2.45pm Graham Brady MP and Lord Lingfield on Comment: To open up educational opportunity for all, we must give schools autonomy and the freedom to select

2.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband heckled by union members over strike comments

2.00pm Local government: Labour hypocrisy on property developer donations

Miliband TUC speech 12.30pm LeftWatch: Ed Miliband heckled at TUC Congress

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11am WATCH: Matthew Hancock MP finds a way of plugging his book, "Masters of Nothing", at Treasury Questions in the Commons

10.30am On Comment, the Freedom Association's Tom Waters introduces their new campaign: The BBC should be re-focused as a true public service, bias removed, and funding reviewed

Cameron Medvedev 9.45am WATCH: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev jokes Cameron "would have been a very good KGB agent"

ToryDiary: Osborne needs a childcare plan to help boost growth

On our columnists page - Anthony Browne: Last night in the Thatcher Room, a new Eurosceptic Movement of Tory MPs was born

Elliott Abrams on Comment: Britain needs to make clear its position on Palestinian statehood – or risk losing influence

Future Conservatism: Two big themes for tomorrow's Conservative Party

MPsETC: Ken Clarke may be biggest Tory loser from boundary review that creates new headache for Nick Clegg

Local government: Should property developers be allowed to make political donations?

WATCH: New Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, is unveiled

George Osborne hails "decisive moment" as 358-page banking reform report is released

Osborne NewX"Britain's banks face the most radical overhaul in decades after George Osborne heralded a year-long review into the sector as a "decisive moment" to force through the first major changes to the structure of the industry since the 2008 financial crisis. Even so the reforms will take longer than expected – until 2019 – to implement and are not as draconian as some campaigners had hoped." – Guardian

  • The Telegraph's editorial takes a dim view: "…this is an exercise driven more by political expediency than by what is best for the country. … Going further than the international consensus may make good politics, but is it economically sensible?"
  • Allister Heath in City AM also finds fault in the Vickers Report's proposals "The ring-fence has no real purpose and will merely add a layer of complexity to global reforms while damaging big banks."

> From yesterday – WATCH:

Cameron told to give up on Litvinenko extradition

CameronUK"Mr Medvedev held out no prospect of Russia ever extraditing Mr Lugovoi to Britain and gave a tough response to UK criticisms about corruption in the Russian legal system. "We all have to learn to reflect our legal frameworks," he said. "I would like to remind you that Article 65 of the Russian constitution directly says that a Russian citizen cannot be extradited to a foreign state."" - Independent

  • "Why did the Tory MP for Kensington, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, 65, join three previous Labour foreign secretaries – Jack Straw, Margaret Beckett and David Miliband – in urging David Cameron to get tough with Vladimir Putin over Russia’s lawlessness? … 'Malcolm is flexing his muscles in the  hope of getting a job in the Government,' says a source." – "Ephraim Hardcastle", Daily Mail

> From yesterday:

Strong turnout at new Conservative Eurosceptic group meeting

EusticeGeorge"More than 100 MPs – many of them new MPs – turned up to the first meeting of the new parliamentary group. MP George Eustice said Europe was "too important to be swept under the carpet" despite past "scars" for the Conservative Party over the issue." - BBC

"The group intends to put out a series of proposals as to which papers should be repatriated before issuing a white paper on how the government should renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union. It will be at this point that the relationship between the group, which was welcomed at the weekend by William Hague, and the government is really put to the test." – James Forsyth at Coffee House

  • John Redwood MP reports: "There seemed to be general agreement that we need a new and different relationship with the single currency area/country emerging on the continent."
  • Max Hastings, a former pro-European, has become a sceptic. In the Mail today, he says: "Sorry, I was wrong! The EU is a disaster blighting our lives"

Bernard Jenkin MP on Comment yesterday: The meeting of 90 MPs today to discuss the European Union is not a rebellion, but it might be the genesis of something big

Boundary review plans revealed to MPs

2010 election map "A series of clashes between high-profile MPs from the main political parties will take place at the next general election, after the boundary review unveiled bigger than expected changes to England's parliamentary constituencies. As anxious Conservatives warned their whips on Monday night of a rebellion against the changes, which will have to be approved by the Commons, MPs across the house were ready for bruising battles." - Guardian

  • The Telegraph's editorial welcomes the reduction in MPs, but warns the size of government must be reduced too: "Prime ministers love to retain the patronage that front-bench appointments give them, but we have more members of the government than ever. In 1900, the administration of Lord Salisbury had 60 paid ministerial offices and presided over an empire. Today the so-called payroll vote is well in excess of 100. It is time to cut it back."
  • Cornwall-Devon boundary may change - Guardian
  • The Times (£) has an interactive map of the high-profile MPs affected by changes…
  • …And the Guardian shows how seats may have been decided if the 2010 election results were projected onto the proposed new seats

> Yesterday:

Bring back grammars! 1922 Chairman Graham Brady advocates selection in "Future of Conservatism" book

BradyGraham-in-Parliament"Graham Brady, chairman of the influential 1922 Committee, says: ‘We should end the “Henry Ford” approach to school choice by which we allow parents to have whatever kind of school they want as long as it is a comprehensive. Selective schools should be available in the state sector where there is demand for them.' … The fact the MP has raised the issue again shows that Tory backbenchers are increasingly confident of trying to steer Mr Cameron down a more traditional path." – Daily Mail

In the latest instalment of "After the Coalition" book, Kwasi Kwarteng MP advocates a balanced budget law

Kwarteng Kwasi "The Coalition can rightly be proud of the work it is doing in lowering the deficit. Now, to secure the country’s economic future, it should look to make these gains permanent through a new balanced budget law. Once the public finances are under control, it can responsibly put in place lower taxes. This is the best and most sustainable way to stimulate growth, and to ensure that our economy returns to full health." – Kwasi Kwarteng in the Daily Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie: Many Tories fear that the coalition is using a pen-knife in an economic swordfight

"They blame the decline on huge public and private debts, an enervating welfare state, the fall down global education leagues and heavy regulation. They fear that unless Britain turbocharges its economy, bright young people will leave these shores. They believe that Britain faces a crisis of competitiveness and that the coalition has brought a penknife to an economic swordfight with India, China and other rising nations." – Tim Montgomerie in the Times (£)

George Osborne faces questions over relationship with Andy Coulson after suggestions Osborne owed him “a favour”

Coulson Andy PC1"A solicitor representing victims of phone hacking by the News of the World during Mr Coulson’s time as editor suggested Mr Osborne was “almost indebted” to Mr Coulson because of the way the newspaper had covered allegations made by a prostitute that the MP had taken cocaine with her." – Daily Telegraph

  • George Osborne allegations: Andy Coulson's 'favourable' editorial – Daily Telegraph
  • Chancellor accused of repaying favour by backing Coulson for No 10 job – Independent

Ministers urged to come clean on links to builders in planning row

CLARK LARGE NEW"A leaked email appeared to suggest the Planning Minister Greg Clark had encouraged developers to ‘press the case’ for reform with David Cameron, amid concerns that he could back down on his plans in the face of pressure from conservation bodies. The message – sent between senior members of the British Property Federation, which represents major developers – acknowledges the minister’s aims ‘align with ours’." – Daily Mail

  • "Local residents are not meant to be able to “resist” new developments under the Coalition’s controversial planning reforms, one of the authors of the new rules has said." – Daily Telegraph

Iain Duncan Smith wants to move towards benefits being paid monthly

DUNCAN SMITH DP"Many welfare benefits will paid monthly in an effort to prepare people for the world of work, ministers have said. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith wants the new "all in one" Universal Credit to move away from a system of mainly fortnightly payments. … It comes as a Commons watchdog has questioned if the government's £2.7bn welfare savings plan is achievable." – BBC

> Yesterday on WATCH: IDS tells Andrew Marr about his plans to get people into work, cap benefits and raise the retirement age

Liam Fox "proud" of British arms and defence manufacturers

"Mr Fox will say at an arms exhibition in London he is "proud" that the UK is the world's second biggest defence exporter and that helping the firms prosper is in the national interest." – BBC

Theresa May appoints new Commissioner of the Met, Bernard Hogan-HoweGuardian

Conservative/Lib Dem Derby City Council to fund Bombardier judicial reviewBBC

Liberal Democrats head off conference NHS revolt

"The Liberal Democrats will debate their stance on NHS reform next week at their conference but will not be allowed to consider or vote on any specific motion regarding the bill due before the Lords later this autumn." – Guardian

Ed Miliband, speaking at the TUC congress, will urge unions to pull back from pensions strikes

Miliband Ed House"The Labour leader Ed Miliband will on Tuesday urge union leaders not to rush into premature strikes over government plans to cut their members' pensions, as he warns unions in the private sector they risk irrelevance unless they can recruit more members. … Miliband knows he faces an acutely difficult political challenge if he disowns strike ballots organised by the main unions affiliated to the party such as Unite and Unison. He is already locked in talks on reforming the union role inside the party, which are due to come to a head next week." – Guardian

  • "Union leaders yesterday threatened the ‘biggest  campaign’ of civil disobedience in Britain’s history if  the Coalition tries to curb workers’ rights. They plan to disrupt public events, block motorways and are prepared to ‘go to prison’ in protest at proposed changes to their pensions." – Daily Mail
  • The Sun's editorial calls the Congress the "annual dinosaur convention", and says "Sour-faced union chiefs are becoming an irrelevance. The TUC means so little that it is holding its get-together in a room at HQ. Sensible workers know the score. Times are tough. Strikes only cost jobs."
  • Fight vested interests, Ed. Start with the unions – Rachel Sylvester in the Times (£)

And finally… why do our MPs love the Killers?

"Following Alistair Darling’s revelation that he dealt with pressure from Gordon Brown to step down from the Treasury by listening to the Las Vegas band, I was reminded of interviewing David Cameron about his taste in music a year before he came to power. “The Killers are quite good and energetic,” he said, after struggling to think of a modern band to mention." – The Times (£)


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