7.45pm WATCH: Hague pledges to ensure security and stability in Libya, as he re-opens the British embassy in Tripoli

5pm: Today's teatime newslinks

3.45pm WATCH: Nick de Bois: "We should help women and all people back into work by not increasing regulation"

3pm WATCH: Jonathan Isaby suggests anti-capitalist protestors should get a job during debate with Polly Toynbee

Huhne Blue B:B2pm WATCH: On energy prices, Chris Huhne says the Government is "working with Ofgem, the independent regulator, to simplify dramatically the number of tariffs"

1.45pm Local government: Localism will be an ally of good design in planning

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am Brandon Lewis MP on Comment: Community active – getting the unemployed active in the community to prepare for work

ToryDiary: Osborne ready to stake more UK taxpayers' money on €urozone rescue plan

HaveAndNeed The Conservative Party we have and the Conservative Party we need

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Often overlooked, Phillip Hammond is worthy of his promotion to Defence Secretary

Debois-nickNick de Bois MP on Comment: It's time for common sense on maternity and paternity rights because men and women need more job-creating businesses

Paul Goodman on Comment: Why the Conservative frontbench broke off relations with Douglas Murray – and what happened afterwards

Local government:

LISTEN: Can the Scottish Conservatives ever win again? A BBC Westminster Hour report.

VIDEO: Obama dedicates Washington DC's new statue to Martin Luther King

British taxpayers could be forced to contribute billions more to bail out bankrupt eurozone countriesDaily Mail

Euro"Moves to raise the amount Britain might give to bail out the eurozone were blasted last night. Chancellor George Osborne sparked fury by hinting we could contribute more to the International Monetary Fund. He said our exposure to the IMF — currently at £20billion — could increase if the global economic crisis worsened. But he insisted that Europe needed to first agree its own rescue deal." – The Sun

  • "The recapitalising of the banks, to keep them solvent in anticipation of a sovereign debt write-down, will cost around £200bn. Some of that will be raised by the banks from private investors, more from national governments and a large chunk from the EU." – Andrew Neil
  • UK economy brought to grinding halt by euro crisis – Telegraph
  • Hague yesterday revealed there is no "immediate prospect" of Britain taking back powers from the European Union – Sun | BBC video
  • A vote by MPs on whether the UK should pull out of the EU could be held within weeks piling huge pressure on David Cameron – Telegraph
  • Drawing on a new report from Civitas on the costs of EU membership, The Express renews its call for an In/Out vote.

Cameron and Huhne hold energy summit to help families struggling with gas and electricity bills

Screen shot 2011-10-17 at 07.08.36"We are determined that everything that can be done will be done to help people bring their energy bills down." – Cameron and Huhne set out emergency and long-term measures in an article for

  • "The Prime Minister has summoned the six electricity giants to Downing Street to drive down prices over the winter. Mr Cameron will unveil a four point plan to help cash strapped consumers." – Daily Mail
  • "The PM will urge the Big Six gas and electricity firms to bring down bills this winter. The average annual dual fuel bill could reach a staggering £1,345 by November." – The Sun

> Ruth Lea on ConHome yesterday: As growth falters, realism creeps into the green energy debate

Boris warns Cameron that UK economy will suffer without a new hub airport

"The Mayor of London said Britain risks becoming an “aviation backwater” and losing out in the battle for emerging markets contracts because the capital’s airports will be at capacity within 20 years." – City AM

Greening Justine"The transport department has rebuffed suggestions from one of the airline industry’s most senior figures that Justine Greening, the new transport secretary, would have a “conflict of interest” because her constituency is underneath the Heathrow airport flight path." – FT (£)

  • Can growth take off without a third runway? – David Wighton in The Times (£)
  • Britain needs more rail subsidy, not less – Independent leader
  • But City AM's Allister Heath urges Greening to focus on roads: "Greening has a great opportunity to halt the war on motorists. New projects are required across the UK. London desperately needs another, proper road bridge or tunnel across the Thames between the Blackwall tunnel and the Dartford Crossing, linking East London to South East London. That part of the capital is woefully underserved with river crossings, a problem that is crippling economic development."

Cameron under pressure to act on his pre-election promise to reform political lobbyingIndependent

  • Ministers are to consult on plans for a register of lobbyists according to government sources – BBC
  • Many of today's new MPs were lobbyists; many former MPs are now lobbyists – Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail
  • "Is Cameron the ideal man to remove the poison of cronyism from our politics? In one sense he is. He knows how it works. He is a creature of it. After Oxford, cronyism got him placements as an adviser at the Home Office and the Treasury. What he learned there made him a useful PR adviser to Carlton TV’s boss Michael Green." – Peter McKay in the Daily Mail

Newspapers like The Telegraph once thought it their job to help a Tory minister in trouble but anti-Cameron right-wing newspapers now work hard to kill their careers

Telegraph backlit

Stephen Glover in The Independent

Mary Ann Sieghart: Cameron's limit on Special Advisers contributed to Fox-gate

"In opposition, Cameron promised not to replicate Labour's "sofa government". He also promised to cut down the number of ministerial special advisers. That was a mistake. Ministers need political advice from outside the Civil Service, and they need allies in pushing their agenda through their departments. What it led to was Fox having an informal adviser instead, with no security clearance, working in an unpredictable, freelance way. Not so much "sofa" as "flatshare" government. And this happened because no one was, in the end, able or willing to stand up to Fox." – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent

  • Liam Fox "was never a serious minister" – Bruce Anderson in the FT (£)

Conservative Right is anxious that Philip Hammond is too close to George Osborne and will administer more cuts at the MoDGuardian

The Right is rising… on the backbenches


"[The Tory right's] old policies of tax-cutting, welfare-slashing and getting out of Europe will be more appealing to Conservative MPs as the euro bloc gets into deeper trouble and unemployment at home keeps rising. It may not be Fox or David Davis who leads the right from the backbenches, but there are plenty of brighter young MPs who may take up the flag – look at the recent utterings of Chris Skidmore, Priti Patel, Elizabeth Truss, Dominic Raab and others. Cameron will meet a renewed challenge, bigger than any Blair faced in his prime." – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The lack of Right-wing voices in the Cabinet

Internal Tory polling reveals Coalition's problem with women voters

"25% more women than men believing that the economy is going in the wrong direction, and 10% more saying cuts are falling unfairly; favourability towards the coalition 12% lower among women; women twice as likely to think children will have a worse life and less opportunity than their generation." – Times (£)

A Times leader (£) warns Cameron against becoming too macho: "The Conservative leadership has, in the past year, marginalised its female politicians, with the sole exception of Theresa May. What has made this process of “manning-up” seem more than mere accident is the way that the party’s recent political style has been predicated on a posture of assertiveness — towards underperforming public sector workers, criminals, migrants and Europe — that may well reflect the need for political strength at this time but that cannot help but alienate voters looking for some sense of the much talked-about compassion to balance this toughness."

DORRIES ON QTNadine Dorries claims millions of northern women are turned off by “plummy accents” and “Savile Row suits” on the Tory front benchesExpress

> Nadine Dorries' original ConHome article: What women want from David Cameron

Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone urges Cameron to abandon 'hideous' plans to cut maternity rightsGuardian

  • Steve HIlton, David Cameron’s closest aide, should be "scrapped", a Liberal Democrat minister has suggested as a Cabinet split loomed over family policies – Telegraph
  • Clegg ready to fight Cameron on maternity rights – Daily Mail
  • Daily Mail leader: "It’s all very well to want the workplace to be supportive of family life. But there is nothing more devastating to a family than the unemployment that follows from an employer being driven out of business."

More than 100,000 problem families face daily visits from Government officials under plans being drawn up in the wake of the summer riotsTelegraph

"The policies of the rich, not the Right, turn people off the Tories. Here’s how to fix that" – Tim Montgomerie in The Times (£)

Davidson ruthScottish Tory HQ rejects calls from three of the four leadership candidates for inquiry into claims that a staffer has favoured Ruth DavidsonScotsman

  • Brian Monteith explains why a strategy of shouting and working harder won't be enough to revive the Scottish Conservatives – Scotsman

Alex Salmond believes there has been an historic shift in public opinion towards independence Herald

Calls for the full release of documents relating to the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster will be debated in Commons today after e-petition received 139,000 signaturesBBC

Labour coffers are swollen by ‘£250 plus VAT’ every time it refers a supporter who is seeking accident compensation to a friendly firm of solicitorsDaily Mail

Everyone knows David Cameron is a lizard. So why does the Telegraph continue to deny the truth? – Charlie Brooker in The Guardian responds to Graeme Archer.

And finally… Cameron goes unrecognised by Bollywood actress on the London UndergroundDaily Mail


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