6.45pm Local government:Burnham still fudging policy on free schools

6.30pm MPsETC: Bill Cash accuses European Commission president José Manuel Barroso of reiterating an "Alice in Wonderland fantasy idea of greater economic integration in the Eurozone"

5pm ToryDiary: Toby Young has bet £15,000 that Boris Johnson will be Tory leader by 2018


  • Full transcript of Yvette Cooper's speech - New Statesman
  • "Blair was right, tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" - PlayPolitical
  • Cooper says plans for elected police commissioners should be scrapped, and money should be spent tackling the gang culture and saving police jobs - Guardian
  • Cooper announces Lord Stevens will head police review - Daily Mail
  • Outside of the conference arena, Cooper says the mining community is in a "state of shock", after a miner was killed at Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire - Telegraph


  • The unions loved Miliband's rejection of 30 years of unrestrained free market capitalism, but angered by refusal to back pension strikes and praise of Thatcher - BBC
  • Ed Miliband: I am not anti-business - Guardian
  • Miliband defends the attacks he made on bad business practices - PlayPolitical
  • James Forsyth argues that Miliband's mistakes were not attacking Cameron his comments on the need for 'moral capitalism', the absence of policy, and presentation - Spectator
  • Matthew d'Ancona: 'This is no time to be a misguided preacher man, Ed' - Evening Standard
  • Benedict Brogan: 'The terrible morning after the speech before' - Telegraph
  • Miliband claims he isn't weird, saying it doesn't matter to the electorate - Metro
  • Ed Miliband: 'I am a serious guy' - Telegraph


  • Shadow Health Secretary John Healey says that Cameron is "in denial" over damage done to the NHS - Telegraph
  • Tessa Jowell describes Cameron's 'big society' as a 'big flop' - Telegraph
  • The New Statesman interviews "the scourge of NewsCorp", Tom Watson - New Statesman
  • Ed Balls drops hints at a Labour graduate tax - Huffington Post
  • Labour MP Tristram Hunt praises the Tea Party and 'Big Society' at a conference fringe event - Huffington Post
  • Ed Rooksby: 'Timid Labour must rediscover its economic edge' - Guardian
  • Daniel Elton: 'Why is Labour ignoring disability?' - Guardian


  • Hague describes the €uro as a "burning building with no exits" in an interview with the Spectator - Spectator
  • 'European Commission financial tax opposed by the UK' - BBC
  • Michael Burke: 'Could a financial transactions tax work for the UK?' - Guardian


  • Thinktanks warns that cuts could mean Britain loses the Falklands - Daily Mail


  • 'Boris races to get new Routemasters on the road before mayoral election' - Evening Standard
  • Ken Livingstone responds to rumours about the Labour party wishing to ditch him as the London Mayoral candidate - LeftWatch


  • Theresa May approves Dewani extradition - Sun
  • Lord Forsyth and Sir Malcolm Rifkind clash over proposals to disband the Scottish Conservatives - STV
  • Welsh Conservatives hold debate on SMEs and entrepreneurs - WalesOnline
  • Katherine Birbalsingh on her mission to set up a free school - Standpoint
  • 'What are BNP supporters really like?' - BBC
  • The wife of Lib Dem MP John Hemming, tells a court she has "no recollection" of stealing his lover's kitten - Guardian
  • People are trying to pressure the Iranian government into halting the execution of pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, on death row for converting to Christianity - Archbishop Cranmer
  • Al-Qaida tells Iranian President Ahmadinejad to end his 'ridiculous' conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks - Guardian

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