Callanan4pm WATCH: Martin Callanan MEP: Greece must default and leave the €uro now

3.45pm MPsETC: Ken Clarke tells MPs: "the criminal justice system responded very well to the totally unexpected pressure of the riots"

2.45pm PMQs videos:

2pm MPsETC: Nicholas Soames and Sir Peter Bottomley are the only Tory MPs to support EDM in favour of Palestinian statehood

12.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron on the back foot, as Miliband focuses on growth and unemployment figures

Noon ConHomeUSA: Obama beaten badly in overnight special elections

11.15am Andrew Lilico on Comment: Repeal all abortion laws

Grayling Change 10.45am ToryDiary: Chris Grayling says new unemployment figures "will reinvigorate our determination" to get the economy going again

ToryDiary: Tory plan to woo female voters is leaked to The Guardian

On our columnists' page Jill Kirby says: That's enough reviews, let's have some action

James Morris MP on Comment: James Morris MP: Modernisation isn't about left or right, it's about gaining voters' trust to implement radical policies

MPsETC: Graham Brady sets out his core Conservative beliefs in Nicholas Ridley lecture

Local Government: Shelter backs the Government's planning reforms

ConservativeAccountability: Our Making Britain Better series continues with Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology

WATCH: Theresa May: Police leadership lacks diversity

Clegg makes economy speech today, Alexander warns Ministers to tackle spending…

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 06.29.55
"Ministers have been warned by the Treasury to nail down public spending in their departments and to forget about “dipping into the reserve”, as the coalition tightens its fiscal resolve in the face of what Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, calls a “stark” new economic reality. Danny Alexander, Treasury chief secretary, on Tuesday told cabinet ministers to redouble their efforts to cut departmental spending, warning them that the financial reserve – designed to fund unexpected circumstances – would not bail them out if they overspent." – Financial Times (£)

…As inflation hits 3-year 4.5% high

"Inflation has hit a near three-year high after huge rises in the cost of clothes and energy, figures revealed yesterday. The Consumer Prices Index measure of inflation rose from 4.4 per cent in July to 4.5 in August – its highest since September 2008. The price of clothing and shoes increased by four per cent, the biggest increase since records began in 1997. Electricity, gas and water soared by 5.1 per cent year-on-year and furniture and household goods went up 5.8 per cent." – Daily Express

  • Scrap stamp duty, end VAT exemptions, revalue property, says the IFS as it calls for radical tax reform – Daily Mail
  • The rich should moan less and give a bit more – Alice Thomson, The Times (£)
  • Growth ideas – John Redwood's Blog

Osborne puts new treaty on agenda as backbenchers show Eurosceptic colours

"George Osborne put the Government on alert yesterday for an early confrontation with Brussels over the future shape of the European Union. The Chancellor told the Cabinet that negotiations for a new treaty could begin as soon as 2013 as the EU looked to recover from the eurozone crisis. However, any EU treaty negotiation would threaten coalition harmony, with Liberal Democrats likely to oppose Tory demands for a mass repatriation of powers." – The Times (£)

UK Statistics Authority tells Osborne to open up data – The Independent

> Yesterday: Anthony Browne – Last night in the Thatcher Room, a new Eurosceptic Movement of Tory MPs was born

Miliband booed at TUC conference as he fails to back strikes…

"Mr Miliband said he was unmoved on his position not to back the strike action, which saw tens of thousands of teachers and civil servants protest over pensions. He appeared the critical friend of the unions, saying: ""Of course, there are times when you and I will disagree. You will speak your mind. And so will I…Some of the 300 delegates shouted "shame" and took issue with the Labour leader's message." – Daily Telegraph 

…The unions ignore him…

"Trade unions will today defy Ed Miliband's plea for them to hold back from striking over cuts to public sector pensions by backing a wave of co-ordinated industrial action this winter. As both Government ministers and union leaders admitted that strikes look inevitable, the TUC's annual conference in London will endorse joint action to maximise the unions' muscle – and the possible disruption for the general public." – The Independent

….And voters tell him: we don’t see you in No10

"Half of Labour supporters say that they cannot see Ed Miliband becoming Prime Minister, according to a Populus poll for The Times marking the start of the party conference season. On the eve of Mr Miliband’s first anniversary as Labour leader, almost two thirds of the public (63 per cent) say that they find it hard to imagine the Labour leader running the country. His own side is also pessimistic, with 49 per cent of Labour supporters saying that they find it difficult to see him in Downing Street." – The Times (£)

Public view of Coalition remains steady – The Times (£)

  • Strikes, dinosaurs and political donkeys – Daily Mail Editorial
  • Well said, Ed – Sun Editorial
  • Miliband tries to keep his distance as unions come out swinging – Andrew Grice, The Independent
  • £10,000 feast at a top hotel for 300 senior trade unionists washed down with fine wine – Daily Mail


It's Chris Skidmore MP's turn as the Telegraph publishes essays by the authors of "After the Coalition".  He focuses on schools, hospitals and housing

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 07.00.00 "Today, rising house prices mean too few people are able to afford the discounted price of their property. We should therefore establish a “Right To Own”. Any social housing tenant, under certain conditions of tenure and behaviour, would be able to sell their property and retain a proportion of the equity, reserved for investing in a shared equity programme, giving them a first step onto the housing ladder." – Daily Telegraph

Coalition plans to woo women voters by cutting school holidays to help with childcare costs

"Downing Street is considering cutting the school summer holiday, overhauling child benefit and banning advertising to under-16s as part of a charm offensive aimed at winning back female voters, according to a leaked government memo. The document reveals a growing anxiety at the heart of government that the coalition is failing to deliver on its promise to be the "most family-friendly government ever" and a worry that its support among women is particularly low." – The Guardian

  • Leaked memo says that "women are significantly more negative about the Government than men" – The Guardian
  • Cycle of 'compulsive consumerism' leaves British family life in crisis, Unicef study finds – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday:

Cameron: Learn English or lose your benefits

"Foreign jobseekers who don't learn English will be ordered to take language courses — or lose their benefits. The crackdown was unveiled yesterday by PM David Cameron. Brits whose poor command of the language stops them finding work could also be hit. The get-tough plans are part of a welfare shake-up. Jobcentre Plus staff will be able to tell people to go on courses if they lack skills, such as English." – The Sun

Trains "a rich man’s toy" says Hammond

"Philip Hammond, transport secretary, said it was an “uncomfortable fact” that trains were already “a rich man’s toy” as he defended the business case for the planned high-speed rail link between London, Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds, known as High Speed 2. Mr Hammond conceded the point as he gave evidence to the Commons transport select committee on Tuesday, but said the project would boost the overall economy." – Financial Times (£)

Clarke: We're signed up to the ECHR, and that's that

"Kenneth Clarke sparked fury last night after he said there was “not the faintest chance” of withdrawing Britain from Europe’s Human Rights Convention. Outspoken Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said the document – along with the European Court of Human Rights – had “advanced” standards across Europe despite concerns about a string of controversial rulings imposed on Britain by European judges." – Daily Express

> Yesterday: MPsETC – Ken Clarke may be biggest Tory loser from boundary review that creates new headache for Nick Clegg 

Senior Conservatives, Eric Pickles, lead Tory backlash against the Boundary Commission proposals

  • "Yesterday, Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, suggested some of the proposals were flawed and might have to be revised. Gary Streeter, the Conservative MP for South West Devon, whose seat will disappear, added: "To me these proposals… look like a dog's dinner." – The Independent
  • "Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Tory foreign secretary, attacked the government’s insistence that the number of voters in any seat should only vary by plus or minus 5 per cent." – Financial Times (£)
  • "Mark Field, the MP for Cities of London and Westminster, said that the changes were “somewhat more disruptive than we had in mind”. He said that he would be contesting the plan to split up his seat, which had stood since 1948." – The Times (£)

"Senior Lib Dems have also voiced their concern. Vince Cable, the business secretary, said: “In order to get the right size of constituency, no account has been taken not just of borough boundaries, but any sense of identity. That will cause a lot of concern.” – Financial Times (£)

  • DUP could be biggest loser in the shake-up of boundaries – Belfast Telegraph
  • Fairer for voter numbers. Worse for the voters – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)

Maude backs Murdo Fraser’s plan for Scottish Tories

Maude Smiling "He said: “You could make the case that when it comes to a referendum on independence, the case for Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom is more effectively made by the party which is incontrovertibly and unambiguously Scottish, rather than one that still has in Scotland a bit of baggage of looking like the tail end of an English party.” – Herald Scotland

Benedict Brogan: Crude politics is being allowed to trump the national interest

"Goodwill is being jeopardised as the Coalition drifts from national interest to self-interest. Increasingly, its actions are informed by short- and medium-term political judgments. Some fear that the Coalition has adopted the Lib Dem habit of talking among themselves, not with the British people. The selflessness of last year has been replaced by cold calculation as each end of this pushmi-pullyu tries to get a better footing." – Daily Telegraph

MPs to stage first e-petitions debate on release of Hillsborough documentsDaily Mail

Universal credit risks I.T failure Daily Telegraph

Ceiling tile shatters just yards from Boris as he cuts ribbon at new Westfield mega mallDaily Mail

Other Political News and Comment in Brief

  • Green belt will have 'no protection' despite promises of ministers – Daily Telegraph
  • Call this planning reform? It's a recipe for civil war – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
  • Turkey's PM rallies Arab world in Cairo with call for UN to recognise Palestine – The Guardian
  • Labour to back Condon Police Commissioner elections Lords delay gambit – PoliticsHome (£)
  • Clean-up after Hurricane Katia will cost UK £100 million – Daily Express
  • James Murdoch recalled to face MPs' questions – The Independent
  • Taliban blitz rocks Kabul – The Sun
  • MPs attack healthcare regulator – Financial Times (£)
  • Immigrants have children for benefits, says Asian peer – BBC
  • Fugitive Lib Dem donor names his dog after former party leader Charles Kennedy – Daily Mail


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