6.30pm WATCH: Hear the boos as Miliband says: "I'm not Tony Blair."

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5.45pm ToryDiary: Tory Conference slogan: Leadership For A Better Future

5.30pm Nick Pickles on Comment: It's time to stop civilians using police powers


  • Paul Goodman's take on LeftWatch: "Ed Miliband's standing with the voters was summed up by a passage of his speech.  "My message to the public is simple," he cried – and, as he did so, the live BBC coverage I was watching died.  The moment was apt. … This wasn't a heartfelt speech.  This was a deeply cynical speech – down to the detail of Bombardier, whose closure Miliband condemned, but which was planned under Labour."
  • Also on LeftWatch: Labour may, finally, have some better tunes but Ed Miliband is singing them
  • VIDEO: Miliband jeered – when he mentions Tony Blair – BBC
  • Miliband vows a "new bargain" for Britain – BBC 
  • Archbishop Cranmer didn't like this "bargain" turn of phrase. His Grace said: "Labour’s lightweight leader talked incessantly about a ‘new bargain’ with Britain, imposing the ‘right values’, that nothing will come of nothing, and alien versus predator or something like that."
  • The Daily Mail's Tim Shipman: "In his own terms, Mr Miliband failed. He aimed for a tectonic shift in politics and came up with a blancmange that went round in ever decreasing circles, repeating the most banal phrases.And what of his claim to be shattering the 'closed circles' of establishment privilege? Do these conservative and mysterious forces include the trade unions, who hold his party in a death grip still? We have no idea. In all the hour-long agony there was no mention of the unions or their plans for nationwide strikes."
  • The unions approved of the speech – according to Paul Waugh, Paul Kenny of the GMB says "we've seen a boy become a man".
  • The Guardian's Julian Glover tweets: "Just asked former Blair aide what TB response to speech would be. Answer: "head in hands depression""
  • Compared to other newspapers, the Evening Standard's editorial this evening was kind (but still negative about Labour's current state): "On the basis of this conference, the party still has its work cut out."
  • The BBC and Sky both lost the television feed for Miliband's speech due to "power failure" – Daily Mirror
  • A Miliband speech word-cloud from – Guido Fawkes
  • And, the speech in full – Daily Telegraph


  • "Journalists guilty of gross malpractice should be struck off a professional register to prevent them working in news, the shadow culture secretary will suggest at the Labour conference on Tuesday." – Guardian
  • "Ivan Lewis's proposed journalists' register is totalitarian, impractical and utterly unnecessary" – Tom Chivers at TelegraphBlogs
  • Roy Greenslade: "There is a danger, if the Lewis nonsense takes hold among the Leveson inquiry panel, that we will end up with unacceptable constraints on press freedom."
  • Ed Miliband's official spokesman: "We're not in the business of regulating journalists" - The Sun
  • Louise Mensch: "This is another half-baked idea from a weak Labour leadership – we need a free, fair press, not some state registry for journalists."


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