2pm Local Government: Is Brent Council worried volunteers running a library would fail? Or that they would succeed?

1.45pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Hayes John Parl1pm MPsETC: Apprenticeships – the government's "remarkable, unprecedented" success story

11.45am ToryDiary: Cameron must reject £100 million taxpayer bailout for political parties

ToryDiary: The 81 rebels are vindicated as Cameron and Osborne change gear on Europe… at least for now

Hancock Matthew DPMatthew Hancock MP responds to the big increases in directors' pay: For markets to work properly, we need a change of culture at the top of big companies

MPsETC: It won more than 100,000 signatures but Backbench Business Committee denies a debate to Robert Halfon's petrol prices petition

Local government: Councils win Icelandic banks court case

John Moss on local government: Right to Buy should be protected against re-selling for quick profit


"Benefit claimants convicted of breaking the law will be forced to repay up to a third of their handouts each week in fines under a new welfare crackdown."Express

Iain Duncan Smith quoted by the BBC: "I do not want to be in the business of leaving people without any money to support themselves but, equally, individuals must know that they cannot commit crime that impacts on the livelihoods and the communities of hard-working people without consequences."

Cameron@Davos2Cameron said City was under "constant attack" from "badly drafted, badly formed" EU regulationsIndependent | Express

"Mark Field, the Tory MP for Cities of London and Westminster, said: “It is great to hear the Prime Minister talk about the importance of protecting the City of London from anything decided by the eurozone.” He added: “It seems now he is moving to specifics.”" – Times (£)

  • Whitehall officials are urgently reviewing every aspect of Britain’s membership of the European Union to support David Cameron’s promises to bring back powers from Brussels – Telegraph
  • Cameron and Clegg differ as to whether Whitehall work to discuss EU repatriation is underway or not – Guardian
  • Daily Mail/ Harris poll finds "massive" support for repatriation of powers. Same poll also finds "Cameron falling further our of favour with women voters".

Leadsom AndreaThe Times (£) interviews Andrea Leadsom MP, one of last Monday's rebels: "She considers herself a loyal MP but felt that she had no choice. “Rebelling last night was a point of principle. I could not vote it down.” It was not about the motion, which she thought was badly worded. Rather, it was the idea that the British people have not had a vote on Europe since 1975."

She’s been patronised and ridiculed – but Angela Merkel’s quiet diplomacy has won the euro a reprieve – Daniel Johnson profiles the German Chancellor in The Telegraph.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg criticise directors' '50% pay rise'BBC

"For every protest junkie in a tent outside St Paul’s yelling: “Down with global capitalism” there are a thousand middle-income householders in Bromley, Bletchley and Barrow, studying directors’ pay and muttering: “It just isn’t right.”" – Matthew Parris in The Times (£)

Polly Toynbee attacks "curiously bloodless" Labour Party for not capitalising on anti-capitalist protests – Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Capitalism is in danger

David Cameron makes human rights plea at his first meeting of Commonwealth Heads of GovernmentBBC

"Piracy, forced marriage, calls for the 54-member body to appoint a rights commissioner and pressure on Sri Lanka to properly investigate war crimes trials were among items on his agenda. Mr Cameron, attending his first Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) since entering Downing Street, warned it must work harder to uphold basic values if it is to remain relevant." – Press Association

David Cameron revives the British Empire Medal

BritishEmpireMedal2"The British Empire Medal (BEM), described as the working-class gong, is to be revived as David Cameron reverses one of John Major's signature reforms that was designed to create a classless society. The prime minister, who is consulting the Queen on the change, hopes the revived medal will be awarded to people involved in voluntary work." – Guardian

Philip Hammond talks of regret at forces cuts in first interview as Defence SecretaryThe Sun

Ken Clarke is losing the argument on prisons by ducking itGuardian leader

Political parties could get more state funding to make up for donation capsGuardian

Simon Hughes backs legal aid rebellionGuardian

"The Government's Legal Aid (and lots of other things) Bill will make it impossible for many people to get justice because it will make no-win no-fee agreements virtually a thing of the past." – Chris Bryant in The Independent

Police have been granted permission to take possession of Sunday Times emails which could provide evidence that Chris Huhne asked his wife to take speeding points on his behalfTelegraph

Huhne Oct 2011"Damning emails in which the ex-wife of Energy Secretary Chris Huhne discusses how to ‘bring him down’ could be handed to police within days. Detectives have won a court order forcing the Sunday Times to disclose more than 100 messages between Vicky Pryce and the newspaper. They believe the evidence is the final piece of the jigsaw required by prosecutors to bring a case against Mr Huhne for perverting the course of justice." – Daily Mail

Scottish Conservative leadership contender Jackson Carlaw has been taken to hospital after being diagnosed with appendicitisScotsman

Rupert Matthews' beliefs under scrutiny as he prepares to succeed Roger Helmer as East Midlands MEP FT (£)

As the economy slows, poverty fallsDan Hannan blogs on the silliness of a relative poverty measure

Bercow sent six pages of corrections to parliamentary profiler, Andrew Roth

BERCOW JOHN 5"In six pages of corrections sent in 2003 the now House of Commons Speaker claimed, among other things, that his hair was "no longer centrally-parted or spikey!". Roth instead documented how Bercow had progressed from aggressive right-winger to Portillo-style social liberal "with only his hair formerly parted in the centre". Bercow also rejected the accusation that he had "a talent for abandoning sinking ships in favour of others floating in his desired direction"." – Independent

Blair defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very positive impact on BritainDaily Mail

Only 100 people expected at divided BNP's annual conferenceBBC

The unintended consequences of rigid Labour laws

"The unintended consequences of rigid labour laws have been devastating for younger generations in places such as Spain and Japan. Companies there find it fantastically expensive to fire permanent staff. So they only employ newcomers as part-timers, temps, or on short-term contracts. Such “precarious” work offers no security and minimal prospects. Meanwhile, long-serving staff can coast in comfort, knowing their employer cannot afford to sack them. A two-tier system has evolved which is fuelling anger among the young who are railing against politicians, bankers and the like." – Luke Johnson in the FT (£)

Elder statesmen Higgins wins Irish presidential electionTimes (£)



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