4.45pm Local Government: Council byelection results from yesterday


4pm MPsETC: Hague in Parliament – Assad should step aside now

3.15pm WATCH: John Redwood: "A limited number of countries should have a planned exit from the €uro"

2.30pm Local government: Which Labour Ministers dined at Boisdale and The Wolseley?

2pm Nadine Dorries MP on Platform describes What women want from David Cameron: "We don’t trust people who talk posh (Labour have always known this) and we are utterly repelled by arrogance…If the Prime Minister is strong, steady and consistent, if he becomes someone who smiles just a bit less, looks a little more serious and if he can demonstrate he is fully in control and in charge…then women will forgive an awful lot.

12.30pm Jim McConalogue on Comment: Break-up of the euro – a ‘practical’ policy?

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.30am Local government: Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane on How Lady Thatcher changed my life

10.30am WATCH: Private Eye's 50th anniversary – David Cameron and Ken Clarke share their memories

ToryDiary: The Times reports that Werritty was funded by a private intelligence firm

On Comment, two new voices join the debate about the future of Party Conference:

Martin Vickers MP: We must make conference less expensive so members can engage and participate in real debate

Fiona Hodgson: The Conservative grassroots is getting more of a say in the Party – as Manchester 2011 showed

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at 07.40.10
MPsETC: The footballing Tory MPs who were trounced 5-1 by the lobby

TalkingPoints: Philip Booth: Deregulate business to save our economy and mend the “broken society"

Local Government:

WATCH: David Lidington in Paris: The breakdown of the Eurozone would bring instability 

Lansley to Britain: eat less, eat better

"Five  billion calories a day must be slashed from the nation’s diet as part of the war on obesity. Britons eat on average 10 per cent more calories a day than they need and Health Secretary Andrew ­Lansley said adults needed to eat less to shed weight. But the call came as Mr Lansley said that the recommended daily calorie intake should be raised.  He believes this will make the calorie target more realistic for modern-day life and allow ­people to make better diet decisions." – Daily Express

  • Jamie Oliver to Lansley: your plan is rubbish – The Guardian
  • Why such uproar over a perfectly sensible suggestion? – Sun Editorial

> Yesterday:

Fox hunt latest

1) Werritty set up not-for-profit company: donors named

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at 04.56.15"A corporate intelligence company with a close interest in Sri Lanka, a property investor who lobbies for Israel and a venture capitalist keen on strong ties with Washington helped to fund the jet-set lifestyle of Liam Fox’s close friend, The Times can reveal. Over the past year, Adam Werritty, the Defence Secretary’s best man and self-styled adviser, paid for first-class travel around the world and stays in five-star hotels using some of the £147,000 paid into the bank account of a not-for-profit company that he set up." – The Times (£)

  • From security to property, the big Werritty backers – The Times (£)

2) Right sets up backing-for-Fox meeting: MPs named

"Rightwing supporters of Liam Fox are to show David Cameron the depth of backbench support for the embattled defence secretary by asking him to make a special address next week at which they will display their backing. It is the first tangible sign that Cameron will face an internal battle if he feels compelled to ask Fox to resign because of his links with Adam Werritty, his close friend and fixer. Fox has been asked to make a special address to the foreign affairs sub-committee of the backbench 1922 committee next Tuesday." – The Guardian

  • Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and the $500 bash that went undeclared – Daily Telegraph
  • MOD trawl records for Werritty reports – The Independent
  • American defence lobbyist claimed to be Fox adviser in Opposition – Daily Mail
  • Was Fox running a shadow leadership campaign? – Financial Times (£)
  • Was Fox running a shadow foreign policy? – The Guardian
  • SAS V Fox: row over cuts for soldiers' childrens' school grants – The Sun

> Yesterday: Anthony Browne on our Columnists' page – The reporting of the Liam Fox case sides with the civil servants, who don't like Ministers receiving external advice

Government backs down over pension age reform

"Almost 250,000 women will no longer have to wait an extra two years before they qualify for the basic state pension under a £1bn U-turn announced by the Government yesterday. In an attempt to head off a rebellion when the Pensions Bill is debated by MPs next week, ministers dropped plans to raise the state pension age to 66 for men and women in April 2020. This would have forced 245,000 women in their fifties to work another two years because the state pension age…is to be equalised at 65 from November 2018." – The Independent

> Yesterday: James Gray MP on Comment – Iain Duncan Smith should find a way to lessen the blow women will face because of pension changes

Mirror snaps Oliver Letwin throwing away private papers in a St James's Park waste bin

LETWIN OLIVER official"David Cameron's right-hand man Oliver Letwin has been caught dumping secret papers in park waste bins. The PM's blundering policy adviser was seen on five separate days throwing away sensitive correspondence on terrorism, national security and constituents' private details. The Cabinet Office minister disposed of more than 100 papers in the security breach in a park near No 10. One revealed how intelligence chiefs "failed to get the truth" on UK involvement in controversial terrorist interrogations." – Daily Mirror

Gove plans league table of students

"Pupils face being given a national ranking from first to up to nearly 90,000th in A-level exams to help universities select the brightest candidates from thousands of top-grade passes. The move was floated by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, as one of a series of radical measures to revamp A-levels, but parents' leaders said they were "alarmed" by the proposal and warned it would lead to increasing numbers of appeals against exam results." – The Independent

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Michael Gove looks forward to the years when exam results get worse (but more honest) 

Government: No referendum on Eurozone plan

"A Government statement to MPs yesterday made clear that no national poll will be held in Britain over plans for a £380billion emergency fund designed to support Greece and other debt-laden eurozone nations. Some MPs believe the establishment of the European Financial Stability Mechanism, which requires changes to the EU constitution, should trigger a vote in the UK under the Coalition’s so-called “referendum lock” law." – Daily Express

S&P cuts Spain’s sovereign debt rating – Financial Times (£) 

Boris seeks to boost jobs for young people

"Boris Johnson, the London mayor, has urged landlords across the capital to renovate their properties, making them more energy-efficient, in an attempt to spur an “employment miracle” among young people and boost economic growth. Addressing the CBI London annual dinner on Thursday, Mr Johnson encouraged public, private, residential and commercial property owners to follow the success of Germany’s nationwide retrofitting programme, ‬which provided “green-collar” jobs and training for young people." – Financial Times (£)

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at 08.05.39Henry Smith MP says that foreign boss fired two cleaners for being 'lazy and British'Daily Mail

"There is a wider issue, though. The past decade has seen significant job creation, and at the same time more than two million people have been allowed to come to this country to live. Figures show that many of those created jobs went to people coming to the UK, while, at the same time, millions of Britons have remained out of work for many years. Immigration and unemployment are rightly of concern to people. I want to resolve these two cases – but my fear is that this incident could represent a wider injustice." – Henry Smith MP, Daily Express

No, Prime Minister, Jeremy Heywood is not the man to lead our great Civil Service

"Standards of integrity stalled too, as The Daily Telegraph discovered…Heywood wrote a letter to this newspaper, in his capacity as private secretary to the prime minister, insisting that the report was “without foundation”. To say the least, this was being economical with the truth. Fundamentally, he had crossed the key dividing line between unbiased, public-spirited official and careerist political adviser." – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Huhne claims that nuclear power is a costly failure – The Independent

Mike Hancock MP* avoids parliamentary inquiry over 'sex texts" rowDaily Telegraph 

PM gets LinkedInDaily Mail 

HUNT DAVID LORDFormer Tory Cabinet Minister Lord Hunt is new Press Complaints Commission ChairmanThe Independent 

Labour united on tackling ‘predators’Financial Times (£) 

Scots Labour leaders back Alexander Labour criticism Scotsman

Fury as Vaz asks extremist preacher to ParliamentDaily Mail

First female Serjeant at Arms quits Commons just days after powerful clerk becomes her bossDaily Mail  

Political News and Comment in Brief

  • Advisers call for decriminalisation of drugs – The Times (£)
  • French drop DSK rape enquiry – Daily Express
  • Londonderry offices hit by bomb blast – Newsletter
  • Police use of terrorism stop and search powers drops 90 per cent – Daily Telegraph
  • "Kindness" plea to nurses on OAPS – The Sun
  • Why are elderly people treated so badly by the NHS? – Stephen Pollard, Daily Express

And finally…True Blue: Lady Thatcher celebrates her 86th birthday lunch

"She has always had a knack for knowing what makes a successful party. Baroness Thatcher was able to put that talent to the test once more yesterday as she stepped out for a lunch to celebrate her 86th birthday. Dressed in a smart blue skirt and jacket, the former prime minister gave a broad smile to the cameras as she left her home for the London celebration flanked by her son Sir Mark Thatcher and daughter-in-law Sarah." – Daily Mail

*Remember: Not Matt Hancock MP



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