8pm WATCH: Ed Miliband and the Labour party conference sing the Red Flag and Jerusalem

5.30pm Martin Parsons on Comment: Leaving Afghanistan without a shot being fired? British foreign policy since 2001


  • Benedict Brogan: 'David Cameron prepares for Manchester - Telegraph
  • The controversial Boris biography suggests London's Mayor might be more pro-EU than he lets on, and other things - PoliticsHome I Guido Fawkes
  • Theresa May sparks police search after losing her diary Guardian I BBC
  • Human Rights Watch accuses Andrew Mitchell of being "disingenuous" and "misleading" over Ethiopia aid claims - New Statesman
  • Whitehall official in charge of implementing planning reforms quits to join a property development consultancy - Times (£)
  • Which Tories is it ok to love? - New Statesman
  • Kent councillor will not be expelled from the party after his racial slur during the riots - BBC


  • Speaking in Poland, Clegg warns against "fragmentation" in the EU during €uro crisis - BBC
  • 523 Germany MPs out of 611 present, vote to back revamped €uro bailout fund - Guardian
  • €uro rises after German approval vote - Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • David Gow: 'Germany is back in the driving seat – and Merkel's back in charge of her coalition - Guardian
  • Janet Daley: 'German parliament votes to ignore the people' - Telegraph
  • Die Welt correspondent Alan Posener: 'Germany will remain the €uro's defender – however reluctantly - Guardian
  • Greek MP and economist, Elena Panaritis warns that Greece should not be forced to act alone - Guardian
  • Daniel Hannan: 'Is the €uro's survival in Britain's interest?' - Telegraph
  • 'The blizzard from Brussels' - Economist
  • 'British euroscepticism enjoys a cheap night out' - Economist


  • Harriet Harman closes the Labour conference, describing it as a "turning point" for the party - Guardian
  • Harman accuses the Lib Dems of doing Cameron's "dirty work" - Evening Standard
  • The best quotes from the Labour conference - Telegraph
  • Mehdi Hasan: 'Miliband's vision is bold – but now it's time to convince the country' - New Statesman
  • Miliband heaps praise on Blair as the Labour conference comes to a close - Times (£)
  • The key to Miliband's working relationship with the unions is to avoid conflict - Guardian
  • Caroline Flint describes Tory planning policy as 'chaos' - Telegraph I Guardian
  • Yvette Cooper says that women will get "angrier and angrier, louder and louder" about cuts - Telegraph
  • Cooper and Balls have had the best of the Labour conference - Evening Standard
  • Delegates at the conference back a motion demanding the party fights against 3,000 job losses at BAE systems - BBC
  • James Forsyth on the reshuffle rumours in the Labour shadow cabinet - Spectator
  • Ed Miliband cannot remember the name of the third candidate in the running for the leadership of the Scottish Labour party - Play Political



  • Elizabeth White, director of the British Council in Syria, explains what it's like working amidst the turmoil in the country - Huffington Post
  • Berlusconi at 75: €urozone crisis and sleaze controversy - Express
  • University union warns against putting pressure on staff to spy on foreign students – Huffington Post 

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