5.30pm WATCH: Crone and Myler "certain Murdoch saw hacking email"

3.30pm Anne Widdcombe on Comment warns Downing Street to study the electoral defeat of Evan Harris. She says "that a small group of members of the present Government joined by an even smaller group of Lib Dems leading them by the nose have no concept of any possible Christian or pro-life vote". When MPs vote tomorrow on abortion, there will be at stake A question of conscience

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 15.27.35 2.30pm Guy Opperman MP on Comment: The falsehood of the 38 Degrees campaign on health

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am Steve Baker MP in Comment: It's time for currency choice – and Douglas Carswell’s 10 minute rule bill on currency reform

ToryDiary: Should the Party run candidates for election as Police Commissioners?

Also on ToryDiary: 9/11, ten years on. We began with Bin Laden. We end with Tariq Jahan.

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 07.46.39
Dr Eamonn Butler on Comment: The autonomy and accountability of Free Schools will ensure they succeed

Also on Comment: Mark Fox reviews Matthew Hancock and Nadhim Zahawi's "Masters of Nothing": A coherent and compelling analysis of what caused the crash

Local Government:

Parliament: An absence of backbench grovelling to "liberal, practical Conservative" Cameron over Libya

WATCH: UK services sector growth slows sharply 

Deputy Prime Minister reveals view of NHS reform

1) Clegg supports Cameron over health service…

CleggNickDeclaring "The Deputy Prime Minister has promised to stick by the deal that he negotiated with the Prime Minister and Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, before the summer. His assurances come as a group of health service leaders also renewed their calls for “significant further amendments” to the Health and Social Care Bill, which returns to the House of Commons today…Party political tensions over the Bill are likely to rise further with Mr Clegg’s assurance, which risks inflaming relations with some Lib Dem party members." – The Times (£) 

2) …Clegg opposes Cameron over health service

"The Tories and Liberal Democrats are facing a fresh clash over the government's NHS reforms after Nick Clegg encouraged his MPs to put "probing questions" to ministers when the bill returns to the Commons on Tuesday. In a two-hour meeting with his parliamentary party on Monday night, the deputy prime minister held out the possibility that he will accept amendments to the heath and social care bill when it moves to the House of Lords later this month." – The Guardian

"It remains an issue that for this most complex of bills, so little time has been allowed for Commons debate and that most of the serious discussion will take place in an unelected House of Lords." – Sarah Wollaston MP, The Guardian

LibDem Chief Executive stands down – The Independent

> Yesterday:

Prime Minister "moves to water down new EU job laws"

"The Prime Minister’s office secretly commissioned its own legal advice on the Agency Workers Directive, which concluded that the impact of the new laws could be moderated. The directive, to be introduced under EU law, will give temporary agency workers the same rights as full-time workers to pay, holiday and maternity leave after 12 weeks of employment. The laws are expected to cost British businesses almost £2 billion a year." – Daily Telegraph

  • Redwood wants Britain to surrender its veto in Brussels in return for Britain being allowed to ignore EU laws and rules – The Times (£)
  • Cash and Andrew Lilico address Westminster rally – Daily Express
  • Lord Lawson invited to join UKIP after he challenges David Cameron on EU – The Guardian
  • Fears rise again over Europe debt crisis – Financial Times (£)
  • British economy takes £50bn hit – The Sun
  • The Worst-Case Euro Scenario – Sajid Javid, Wall Street Journal
  • CBI chief presses Osborne for growth plan – Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday: Bill Cash MP on Comment – It's the EU, stupid – The UK should take the lead in renegotiating all the European Treaties

Libyan rebel leader torture victim to sue Britain

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 07.52.33
"Abdel Hakim Belhadj – now working with Nato to hunt down the tyrant – has vowed to sue Britain for helping to snatch him in 2004. As well as ‘selling’ him to the Libyans, the UK allowed his ‘extraordinary rendition’ via British territory Diego Garcia, secret documents reveal. Belhadj claims he was forced to take truth drugs and left hanging by his wrists in a Tripoli cell as his interrogators demanded to know the whereabouts of Bin Laden." – Daily Mail

"David Cameron told MPs on Monday that the accusations were “significant”, but warned against rushing to judge security personnel or members of the previous government. The prime minister said: “It was entirely understandable that it was the last government’s wish to have a new relationship with Libya, but in some instances it was too credulous. MPs and campaigners warned however that Sir Peter’s inquiry, which is being boycotted by several human rights groups, might not be robust enough to inspire public confidence." – Financial Times (£)

  • Obama criticised for continuing civil rights 'violations' introduced by Bush – The Guardian
  • Embarrassing Relations – Times Editorial
  • My God, the shame of Britain cosying up to these torturers – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • The tide may be turning against systematic abuses of prisoners – The Independent
  • Should MI6 have come in from the cold? – Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

Clarke says riots caused by "broken" penal system

"Revealing for the first time that almost 75% of those aged over 18 charged with offences committed during the riots had prior convictions, Clarke said the civil unrest had laid bare an urgent need for penal reform to stop reoffending among "a feral underclass, cut off from the mainstream in everything but its materialism". Writing in the Guardian, Clarke dismisses criticism of the severity of sentences handed down to rioters and said judges had been "getting it about right"." – The Guardian

  • 90% of rioters are being locked up – The Sun
  • UK "could keep ban on votes for prison inmates" – Daily Express
  • Cameron says conclusions of trials of murders and terrorists could be broadcast – Daily Mail

Hancock and Zahawi claim City needs women to fight macho culture

Nadhim Zahawi "The City’s overtly macho culture…needs to be countered by hiring more women for senior roles, say two Tory MPs. In Masters of Nothing, Matthew Hancock, George Osborne’s former adviser, and Nadhim Zahawi, former chief executive of the polling agency YouGov, write that there is an “urgent need” to get more women into City boardrooms and call on the government to introduce legislation to force change if its target of 30 per cent female representation on boards is not met quickly." – Financial Times (£)

Two Tory authors described as "commies in a blue wrapper" – Benedict Brogan, Daily Telegraph 

Tory fundraiser attacks Murdo Fraser rebrand plan

"Tory financier Sir Jack Harvie, who raises the bulk of the £1 million annual funds for the Scottish Conservatives, yesterday warned the "arrangement would most certainly not apply" if controversial proposals from leadership frontrunner Murdo Fraser for a breakaway centre-right party in Scotland were approved…His comments were released by one of Mr Fraser's rivals in the leadership election, Glasgow list MSP Ruth Davidson." – Scotsman

Time for a Scottish Unionist Party – Lord Tebbit

> Yesterday:

Edinburgh University to charge English students £36,000 – The Herald

Boris unveils memorial for 9/11

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 08.11.58
"Boris Johnson helps to unveil a poignant sculpture dedicated to those killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He joined former New York City Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen and US artist Miya Ando at its temporary location in Battersea Park, South London. The 28ft sculpture is built from three sections of the World Trade Center buildings, hit by two passenger jets ten years ago this Sunday." – The Sun

George W Bush speaks of 9/11 agony – The Sun

> Yesterday on ThinkTankCentral: Policy Exchange: How Muslims fought for Britain in the past, and how more can do so in future

Cameron won't vote on Dorries amendment

"Nadine Dorries has put down an amendment under which all women considering a termination would be offered independent counselling. But David Cameron will not vote for it…because it would prevent abortion providers such as Marie Stopes from offering counselling themselves…Mrs Dorries has accused the Coalition of 'covert whipping’, after a letter was sent to MPs detailing why the Department of Health was against the proposals." – Daily Mail

So far, we’ve got it right on assisted suicide – Keith Starmer, The Times (£)

> Yesterday: Stewart Jackson MP on Comment – Pragmatism and consensus is the lifeblood of this Coalition – but do Conservatives really want Liberal Democrat activists to have a veto even on matters of conscience?

National Trust and CPRE claim planning reforms risk "irreversible damage" to the countryside

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 08.46.37 "Campaigners today called on the Government to fundamentally rethink proposed planning reforms, which they said risked 'irreversible damage' to towns and countryside. Proposals to reform the planning laws have provoked stiff opposition from organisations such as the National Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England which fear they could lead to a return to damaging development." – Daily Mail

  • We need more homes for rent, not building on green sites – Clive Aslet, Financial Times (£)
  • Building more houses isn’t in the national interest – Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister to visit Moscow next weekFinancial Times (£)

Patten blocks BBC boss's bid to give managers 10% pay bonuses despite cutsDaily Mail

ComRes poll suggests scrapping 50p tax rate would be seen as unfairThe Independent

Political News and Comment in Brief

  • RNLI chief says Big Society project has added no value to the voluntary sector – The Times (£)
  • Christopher Shale inquest will take place on September 27 – Daily Express
  • Hurricane Irene relief fund estimated at $1.5bn – The Guardian
  • Margaret Moran, final MP under expenses investigation, 'to be charged today' – Daily Telegraph
  • Dolores Kelly on verge of entering race for SDLP deputy’s job – Belfast Telegraph
  • Hospital closures "essential",  say experts – The Independent
  • Plans unveiled for £500m rail scheme linking Wales to Heathrow – Wales Online
  • Myler and Crone recalled to give Select Committee evidence today – Press Association
  • Inquest reforms must happen without new expensive bureaucracy – Jonathan Djanogly, Politics Home (£)
  • Blair attended Murdoch daughters' baptism "garbed in white" at spot where Jesus was immersed by John the Baptist – Daily Mail

And finally…Samantha Cameron's mile in heels for Save the Children

"The walk, from Downing Street to Somerset House, was undertaken by the Prime Minister’s wife and several designers including Christopher Kane, Christopher Bailey and Sarah Burton, who created the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. Mrs Cameron’s leather open-toed sandals were less punishing than they appeared. Downing Street confirmed they were a well-worn pair from Topshop. “I’m afraid they are quite an old pair,” said a spokeswoman, “but comfortable.” – The Times (£)


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