minister says: ‘He’s got to run two coalitions: one with the Lib Dems and one with his own party.’" – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
    "I have known since I first spotted him trying to weaken the anti-drug laws that Mr Cameron was not a conservative. I have spoken to former colleagues who have concluded that he believes in nothing at all, but I think it is much worse than that. I think he is an active, militant elite liberal, who despises our country and its people, just as much as any Islington Marxist does." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Whatever the scale of the revolt tomorrow, Cameron has to address concerns that he neither listens to nor respects the views of backbench Tory MPs. “David must set out what he believes about Europe in the broadest sense — show them that he is a Eurosceptic too,” admits an intimate. He needs to show them he is “one of us”." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

…Although some blame Hague for rebellion…

HAGUE WILLIAM official"Hague, a staunch Eurosceptic himself, has now become a focus for the anger of many Eurosceptic MPs who believe he has failed to take a stand on the issue. A fortnight ago, he infuriated members of the influential 1922 backbench committee of Tory rightwingers by claiming it was impossible to act on Europe during the lifetime of the coalition. The comments sparked the campaign for a full debate on the issue in the Commons." – The Sunday Times (£)

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Is there ANY fight behind Hague's words?

Cameron will within days launch a new drive to make adoption simpler

"The blueprint will see local authorities which perform badly in placing children with adoptive parents being named and shamed – as well as plans to boost the funding given to children in care as they progress through school and to university." – Sunday Telegraph

Mr Cameron, your hero Macmillan was a Keynesian, not a Thatcherite – William Keegan in The Observer

The government is moving ever further away from its initial promise to be a friend of the environmentObserver leader

  • The shale gas revolution is a way of keeping both consumers and environmentalists happy but Huhne spurns it – Charles Glover in The Sunday Times (£)
  • Chris Huhne condemns us all to fuel poverty – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Gay-toryTories feature prominently on Pink List

  • Number 2 is Michael Salter, Broadcast adviser to Cameron
  • 14 is Nick Herbert, Policing minister
  • 19 is Julian Glover, Cameron's new speechwriter
  • 25 Nick Boles MP
  • 42 Times columnist Matthew Parris
  • 63 Lord (Guy) Black of The Telegraph
  • 65 International Development Minister Alan Duncan
  • 93 Media entrepreneur Iain Dale
  • 100 Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London

Thumbnail biographies and full list in The Independent on Sunday.

British embassies banned from flying the rainbow flag – Independent on Sunday

The burden of interpreting and translating for new arrivals to the UK is costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds – Dominic Raab for The Sunday Times (£)

Salmond Alex Oct 2011"The Prime Minister should hear this loud and clear. The people of Scotland – the sovereign people of Scotland – are now in the driving seat." – Alex Salmond, quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

"Salmond’s referendum strategy has come under fire with the SNP leader accused of “making it easy” for Scots to vote against independence. Former SNP MSP Margo MacDonald, a lifelong campaigner for independence, says the First Minister is “hedging his bets” by giving voters the chance to opt for “devo-max” instead of full independence." – Scotland on Sunday

Kevin McKenna: Neither Labour nor the Tories has the means to stop the SNP's drive to independence

"Scotland will become independent at some time in 2016 and there is nothing that the parties of the Union can do to resist it. The messenger was Angus Robertson, the SNP MP for Moray, and also the most formidable campaign organiser of any political party in the United Kingdom… Labour simply does not have politicians who can match the calibre of Robertson or any of Alex Salmond's ministerial team." – Kevin McKenna in The Observer

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Annabel Goldie backs immediate referendum to resolve Scottish issue

Phillip Blond, the man who helped think up the big society, is accused of using cash from a think tank to fund a jet-set lifestyle, including £40,000 in personal expensesThe Sunday Times (£)


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