3.30pm WATCH: Yvette Cooper says that "Blair was right, tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"

3pm Tobias Ellwood MP on Comment: Project Maja – Social Action in Bangladesh

2.45pm Local government: Conservatives should stand candidates for the police commissioner elections

2pm MPsETC: Jesse Norman produces an accountable and comprehensive report of his first year as an MP

12.30pm LeftWatch: Ken Livingstone responds to rumours about the Labour party wishing to ditch him as the London Mayoral candidate 

Mstr Noon: Mel Stride MP on Comment: Why I'm opposed to capital punishment

Noon: ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

9.30am WATCH: Ed Miliband defends the attacks he made on bad business practices in his conference speech

ToryDiary: What are the stepping stones to a Conservative majority?

Anthony Browne on the Columnists page: Politicians are keen to blame the banks for the economic crisis but the politicians who borrowed too much and the politicians who created the €uro also bear responsibility

Matthew Hancock MP on Comment: Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are still going backwards

Local Government: Labour would restore top down housing targets

WATCH: Michael Crick goes to find out whether Ed Miliband is electable

Boos for Tony Blair appear to confirm Ed Miliband's leftwards lurch 

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 07.18.47 “The task of leadership in this generation is no ordinary task,” he said. “It is to chart a new course and strike a new bargain in our country.” His speech in Liverpool appeared to mark a notable shift to the Left, which was seen as a gamble that voters were prepared to move from the centre ground at the next election. There were boos as Mr Miliband mentioned Tony Blair, the man who led the party to three consecutive victories. “I’m not Tony Blair. I’m not Gordon Brown either. I’m my own man,” he said" - Telegraph

>Yesterday's ConservativeHome

Benedict Brogan argues that Miliband's shift to the left may be "bold", but is a gift to the Tories 

Brogan "Mr Miliband has persuaded himself that public uncertainty about the economy, accelerated by anger with bankers, journalists and politicians, shows that the system itself is bust. Voters, he believes, are giving up on capitalism and looking to the state to intervene. Yesterday, in keeping with the risk-taking that he boasted was one of his qualities, he bet everything on red and shifted Labour to the Left, certain that the centre-ground of politics has gone that way." - Telegraph

  • Guardian editorial suggest the speech was in an ethical socialist tradition with deep roots in British labour history - Guardian
  • Janet Daley says that Ed Miliband's socialism goes back to "something a lot older than Neil Kinnock or even Michael Foot" - Telegraph
  • Labour cannot rely on Tory failures to get back into power - Guardian
  • Milband's speech suffers from a power glitch – the Sun's cartoon suggest David was responsible - Sun
  • John Kay: 'Dickens, Mrs Duffy and a big dilemma for the left' - FT (£)

Danny Finkelstein makes comparisons with Hague, and suggests that Milband has two fatal flaws – people don't see Ed Miliband as a PM, and that he's too left wing 

Fink "Instant reaction to Ed Miliband may not be fair (I don’t think it is) but it is very powerful. Shown clips of the Labour leader, focus groups members start shaking their heads and saying “no”. When asked what they think about having him as prime minister, they often laugh. They attach qualities to him such as “weak” and “not up to the job” that are related to his demeanour rather than his actions. The reaction is even stronger than it was with Mr Hague" - Times (£)

Jonathan Freedland says that Miliband may suffer from the same fate as Gordon Brown – "Brown taught us that policy nuances count for little if the public don't warm to you"

"Put simply, my fear is that you can make all the speeches and policy statements you like – carefully devising a strategy on this and crafting a narrative on that – but what matters more are shallow considerations of looks, demeanour, speech patterns and biography. That, in short, it is personality, not policy, that counts" - Guardian

  • Andrew Pierce says that Miliband "spoke with all the authority of a wet lettcue" - Daily Mail
  • Matthew Norman: 'It really doesn't matter what Ed said' - Independent

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Labour may, finally, have some better tunes but Ed Miliband is singing them

John Rentoul decodes Ed Miliband's speech – what he said, and what he really means Independent

The Daily Mail Comment welcomed Miliband's speech as "a ball-and-chain demolition of New Labour"

"His words amounted to a ball-and-chain demolition of New Labour and the abuses that flourished under it. True, Mr Miliband himself – and many who applauded him – were right at the heart of the Blair/Brown Project that did such grievous harm to the social and economic fabric of our country. But the great truth he now acknowledges is that under his predecessors, the link between honest effort and reward was severed, giving way to the ‘something for nothing of celebrity culture" - Daily Mail

  • Alex Smith of LabourList describes it as a "coming of age" speech - Huffington Post

Miliband's crusade against "bad busness" is accused of hypocrisy with Labour currently negotiating the payment of a £1m donation from a former tax exile

"Last month the Labour leader also said he wanted to tackle “tax avoidance”, which is legal. Mr Rosenfeld, a property tycoon, only recently returned to the UK after five years in Geneva. In 2005 the tycoon was criticised during the collapse of Allders after refusing to accept responsibility for its £68m pension deficit despite his large financial stake in the retail chain. Mr Rosenfeld, a generous philanthropist, was also caught up in the Labour “cash for honours” affair in 2006 and briefly switched allegiance to the Tories. He was not accused of any wrongdoing" - FT (£)

  • Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party Michael Fallon, says private equity was “out of control” under Labour City A.M

Yvette Cooper is set to announce that former Met Commissioner Lord Stevens is to head a Labour party review on policing 

Stevens_john "She [Yvette Cooper] says the inquiry would work with the police and take evidence from experts at home and abroad and look at how policing needs to change to respond to the crime challenges of the 21st century. "It will be led by someone who started as a beat officer in Tottenham and rose to be commissioner of the Metropolitan police. I am grateful to the much respected Lord John Stevens for agreeing to chair this important independent review" - Guardian

  • Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe says that victims should determine whether or not an offence is investigated - Telegraph
  • '24 hour police stations close as cash cuts bite' - Express

Shadow Culture Secretary Ivan Lewis comes under fire for his comments on monitoring journalism, with the Labour party leadership refusing to endorse his comments - Times (£) I Guardian

The child star of the Labour conference and the truth behind his 'life of poverty'

"At just 16, Rory Weal was being feted yesterday as the ‘hero’ of the Labour conference for an impassioned speech telling how the welfare state saved his family from ruin… it turns out he is the privileged son of a millionaire property developer who sent Rory to a private school until his business went bust." – Daily Mail

Michael Gove argues that "the crude social engineering of A-levels insults any child who wants to succeed on merit" 

Gove_michael_7 "Deciding that jobs, or positions of influence, should be allocated on the basis of where you come from, not what you can do, is the sort of thinking we should leave to defenders of the feudal system and discredited Marxists. But, sadly, the deluded notion that background matters more than ability is still alive, well and undermining excellence in the cloistered seminar rooms of the Left-wing education establishment. How else to explain the bizarre idea which has emanated from one of our examination boards that students with weaker A-levels, if they’ve attended a poor school, should be able to automatically leapfrog students who possess stronger A-levels in the race for university places?" - Daily Mail

  • Labour to propose a UCAS style system for apprenticeships - Times (£)

> Yesterday on Columnists: Anthony Browne sends the AQA to the bottom of the class: "The master of Magdalen College, Oxford has pointed out the unfairness of marking down a poor pupil who receives a bursary to an independent school while marking up a student who goes to a "leafy comprehensive".

NHS chief, Sir David Nicholson challenges Andrew Lansley on his plan to to block failing foundation hospitals from returning to direct NHS control 

Lansley "In evidence to the public inquiry into failings at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, Nicholson called on the government to retain the renationalisation of a failing trust in its "armoury". Nicholson is understood to have voiced, in private, reservations about the Lansley plan, which was introduced as an amendments to the bill after the government's "listening exercise" on the NHS reforms" - Guardian

Bill Cash MP asks why are MPs are silent over the planning reforms?

Cash "Silence is not always golden. Many MPs are increasingly disturbed by the Government’s planning reforms – but, as yet, they have remained relatively mute. Having signed up for plans they were told would stimulate growth, they now face increasing protests from their core supporters. Part of the problem is that MPs were not given the complete picture at the right time. The planning framework was not even available for inspection until after the localism Bill had passed the House of Commons – Sir Humphrey would be proud, but many MPs feel justifiably aggrieved" - Telegraph

  • The Planning Officers' Society tells ministers that the planning reforms will reduce house prices - Telegraph

Conservative MEPs slam the EU's proposal to enforce 20mph speed limits in residential areas Daily Mail

Coroner rules that heart disease killed West Oxfordshire Conservative association chairman, Christopher Shale Scotsman

The MoD's commander in Saudi Arabia (responsible for key arms sales) returns home unexpectedley - Times (£)

Ken Livingstone responds to rumours that he could be replaced as candiadate for London's mayor by Alan JohnsonIndependent

Rangers fans lead protest at Ibrox last night, against SNP plans for anti-sectarian legislation Scotsman


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