10.15pm ToryDiary: 111 MPs (including more than 80 Tories) take part in biggest ever rebellion on EU

7pm: Columnist Bruce Anderson: A generation which allows St Paul's to be scorned is a generation which has forfeited the right to call itself British

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks


4.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: David Cameron has himself to blame for internal splits, after years of "pandering" to Eurosceptics

CAMERON DAVID WRITING3pm ToryDiary: David Cameron: A referendum now would be "rash" and "premature"

1.45pm LISTEN: George Eustice MP: There is a sense that the government "don't have any serious intentions of sorting the European Union out"

1.30pm MPsETC: Ahead of this evening's debate, Tory MPs rehearse the arguments for and against a referendum

12.30pm Invictus: There is no prospect of holding the Conservative Party together without the serious prospect of EU renegotiation

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Boles Nick11.45am Nick Boles MP on Comment: Conservatives need to win an election before we can get the renegotiation we want

11am ToryDiary: Why as few as three male backbenchers may become Ministers at the next reshuffle

10.15am WATCH:


ToryDiary: 64% of Tory members don't believe that Cameron wants to change UK-EU relationship

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Tory euroscepticism has been so long in opposition that it is no longer psychologically prepared for victory


David Nuttall MP: 84% of us have never had a chance to vote on EU membership. Let's change that.


Europe Minister David Lidington MP: A serious Conservative Party must reject this referendum motion

Local government: Islington and Sheffield plan to scrap their ALMOs to bring housing back in house

Cameron and merkelCameron demands more British control over employment and social laws in return for supporting a new European treaty to shore up the single currencyTelegraph

  • "Mr Cameron may soon be presented with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to forge a more advantageous relationship with Europe without leaving the EU. Instead of backing away, isn’t it time he grasped it?" – Daily Mail leader
  • "The Prime Minister is wrong to pick a fight with his party and impose a three-line whip over the EU referendum vote" – Telegraph leader
  • "For many Tories, Europe matters more than the Coalition government. Cameron has forgotten that at his peril." – Tom Newton-Dunn in The Sun
  • "Nick Clegg promised in his election manifesto an “in/out” referendum on the EU but today he’s ordering his MPs to vote against their own policy. Labour promised a referendum before the 2005 election but reneged on that promise and signed the Lisbon Treaty which made the EU all-powerful. How sad that a Conservative Prime Minister who once gave a “cast-iron” pledge he’d hold a referendum is joining with those two frauds to deny the country the chance to determine its future." – Express leader
  • Cameron gets it wrong over EU mess – Allister Heath for City AM
  • John Redwood: Mr Hague denies a referendum and supports our membership of the EU on current terms

Tory rebellion set to be bigger than Maastricht

"Sixty-eight MPs have openly pledged to support a motion calling for a referendum or renegotiation of Britain’s position in Europe, which will be put to a symbolic vote, despite the Prime Minister ordering a three-line whip to reject it. The number dwarfs the largest Tory rebellion on Europe to date, when 41 MPs defied John Major over the Maastricht Treaty in 1993." – Times (£)

  • "All the signs therefore are that Monday will produce the largest Commons rebellion of Cameron’s premiership – and the largest ever rebellion by Conservative MPs when in government over the issue of Europe." – Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart for Notts Politics

Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson are not hiding their sympathy for rebels – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent

Mark Pritchard: The people, not Tory MPs triggered this debate

PRITCHARD"The origins of this motion came from Downing Street's own e-petitions and thousands of people signed that," said Mark Pritchard, secretary of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee. "This hasn't been concocted by small groups of Conservative MPs. It has been brought about by the public from a clear, open and transparent process. The Government should step aside from the three-line whip and just allow members to represent the views of their constituents – that is all I am trying to do." – Independent

> ToryDiary: 67% of voters tell Cameron that they want a vote on Britain's relationship with the EU

"Events are likely to force a new treaty in Europe — and it goes without saying that any such treaty, this time, must have the full approval of the people of Britain in a referendum." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Ed Miliband says David Cameron has brought his problems over the EU referendum "on himself" by appeasing Conservative euroscepticsBBC

By fanning the flames of Euroscepticism in opposition, instead of tackling it head on, Cameron's rhetoric is coming back to haunt him – Emma Reynolds, Labour's Europe spokesman for the Huffington Post

Sarkozy GoldSarkozy to Cameron: "We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings."

"David Cameron has clashed with French President Nicolas Sarkozy over the UK's involvement in discussions about the eurozone crisis. Mr Sarkozy believes the final talks on Wednesday should be limited to nations which actually use the euro. Mr Cameron said all EU leaders should be present to debate issues which could affect them in one way or another." – BBC | Guardian

  • Cameron cancels Cameron cancels Japan and NZ trips to attend EU summit – EU Business
  • A currency union will inevitably become unworkable without political union. That is why the euro was a bad idea – Times leader (£)

Cameron orders a name and shame campaign against councils whose social workers fail to find adoptive families for children in careDaily Mail

> Yesterday's Local government: Details emerge on boosting adoption

The Commonwealth can rediscover its purpose by becoming a champion for human rights – Sir Malcolm Rifkind in The Times (£)

"Commentary demands absolute opinions, while uncertainty comes over as weakness, and so tribalism inevitably thrives" – David Cameron's new speechwriter Julian Glover writes his final Guardian column

TYRIE ANDREWTreasury select committee of MPs fears bank liquidity rules are impeding lendingGuardian

Lord Young will return to Downing Street this week to work as David Cameron’s enterprise adviserTelegraph

One of Britain's biggest companies, Diageo 'could leave UK' if 50p tax rate remainsTelegraph

How do we boost the northern Economy? – Some ideas collated by The Guardian's Ed Jacobs

Slow income growth, welfare growth and cost of living are the three factors 'squeezing the middle' – Neil O'Brien in The Telegraph

  • 37 per cent of homes saw their financial situation worsen in October, while only 7 per cent experienced an improvement – FT (£)

Scottish Tory leadership race could leave long-lasting scars

"The campaign to succeed Annabel Goldie has been noticeable for its bitterness, and the widespread accusations of dirty tricks, deliberate smearing and bias." – Scotsman

The SNP has kickstarted the biggest political campaign in Scottish history, launching its “roadmap to independence”

Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 08.27.31"With a new slogan, “Scotland – It’s Starting”, ringing out across the SNP conference at Inverness, the party leadership unveiled a roadmap that identified four key steps that will be taken by the party over the coming months. In addition, all SNP members were asked to contribute towards a fighting fund, as it was announced that all of the £918,000 bequeathed to the party by the poet Edwin Morgan would be devoted to the referendum campaign." – Scotsman

The SNP has launched its campaign with a £1 million fighting fund – Herald

John Swinney says Scotland could be 6th richest country in world, ten places ahead of UK – Scotsman

Cameron should do more to oppose Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party – Telegraph leader

> Saturday's ToryDiary: Annabel Goldie calls for immediate Scottish vote

Sun's Page 3 not right for 21st century, says HarmanIndependent

Cameron's Big Society guru, Philip Blond, 'raided' think tank coffers to fund £40,000 jet-set lifestyleDaily Mail

  • Red Tory ‘used think-tank to minimise his tax bill’ – Times (£)

St Paul's may have to cancel Remembrance Sunday service because of 'Occupy London' protestsDaily Mail


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